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How to choose sportswear fabrics (casual wearing fabrics suggestion)

Whether you like sports or not, choosing the suitable sportswear can improve your mobility and fitness quality. So today, we will bring you the most practical sportswear purchase guide from the perspective of sportswear fabric selection.

Fabric Choose of Sportswear

1. Pure Cotton / 100% Cotton

Many people are very fond of pure cotton clothes, but pure cotton clothes are called "death fabrics" outdoors. Although sportswear with high cotton content has high air permeability and strong sweat absorption, it is not easy to dry because of poor heat dissipation, and it is easy to catch a cold. Moreover, clothing has to constantly rub against the skin during exercise, so the non-wearable cotton and linen material is even more inadequate.

Cotton Sportswear Fabric Yinshan

2. Blend fiber

The blended sportswear with more ingredients such as polyester and spandex has worse sweat absorption than cotton, but it has good heat dissipation and quick-drying. It is a sportswear fabric worth choosing, suitable for all seasons. Another good point is, the blended fabrics are easier to care, so we do not need to have lots of time to care the clothing after washing. Besides, it is much easier to have vivid colours printing on blended fabrics. However, it needs to be careful that, the blend fiber may not be as soft as cotton, and it is not as comfortable as cotton for long-time wearing. 

Blend Sportswear Fabric

3. Vapor Wick fabrics / Wicking fabrics / Quick Dry fabrics

When it comes to close-fitting sportswear, quick-drying fabrics are better. These fabrics are generally processed polyester fibers or environmentally friendly fibers, and the principle of quick-drying is to quickly transfer sweat to the surface of the clothes, and evaporate the water through air circulation. Compared with cotton fabrics, the drying speed can be increased by 50%. . Now many brands have launched quick-drying fabrics, such as Nike also used biochemical technology patents called Dri-FIT fast wicking fabric, and Adidas has got tech. of Climacool.


4. Merino Wool

Merino sheep can be regarded as the best fine-wool sheep in the world. Their hair is strong, elastic and soft to the touch. The most important thing is that its fiber is so fine that it does not stick to the skin. It feels very good on the skin after sweating, and it is dry and warm when worn on the body. Nowadays, many sports brands have double-layer sportswear with merino wool fabric on the inner layer, which is very suitable for winter.

Wool Sportswear

In addition, more and more sportswear made of high-tech fiber fabrics are now being born, and there will be more high-tech wearable devices in the future, which we need to wait and see. So below, let’s take a look at what brands make sportswear more professional and fashionable in different sports fields, and more worthy of everyone to buy!

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