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Eight reasons why you should wear sportswear - suggestions from sportswear expert

Sportswear has become the protagonist in the wardrobe of fitness enthusiasts and fashion-seeking people. Wearing the right sportswear will not only add points to your charm, but more importantly, it will make your exercise more effective.

Workout Clothing

Various styles and designs give us too many choices. Although some people may argue that old shorts and tattered T-shirts have the same functions as sportswear, why bother to wear sportswear? However, this may not be the best outfit for the event you choose. Choosing appropriate sportswear is the key to exercise. The reasons can be divided into the following points:

1) Increase comfort and range of motion

Ensuring that sportswear fits you can prevent the pain caused by skin sensitivity or skin inflammation, and it can also allow you to move more freely. Sports clothing that is too loose may cause you to accidentally hook sports equipment, while sports clothing that is too tight may limit your range of activities. For example, when you do yoga downward dog pose, you need to stretch your lower body, so your top must be snug.

Be sure to try on sportswear before purchasing to make sure they are comfortable to wear. Sports involving various postures and stretching movements, such as lunge training, yoga or swimming, elastic clothing fabrics such as spandex or Lycra are the most suitable. What makes a suitable sportswear? When you wear it, the fabric fits snugly and your limbs can stretch freely, you feel confident and don't feel unnatural, then it means you have chosen the right sportswear.

2) Absorbing sweat

You will be grateful for leaving the cotton T-shirt at home, because the cotton T-shirt absorbs sweat easily and is not easy to be dissipated. It will make you feel soaked all over, the clothes are heavy or even close to the skin. Pay attention to lightweight, breathable, and sweat-absorbing materials such as spandex and nylon, or technology-driven materials such as Dri-FIT or moisture-wicking fiber garments. The wicking ability can evaporate and cool the sweat on the sweaty skin through wicking to the surface of the fabric. This will make your skin feel dry and comfortable during exercise. Not only that, it also keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

3) Appropriate and strong support

Ladies will buy this-if you plan to do some high-impact sports, a sports bra with sufficient support and good stability is absolutely necessary. You can avoid the humiliation and back pain caused by bouncing chest and the stretching that supports your structure. Try various brands and styles to find the most suitable sports bra. Check out the tips for buying the best sports bra.

4) Visibility and security

This is especially important if you regularly exercise before sunrise, at night or on a dimly lit route. Wearing bright, reflective sports clothing, you will consider the safety of other road users and yourself. So next time, if you are running or biking at dawn or dusk, remember that this is crucial.

5) Improve blood circulation and promote recovery after exercise

When you burn calories faster, your blood will transport oxygen to your muscles, the side effect of which is the accumulation of lactic acid. This usually causes pain, fatigue and cramps. I am very grateful to the fabric engineer, because pressurized clothing can promote blood flow and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid. This includes elastic socks, calf covers, shorts, tights and shirts. For laymen, compression suits are branched from women's fitness fashion. Having built-in and strategically positioned surface tension is a feature of tight clothing. There are two compression suits, "progressive compression", which means that when you are exercising, it will tighten your limbs and promote your blood flow back to the core area. "Partial compression" means that it will tighten a specific part, and it is generally more suitable for a specific exercise.

It turns out that these costumes are better than you think. The findings of Born et al. reported that compression clothing helps to improve performance and muscle recovery. This clothing has dual support for muscles and joints, which can reduce muscle damage, and also help prevent and alleviate sudden injuries and avoid out-of-control movements that may occur during exercise.

6) Prevent damage

The importance of sportswear cannot be overemphasized. Take cycling pants as an example. Cycling pants can make long-term bicycle riders more comfortable. The use of gloves can prevent your palms from growing calluses during exercise or rock climbing. Your feet should also receive equal attention, as inappropriate shoes may cause blisters, cramps, sprains or slips. Choose a pair of shoes that have a comfortable arch, good friction, and suitable for activities. A good pair of insoles can cushion high-impact sports and focus. Flat shoes are suitable for deadlifts and squats. Training shoes are the safest bet because they are generally suitable for almost all types of sports.

7) Durability and cost saving

You don’t need to go bankrupt to buy new clothes, but if you start investing in carefully selected things, you won’t regret it. Depending on the type and brand of clothing, its price will vary greatly. Looking for something genuine at a fair price? Spandex fiber is more durable than traditional sportswear and can last longer.

8) Resist bad weather

When you are outdoors, let the sun, wind and water be your favor. Synthetic membranes like Gore-tex fabrics are regular fabrics for outerwear, which are windproof, waterproof and breathable. If you live close to the equator, the sun can also forgive. According to the SPF value, use sunscreen and UV protective clothing to protect yourself. No special equipment is needed for sun protection, just look for tight-fitting clothing made from chemical fiber fabrics. Wear a sun hat or hat to protect your face from sunlight and sun rays. You can wear them in the onion style when you are outdoors, especially in winter mornings. This is a good idea to prevent you from shaking. You can take them off after warming up. You resist the sun's rays, prevent the cold wind from passing through and the penetration of water, you can guide yourself to put all your energy and concentration on your exercise, so that your body and mind and nature are in a calm state.

So, now you have eight reasons why you should wear sportswear. When you burn calories or keep fit, wearing the right sports clothing will not only make you look good and feel good, but when you do a great exercise, it can enhance your self-confidence, and you will also end this exercise for yourself with excitement.

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