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How to clean, wash and care for your sportswear after wearing (Suggestions for sportswear laundry and care)

Yinshan sportswear, one of the leading custom sportswear manufacturer and exporter in China. we are expertised on sportswear and activewear, especially in fitness, active gym clothing, yoga clothing, workout gear products. 

Yinshan sportswear is working with many sportswear brands, and we have got many feedbacks from our clients and consumers. In the meantime, we are having lots of questions about sportswear clean, wash and care. In order to provide suggestions on sportswear laundry, we have consulted several experts, sorted out several wrong washing methods from their professional point of view, and listed suggestions on how to correct them, hoping to give helps to everyone in the sportswear and activewear laundry area.

sportswear wash and care

Mistake 1

Don't look at the clothing care label

Usually, manufacturers put some important information on that small label, and the first thing that many free and easy runners buy clothes is to cut off the small label...please don't be so rough! Because you need to refer to the above information before washing your clothes! For example, many clothes need to be "washed with cold water", "do not use bleach", and so on.

It is worthy of special reminder that the "temperature limit" on the label, if you don’t understand after reading the label, wash it with cold water. In particular, some high-performance fabrics cannot be washed with hot water. Hot water will weaken nylon or latex fiber materials. Washing with cold water will at least make no mistakes.

 Mistake 2

Wash sweaty clothes every three days

Sweaty clothes in a dark, closed and ventilated dirty clothes hamper can give off a pungent smell within a day. These odors come from the sweat of the clothes, because at this time the dirty clothes basket forms a humid environment that easily promotes the growth of microorganisms. These odors will penetrate into the fabric. The longer the time, the heavier the odor.

What’s even more frightening is that the substances that infiltrate the fabric and produce unpleasant odors are not highly water-soluble. Even if you wash them cleanly, when you sweat again, the odor will be released again...

How to avoid this situation? Expert tips on laundry care: If you really don’t have time to wash your clothes immediately, you can hang up your sweaty clothes instead of throwing them into piles of dirty laundry baskets.

A few minutes later, after the sweaty clothes are dried, throw them into the dirty clothes basket, so that even if you don’t wash the clothes for a while, they won’t have an unpleasant smell. Of course, we did not encourage you not to wash your clothes!

Mistake 3

Does not use sportswear special detergent

If you are a little more careful, you will find that there are washing products specially designed for high-performance sportswear in the washing and care section of the big supermarket. It is a product developed by hundreds of researchers and product personnel who have spent a lot of time researching it. It is rich in protease, amylase, β-mannanase, etc., and is specifically used to eliminate odors and stains on sportswear. Few people know about these cost-effective and ubiquitous detergents!

Next time you find that your washed clothes still have a peculiar smell, you might as well go to the supermarket's washing and care section to buy a sportswear-specific detergent. Don't use the folk remedies recommended by the aunts and aunts who have accumulated many years of experience. Believe in science and modern civilization products to make life simple and efficient.

      It's worth reminding that if you still don’t completely remove the peculiar smell after using the sports detergent, our experts suggest that you can add soda and vinegar while pouring the detergent. You can also buy these sodas in general supermarkets. The sodium percarbonate in the vinegar and detergent will completely remove the microorganisms on the clothes, and it can also protect the clothes from damage. You can try it next time!

Mistake 4

Use the dryer

        The dryer is no stranger to many runners, because it is easy to use, it is used frequently, but the dryer can cause damage to high-performance sportswear, especially under higher heat conditions, synthetic fibers will be affected Damage, and can cause clothing to shrink. Take a look at your sports bras and running pants that don't have much elasticity. If you often use the dryer, it is undoubtedly the cause.

In addition, clothes with pockets and zippers are not very good for drying. The dryer will heat and kill the existing bacteria in the clothes while the dryer is working, which may cause it to smell another peculiar smell after drying...

Experts strongly recommend that, no matter when, sports clothing is best to hang on a hanger and let it dry naturally. Although this is time-consuming, it is worthwhile to keep the clothes comfortable, performance and durability. If you are really anxious, if you are a last resort, in order to speed up the drying, put a fan nearby!

      Finally, if the dryer is indispensable, and the care label of the clothes says that using the dryer is okay, you must also use the fluff or heat-free circulation mode, because it will bring cold air to cool the clothes, which will Greatly reduce clothes damage.

Mistake 5

Use fabric softener

Softener is an example of excessive use of detergents. Many students will buy a lot of softeners, liquid, bead, or flakes, to make their towels and bed sheets very fresh and soft, and also to remove static electricity from clothes by the way, but the truth is that they can cause great damage to sports clothing. damage.

        What is really important for sports clothing is that it is breathable, quick-drying, and performs its original function. Softeners can block the material of sports clothing and make the clothing lose its ability to store water. It will not eliminate the odor generated by the clothing and make the sports clothing original. The function diminishes.

However, the vinegar in your kitchen can help soften the clothes. Experts recommend adding half a cup of vinegar in a measuring cup with a softener when washing clothes. Of course, the specific amount depends on how much your clothes are. Add it as appropriate. Vinegar is a natural softener and will not have a bad effect on the clothes. , But it can make the clothes softer, and also help to reduce the odor of the clothes.

In summary, it is the common mistakes made by everyone in the washing and care of sportswear.

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