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Custom Sportswear Design and Manufacture Introduction

  • A Guide For Selecting Sportswear Fabrics In Chinese Custom Sportswear Factory

    Nowadays, the sportswear market has become saturated. There are so many styles and types of sportswear fabrics. There are many custom sportswear factories in China. If you want to select a Chinese custom sportswear factory to customize sportswear, how do you select the fabrics of custom sportswear? The Article Mainly Describes From The Following Four Aspects: 1. What are the better fabrics for sportswear that can be selected when customizing sportswear? 2. What are the features of these customized sportswear fabrics? 3. What factors should be considered when choosing custom sportswear fabrics? 4. How to choose the color of customized sportswear fabric? Read More

  • Steps to Produce Custom Sportswear In China

    Custom sportswear is a giant market, especially in China, and is slated to grow to $241 Billion by 2026. If you’re interested in a sportswear business, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss how to produce custom sportswear in China. Here are the key discussion points: 1.What are the different steps in concept creation? How to select your platforms and begin your product design process? 2.How to select suppliers and conduct product sampling and inspection? Evaluate all the things you must do before bulk production. 3.What things need attention during the bulk production process? What types of tests and legalities are there? 4.Lastly, what happens after production? How do you wrap up the process? Read More

  • Packaging And Shipping Of Sportswear In China

    For clothing manufacturers, packaging and transportation of clothing is an indispensable step in the trade process, which is very important for both merchants and customers. This article mainly introduces the packaging and transportation of sportswear by Chinese apparel manufacturers. If you are interested in this aspect, then this article is very suitable for you. This article will introduce from the following points: 1. Introduction of packaging method 2. Selection of packaging materials 3. Packaging process and inspection 4. The advantages and disadvantages of packaging and selection suggestions 5. Measurement of packaging weight and volume 6. Measurement of product weight and volume 7. Precautions for packaging and shipping Read More

  • The Steps Of Sportswear Fabric Testing In Yinshan Sportswear

    Sportswear is a more intimate thing, and sportswear fabrics are an important part of sportswear. Different sportswear fabrics have different properties, and the different use of different fabrics on sportswear will also make sportswear have a different appearance. So it is very necessary to test the sportswear fabric. So how to test the fabric? What is the fabric testing procedures? If you dare to be interested, just keep reading. The Following Is The Main Content Of The Article: 1. Items and fabric testing standards for general sportswear fabric testing, and which fabric testing machine are used for sportswear fabric testing. 2. Some special sportswear fabric test items and corresponding fabric testing machine. 3. Introduction of some internationally used testing mechanism and their advantages. 4. Yinshan fabric testing procedures and fabric testing standards. 5. The fabric test report of Yinshan and the corresponding customers. Read More

  • Personalised Logo Design Cotton Sports Shirt with Front Printing and Embroidery

    The red custom printed polo is also rich in aesthetics and durability. The combination of the aesthetics and durable features of a piece of sportswear makes it the best option for promotional tools. You can attach your logo and brand message and use them to advertise your brands and businesses. Call To Action Team shirts are popular for serving many purposes, but it is often a challenging task to find high-quality sports shirts. There are many fashionable pieces of sportswear in the market, but ninety-eight percent of them are not high products. You may be able to find the best pieces of sportswear by checking various sportswear manuf Read More

  • Custom Logo Design Popline Sports Shirts with Front Printing and Embroidery

    Meta description: There are different kinds of sportswear in but custom printed polo shirts are a great option due to their multi-purpose property. It is always advisable to wear high-quality sporting apparel during any sporting activity. Although no one desires to purchase low-quality sportswear pieces, they mostly end up purchasing them. You can avoid the stress and waste of money purchasing low-quality sportswear by working with Yinshan Sportswear. Yinshan specializes in manufacturing various kinds of sportswear, and this grey piece of sportswear is among Yinshan's products. The grey custom printed polo shirt was built to serve other purposes aside from being a suitable piece of sportswear for athletes' usage. It is also designed to help companies meet their target audience by serving as the best branding tool. The multi-purpose property of this custom printed polo depends on its fabric. It was made with cotton fabric. Read More

