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A Guide For Selecting Sportswear Fabrics In Chinese Custom Sportswear Factory

Nowadays, the sportswear market has become saturated. There are so many styles and types of sportswear fabrics. There are many custom sportswear factories in China. If you want to select a Chinese custom sportswear factory to customize sportswear, how do you select the fabrics of custom sportswear?


Yinshan Sportswear is a custom sportswear manufacturer and exporter with more than 20 years of experience. It has more than 20 long-term cooperative fabric and accessories suppliers, strictly controls product quality and completes delivery time on time. Yinshan sportswear, with many years of experience, integrates his own experience into the following content to help everyone select suitable sportswear fabrics.


The Article Mainly Describes From The Following Four Aspects:

1. What are the better fabrics for sportswear that can be selected when customizing sportswear?

2. What are the features of these customized sportswear fabrics?

3. What factors should be considered when choosing custom sportswear fabrics?

4. How to select the color of customized sportswear fabric?


Part1: What Are The Best Fabrics For Sportswear That Can Be Selected When Customizing Sportswear?


Sportswear fabric is one of the key steps in customizing sportswear. Different fabrics will cause different product appearance and touch. Therefore, we have summarized some best fabric for sportswear for you to refer to when customizing sportswear.


1. Cotton fabric

2. Calico fabric

3. Spandex fabric

4. Polyester fabric

5. Microfiber fabric

6. Synthetic fabric

7. Bamboo fiber fabric

8. Nylon fabric

9. Neoprene fabric

10.Polypropylene fabric


Part2: What Are The Features Of These Customized Sportswear Fabrics?


There are many fabrics used to custom sportswear, and many people have no idea when choosing. The features of ten commonly used fabrics are listed below for your reference.


1. Cotton Fabric

Fabric features: In the early days, people believed that cotton did not absorb sweat and was not recommended as a fabric for sportswear. However, later, people discovered that sportswear made of cotton is breathable and comfortable. Compared with other sportswear, it has better odor management and is not easy to smell.

 cotton t shirt               cotton t shirt back



2. Calico Fabric

Fabric features: calico fabric is the initial appearance of cotton, it is cotton that has not undergone any treatment, because of this, the use of calico fabric has a protective effect on the environment. The calico fabric is highly absorbent and soft, and the price of the calico fabric is relatively cheap. If your budget is limited, you can select the calico fabric as the fabric for custom sportswear.

calico pants front            calico pants back         



3. Spandex Fabric

Fabric features: spandex fabric is one of the most commonly used fabrics for making sportswear. Spandex fabric has good elasticity. Sportswear made of spandex fabric can make athletes have better flexibility and elasticity and realize freedom of movement. . If you select to use spandex fabric to customize sportswear, this is a highly recommended fabric.

 spandex t shirt                               



4. Polyester Fabric

Fabric features: polyester fabric is also one of the commonly used fabrics for sportswear. Its main component is plastic fiber, so polyester fabric is not easy to wrinkle, has a long service life, is highly breathable but does not absorb sweat. Your sweat will not be absorbed but the sweat on the outside of the fabric can be air-dried. Polyester fabric has become a popular sportswear fabric and because polyester fabric has good insulation properties, it is the best choice in hot and cold weather.

 polyster t shirt        polyster t shirt back                   



5. Microfiber Fabric

Fabric features: microfiber fabric, as its name, is made of a fine thread fiber fabric. The thread density is very small, 100 times smaller than human hair, and it has strong water absorption. It can also be imagined from the material and function that the cost of microfiber fabric is very expensive, so the price of such products will also be high.


6. Synthetic Fabric

Fabric features: The emergence of synthetic fabric is to allow athletes to wear it more comfortable, replacing the previous sportswear made of plastic and rubber. Synthetic fabric is widely used, not only for sportswear, but also for making sports equipment. However, due to the chemical composition of this fabric, it is not very beneficial to the environment.


7. Bamboo Fiber Fabric

Fabric features: Unlike synthetic fabric, bamboo fiber fabric is a natural and environmentally friendly material. Light weight, good sweat absorption, no peculiar smell, and a certain degree of protection against ultraviolet rays. Bamboo fiber fabric has better elasticity and ductility.


8. Nylon Fabric

Fabric features: Once, nylon fabric was used to make women's stockings, and then it was applied to sportswear. Nylon fabric is easy to dry and elastic, can quickly evaporate sweat, and also helps prevent mildew.

nylon t shirt         nylon t shirt back                   



9. Neoprene Fabric

Fabric features: neoprene fabric is the thickest of the 10 fabrics mentioned in the article. The structure of neoprene fabric is a kind of foam, which has the function of insulation, so it is used as sportswear on the water.


10. Polypropylene Fabric

Fabric features: polypropylene fabric is a waterproof fabric.


Part3: What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing Custom Sportswear Fabrics?


When choosing custom sportswear fabrics, different fabrics will make sportswear show different appearances. Therefore, when choosing custom sportswear fabrics, the following basic factors should be considered:


1. Appearance Design

Sportswear is also fashionable. When choosing fabrics that can make sportswear look good, consider whether the fabrics support the production of sportswear. Sportswear fabrics are one of the important factors that make sportswear look beautiful.


2. Wear Comfortably

When exercising, we hope that sportswear can bring comfort to our body, and the sportswear fabric is soft to make the athletes comfortable. Since sports require full activity, sportswear must be comfortable, elastic, and extensible to achieve freedom of movement.


3. Breathable Material

Sports will bring us sweat, so breathable and sweat absorption is the most basic condition of sportswear. Nowadays, most sportswear fabrics have the function of breathable and sweat-absorbing. You can refer to the ten kinds of fabrics mentioned above.


4. Affordable Price

In terms of price, of course, the more affordable the better. Affordable fabric prices are also an advantage, which can bring more profits to businesses. You can make a comparison and select a number of customized sportswear manufacturers and customized sportswear suppliers.


Part 4: How To Select The Color Of Customized Sportswear Fabric?


How to make fashionable sportswear, the color of the fabric is also particularly critical. Here is a list of some of the more popular fabric colors for everyone:


1. Sweet And Cold-Pink

Some experts have suggested that bright pink is widely used in many fields, and it is becoming more and more popular. This color can highlight the charm of women, both sweet and cold, full of vitality and girlishness. But pink works well on many fabrics, except cotton.


Pink can satisfy sportswear with a sense of vitality, and more and more people want to try this color, but it should be noted that the use of this color should be closer to a mature and soft style.

soft pink sportswear 


2. Natural Breath-Turquoise Color

Turquoise is a color that has gradually become popular, and this color represents nature. This hue is green with blue, which is both forest and sea. It can be used on casual clothes.



3. Clean And Simple-White

White is also one of the most basic colors, not only for sportswear, but also for many smart products. White is simple and can give people a clean feeling.



4. Warm And Confidence-Coral Red

Red has always been one of the most popular colors. It is warm and strong, giving people a sense of confidence. In China, red also represents joy and implies beautiful things. Coral red is one of the more prominent shades of red, which can support people's white skin.

Coral red 


The above is the main content of the article. If you have any questions about customized sportswear, you can contact us. We are Yinshan sportswear-China's leading manufacturer of customized sportswear. We will provide you with free consulting services.

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