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New materials in sportswear industry, especially for activewear and fitness clothing

Along with development of new tech. in textiles, there are many new materials and fibers introduced in recent years.

Yinshan Sportswear, one of the leading sportswear suppliers and manufacturers, is going to introduce those new fibers for you, with the advantages and disadvantages:

Bamboo fiber

If you want super soft but moisture-wicking sportswear, please use bamboo instead. According to an article in the "Technology and Management" magazine of "Textile and Apparel Magazine", the bamboo pulp can produce a lightweight, breathable natural fabric with antistatic properties, which means tug your tank top off of your stomach the entire time you're working out, during the whole exercise. According to the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation, this best exercise material can also protect the skin from harmful UV rays when jogging outdoors. Tasc Performance designer Sarah Chase said: "It feels very soft, can eliminate odours, regulate your temperature, and it is UPF 50+."

Tasc Performance mixes chemical-free bamboo with organic cotton, wool and spandex to make sportswear such as Nola crop leggings and St. Charles bamboo zippers. Chase said: "Bamboo is the Swiss army knife of functional fabrics." "You can participate in a marathon, then take a spinning class, then take an errand, and then keep it fresh, dry and sunscreen."

Bamboo is more suitable for underwear and light polo or t shirts. Yinshan Sportswear has worked with many brands, to use such fiber since year 2012. It is much cheaper than before, and it is more eco-friendly.

Bamboo 1

Nylon fiber

Nylon is the first commercially viable synthetic fiber. As we all know, it is used to make women's stockings. It has the properties of elasticity, quick drying and mildew resistance. But is nylon breathable? Of course, this fabric can let cool air into the skin, and can absorb sweat from the skin to the surface of the fabric, and then evaporate on the surface.

With these characteristics and silky soft feel, you will find the best fitness materials in various sportswear. Isabelle de la Fontaine, Lucy's product director, said: "This can withstand even the toughest exercise." "It also has good stretch and recovery properties, so your pants will move with you."

Nylon is one of the most popular fabrics for our clients, and especially for the new tech. nylon, it is light and breathable, Yinshan sportswear has recommend much for our clients in barnd of activewear and workout gear.

Nylon Sportswear


Like polyester, polypropylene is also made of plastic. Lauren Hallworth, Brooks Running's clothing product line manager, said, but unlike polyester, this synthetic material is completely waterproof. In addition, polypropylene forces water through its fibers, draining it to the surface of the fabric, allowing it to evaporate. Halworth said, "Even if you sweat after running and the outside of your shirt is wet, everything you touch is completely dry." "It's great as a base layer."

Therefore, the clothing brand for outdoor activities Coldpruf uses the best fitness materials and provides insulation in cold climates when camping, hiking or skiing in the jungle.

Polypropylene itself has anti-fouling properties. Reason: It is said that this fabric can only change color when it is in the form of a hot liquid, and must first be transformed into a vest that you are wearing. If you spray around, you can easily clean the liquid and wash it with bleach and bleach without spoiling the color of your clothes.

Yinshan Sportswear has got many suppliers for Polypropylene, and we have started our polypropylene production since year 2017.

Sportswear Polypropylene


Similar to bamboo, TENCEL is made from wood pulp from sustainable sources. The best training materials are not only breathable and biodegradable, but also contain fine fibers or hair strands, which give the fabric a sweat-absorbing performance and luxurious texture-the same high performance as plastic fabrics.

Outdoor equipment company Merrell, Shape's clothing and accessories sales director Laura Zimmerman said: "The fiber structure is very close to polyester fiber, so it is very durable." Zimmerman added that the name TENCEL actually refers to hardness and cellulose. Used in combination, and because it is a natural fiber, it has antibacterial advantages and a smooth finish.

Yinshan Sportswear has extensive experience in the production of sportswear and sportswear using Tencl fabrics. And we can provide different weights and colors according to customer needs.


Wool Materials

The best sports materials are no longer just necessities for casual wear. The material can form air traps, so it is very suitable for regulating heat and keeping the body warm. But it is also breathable and absorbs moisture, making it ideal for any outdoor sports, from running on the block to long distances.

In addition: Wool has natural antibacterial properties and can be washed less than polyester and other materials.

Wool Sportswear


After training, there is a secret weapon to prevent clothes from being smelled in the locker room, it is silver. This fabric is woven with this heavy metal, or contains a silver coating, which can prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. X-Static is a such new textile tech., which is antibacterial to sportswear clothing.

Now, brands such as Brooks Running, The North Face and Lululemon Athletica are using silver in their own products. Lululemon Athletica product director Tara Poseley said: "This will never fall into the water or stop working."

Yinshan Sportswear has got rich experience dealing with sliver coating or sliver woven inside for sportswear, activewear, fitness clothing and workout gear.



For innovative fabrics with sustainable development advantages, you will find econyl, a brand of recycled nylon. Econyl's producers rescued fishing nets, rags, carpet flooring and industrial plastics, restored nylon to its original state, and turned it into a fabric that can be recycled after customers use up their clothes.

No waste. No new resources. Just endless possibilities. Yinshan sportswear has started to work with recycled fabrics since year 2013, and econyl is one of the most popular sprotswear fabrics for market. And, it is almost same soft as cotton, but very easy to care, very suitable for sportswear, custom activewear and workout clothing.

Econyl Recycled Sportswear Fabrics

Recycled Plastics

If you are looking for a simple way to influence your living environment, then buying sportswear made of recycled plastic would be the ideal starting point. ICYDK produces new plastic fibers (such as polyester fibers, nylon fibers and acrylic fibers) for textiles. It is estimated that 342 million barrels of oil are used each year, but choosing recycled versions of these fabrics can help reduce the amount.

Not to mention, according to statistics, the technology used to recycle plastic can restore the fiber to its original state, so you can expect that sportswear made from recycled plastic will have the same quality as clothing made from virgin plastic. For example, like other polyester sportswear, recycled polyester is the most common type of recycled material, usually made from recycled PET bottles. Like other polyester sportswear, it can dry quickly and resist wrinkles.

Yinshan Sportswear has already worked with Recycled Plastics fibre for many years, and we have rich experience and stable suppliers on this area.

Contact Yinshan Sportswear to get more information about the recycled fabrics information, and design one style with eco-friendly fiber for your brands.

Recyled Plastics

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