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F1 French Grand Prix: Verstappen Wins, Nice Weekend For Red Bull!


        The 2021 F1 French Grand Prix has ended at the Paul Ricard circuit. After more than an hour of contention, Verstappen, the Red Bull driver who started pole position, used a two-stop strategy to overtake Hamilton in the penultimate lap and won his third personal championship of the season. Hamilton finished runner-up, and Perez took advantage of the tyres at the end of the race to surpass Bottas to take third place. P4-P10 are Bottas, Norris, Ricardo, Gasly, Alonso, Vettel and Stroll who started in 19th place.

Similar to the previous races of this season, there were also unexpected situations such as red flags in the qualifying of this race. Kakuda Yuki, who triggered the red flag in Q1, changed the gearbox and different specifications of the bottom plate, and adjusted the suspension system. Japanese drivers were forced to start from the pit lane in the race; Mick, who triggered the second red flag in Q1 -Schumacher, the car did not change the gearbox after inspection. Although it failed to play in Q2, it still ranked 15th on the grid.

And the race also continued unexpectedly. Although the track was overcast 3 hours before the race, at the beginning of the race, the track was clear and there was no expected rain battle. In the exit lap, Sainz raced into the buffer zone, and the tires grind out flat spots.

The five red lights went out and the game officially started. On lap 1, Verstappen, who started from pole position, rushed out of the track at Turn 2, and Hamilton took the opportunity to overtake the lead. The Dutchman’s cut-and-turn behavior due to rushing off the track was not investigated by the tournament. On lap 2, Norris, who started in 8th place, also rushed out of the track at Turn 1. At this time, the top ten on the track are: Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas, Perez, Sainz, Gasley, Leclerc, Alonso, Ricardo and Norris. Verstappen made the fastest laps of 1:39.613 and 1:39.571 on laps 2 and 3, but Hamilton still pulled the gap between the two on lap 4. Driven to 1.549 seconds.

On lap 5, Mick Schumacher, who started 15th, dropped to 20th. On lap 6, Bottas made the fastest lap of 1:38.604 and continued to approach Verstappen. On the 8th lap, Ricardo and Alonso began to compete for eighth, while the leader Hamilton reported to the team that the tires were overheated. On lap 10, Hamilton once again reported to the team that the front wheel had become granular. On the 11th lap, Alonso was continuously surpassed by Ricardo and Norris and fell to tenth.

On the 12th lap, Bottas locked up and rushed into the buffer zone, but after returning to the track, he did not drop out and was still in third place. On lap 14, Ricardo overtook Leclerc to rise to seventh, and then Leclerc pitted for a hard tire. On lap 17, Ricardo pitted and the team hoped that he could complete the undercut of Gasley.

On lap 18, Bottas took the lead in the first few riders and came out fourth. On lap 19, Verstappen pitted, and after coming out, he was still in front of Bottas. After that, Hamilton also pitted, but was undercut by the Dutch when he came out. In this way, Verstappen, Hamilton and Bottas Tas returned to the starting order, and Perez, who had not pitted, was the leader at this time.

        On lap 29, Ricardo went from 17th place on lap 17 and passed all the way to seventh; Verstappen, who had returned to the leading position, reported to the team at this time that the new tires could not be changed. Hold until the end of the game. On lap 31, Norris, who fell to 13th place after pitting, rose to eighth after surpassing Sainz, with teammate Ricardo in front of him.

On lap 33, Verstappen took the lead in choosing a two-stop strategy and fell to fourth after leaving the station, behind his teammate Perez. On lap 34, Norris surpassed his teammate Ricardo to rise to seventh. On lap 36, Verstappen overtook Perez and rose to third, after two Mercedes-Benzs without two stops, a difference of more than 10 seconds from Bottas. But at this time, Hamilton's tires have already seen a clear stripping line, and the Dutchman and the two Mercedes Benz will chase each lap for almost 2 seconds.

Since then, Verstappen has continued to narrow the gap with the previous two Mercedes. On lap 44, the Dutch surpassed Bottas and rose to second place, with 4.5 seconds left from Hamilton. On lap 46, Perez had also narrowed the gap with Bottas to within 1 second. Due to a slow car, Verstappen could not catch up to Hamilton quickly, but on lap 49, Perez surpassed Bottas and rose to third, and the Finn had severe tire failure and was unable to overtake him.

On lap 52, the penultimate lap of the game, Verstappen chased Hamilton's DRS zone and completed the overtaking before entering the final lap. At the same time, Perez and Bottas needed to be investigated.

The 53rd lap is over and the checkered flag is waved. In the end, Red Bull driver Verstappen, who started from pole position, surpassed two Mercedes-Benz cars in succession at the last minute and won the championship by virtue of a two-stop strategy. Hamilton finished runner-up, and Perez took advantage of the tyres at the end of the race to surpass Bottas to take third place. P4-P10 are Bottas, Norris, Ricardo, Gasli, Alonso, Vettel and Stroll.

Final Record

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