  • Custom Logo Design Softshell Sports Vest with Front Printing

    Elastic sporting outfits are popular for their durability in sporting events that require flexibility. It is advisable to purchase elastic pieces of sportswear for training or sports that demand flexibility. This is because an inelastic piece of sportswear will tear in such a sporting activity. You will, however, have to work with Yinshan to find elastic pieces of sportswear. Yinshan Sportswear does not make use of any fabric but the best fabric that promotes elasticity in a piece of sportswear. This grey sleeveless softshell is one of the elastic pieces of sportswear produced by Yinshan. The sleeveless softshell was built with an elastic and wicking fabric called spandex and polyester. The sports softshell vest is permeable to the air because it is breathable. It also features some essential features every piece of sportswear must have, and they include easy-care, comfortable, fashionable, quick-drying, and wicking features. Read More

  • Customized Logo Design Cotton Sports Polo Shirt with Front Printing for Men

    Sporting apparel can be designed for different genders. You can purchase men's or women's pieces of sportswear, depending on the gender of your racing team. Men's sporting outfits are designed to be flexible and durable because they are always involved in intense sporting activities. Meanwhile, you will need to work with a reliable manufacturer like Yinshan Sportswear to have the best features in your men's sporting apparel. Yinshan built the best polo shirt for men. Although the most common fabric was involved in the customization of this polo shirt, they still have a unique and fashionable appearance. The cotton material Yinshan used to customize this racing team polo is responsible for the purposes it serves. It has breathable, easy-care, and wicking features. The black custom printed polo shirt is also comfortable to wear. It is lightweight, odor-free, and attractive. The attractiveness of this piece of sportswear will make you stand out in public; hence, it will make a gre Read More

  • Customized Logo Design Cotton Sports Shirt with Artwork Printing

    Meta description: You can make use of this sports shirt for racing events and also as a promotional tool for your firm. Attractive appearance is good, but quality is important. Hence, you should only focus on the quality of the piece of sportswear you are about to purchase to get the best out of it. To avoid wasting your time and money on low-quality products, you should work with Yinshan Sportswear, which is among the few reliable sportswear manufacturers out there. This white sports shirt with artwork printing is among the many products of Yinshan. It was manufactured with high-quality material, which passed the fabric tests it was subjected to during its manufacturing process. The white custom designed shirt was customized with the use of cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is the commonest material used in a variety of apparel, including sportswear. It makes the sporting material breathable and comfortable to wear. Read More

  • Customized Artwork Design Softshell Sports Vest with Front Zipper

    Meta description: are you looking for a sporting outfit for your racing team? This softshell sports vest will make an excellent option. Yinshan Sportswear is famous for producing high-quality sporting apparel, and one of Yinshan Sportswear company's best apparel is this white sleeveless softshell. This sporting apparel was built to improve athletes' performance in a specific kind of sport. The white sleeveless softshell was customized with Polyester fabric. The polyester fabric defines the properties the sporting apparel features, such as breathability and durability. This white racing softshell is easy to maintain (easy-care features), resistant to wrinkles, and resistant to fading. It is also lightweight and comfortable to wear, irrespective of the weather condition. The fashionable appearance of this sleeveless softshell also makes it a suitable outfit for team wear. Read More

  • Custom Design Artwork Zipper Hoodie with Heat Transferring Printing

    Yinshan made use of the most common fabrics, cotton and polyester materials, for the production of this piece of sportswear. The involvement of these fabrics in customizing this apparel makes the custom design hoodie breathable, comfortable, soft, and easy to maintain (easy-care features). Lastly, it is resistant to pilling and fading; hence, it is not only attractive but also durable in various conditions. The black hoodie features patterns customized through the heat transfer printing process. Read More

  • Customized Artwork Design Cotton Elastane Jersey Sports Polo Shirt

    Custom printed polo shirts are great for sporting activities and as team wear, but you can not enjoy these benefits by working with unreliable manufacturers of sportswear. Meanwhile, you will not have to bother about buying low-quality products if you work with Yinshan. Yinshan is popular for putting a smile on every client's face by providing them with high-quality pieces of sportswear for the purposes they sought. Therefore, working with Yinshan will provide you with fashionable and durable polo shirts. Read More

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Custom Sportswear Design and Manufacture Introduction


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