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A New Sportswear Fabric Digital Printing Method (New Sublimation Tech. for Sportswear)

Yinshan sportswear, as one of the leading custom sportswear companies in China, designs and produces a lot of digital printing tee shirts, digital printing polo shirts, digital printing shirts and jackets for our clients.

Today, we are going to introduce a new tech. for digital printing (sublimation printing), introduced by Changzhou Textile Lab. in year 2019.

1. Main Introduction

The invention relates to a printed sportswear fabric and a printing method thereof, in particular to a digital heat transfer printed sportswear fabric that is safe, environmentally friendly and comfortable to wear. The printed fabric is especially suitable for sportswear with high requirements for fashion, individualization and air permeability.

2. Background and Application

With the rapid development of social economy and the improvement of people's living water products, sports and health have been paid more and more attention, and people's consumption of sportswear has also changed from low-end to high-end and personalized direction. At present, sportswear on the market either only has a breathable effect, has no pattern decoration, and lacks the characteristics of fashion and personality; or it adopts the traditional flat screen printing or rotary screen printing process, which is time-consuming and serious, and the pollution is serious. The traditional printing process is limited by equipment, technology and venue. The picture is mainly superimposed by color, and the picture level is more limited. In addition, some people use digital printing technology to print on polyester-cotton blended fabric or pure cotton fabric. The texture of the fabric is not easy to be colored by disperse dyes, the printed patterns have low color saturation, the picture is gray, and even large areas of monochrome patterns, blank or yellowing phenomenon, and the moisture absorption rate of cotton sportswear is fast, and moisture release The speed is slow, the sweat on the surface of the human body can not be discharged as soon as possible, which affects the comfort of wearing, and it is also easy to cause headaches and colds.

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3. New Tech. Introduction

The main technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a printed sportswear fabric that is comfortable to wear, and has fashion and individuality, and a printing method thereof.

In order to solve the above technical problems, a technical solution adopted by the present invention is to provide a chemical fiber fabric and adopt digital printing technology to make the ink containing disperse dyes at a temperature of 200 to 230 ℃ for 20 to 30 seconds The inside is transferred to the chemical fiber and fixed.

In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the chemical fiber is at least one of acetate fiber, acrylonitrile fiber, polyamide fiber and polyester fiber; the digital printing technology refers to the sublimation method digital heat transfer Technology; The disperse dye is a highly hydrophobic disperse dye with a molecular weight of 250 to 400 and a particle diameter of 0.2 to 2 microns; the ink

It is made of disperse dye, water-soluble carrier (such as sodium alginate) or alcohol-soluble carrier (such as ethyl cellulose), and oil-soluble resin.

The beneficial effects of the present invention are: the chemical fiber printed sportswear fabric prepared by the present invention has the characteristics of fast moisture dissipation, good air permeability, bright colors, flexible and diverse pattern expression, fashion and individuality.

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4. Printing Tech. Introduction

The preferred embodiments of the present invention are described in detail below, so that the advantages and features of the present invention can be more easily understood by those skilled in the art, so as to make a clearer and clearer definition of the protection scope of the present invention.

A printed sportswear fabric refers to the digital printing of chemical fiber fabrics. The chemical fibers include acetate fiber, acrylonitrile fiber, polyamide fiber and polyester fiber; the digital printing is an exponential heat transfer Printing technology.

The chemical fiber has a special-shaped cross-section, a large number of holes in the hole wall, and a capillary effect. The sweat produced on the surface of the human body can quickly diffuse to the other side of the fabric through the gap between the yarn and the fiber, and evaporate into the air to make the garment Keep it dry and make the human body feel comfortable.

The printing method is digital thermal transfer printing technology, and its process is: (1) Use a computer to separate the pattern; (2) Use an electronic engraving roller and ink to print the pattern on special paper; (3) Process on a transfer printing machine at 200~230℃ for 20~30 seconds to transfer the disperse dyes to chemical fibers and fix them; (4) After the dyed material is colored, the dye content on the paper decreases, and part of the remaining dye migrates to the inside . This process operation does not require water and post-treatment, reduces resource waste and pollutant discharge, protects the environment, and also eliminates dryers, steaming machines, washing machines and stenter equipment, and reduces business investment.

The dye is a highly hydrophobic disperse dye with a molecular weight of 250-400 and a particle diameter of 0.2-2 microns; the ink consists of a disperse dye and a water-soluble carrier (such as sodium alginate) or an alcohol-soluble carrier (such as ethyl acetate). Base cellulose), oil-soluble resin. Disperse dyes are the only dyes with sublimation properties, and the higher the temperature, the faster the sublimation speed.

The fiber has a good affinity. After being transferred to the fabric, the color fastness reaches 4, the color saturation is high, the level is bright, and the pattern is clear.

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Yinshan Sportswear, with 20 years experience in Custom Sportswear, has already worked with Nantong Textile Lab., using the new digital printing (sublimation) tech. for sportswear production, and we can provide better quality and more vivid effect for sublimation tee shirt, polo shirt and jacket for our clients.

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