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Raw materials increasing widely

Costs increasing 20%~50% in Sportswear Industry.

The raw materials were increasing wildly in the last 30 days (especially after the Chinese New Year holidays, when all factories back to work). 

As you can see that (from NYMEX), the cotton yarns increased by 15% (from -2.5% to 12.5%), and the Oil price (related to Polyester/Polyamide/Rayon/Elastane) increased by 20.5%! And, it is said to continue increasing in the next 3 months, when the COVID-19 well controlled. It has been more increasing on the cotton and oil costs when we check the price on 26th of May, 2021. And, those raw materials increasing will lead to the costs on sportswear manufacture and export industry, the prices of clothing including sports clothing will increase more, soon or late.

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Another issue of the cost pressure on sportswear factory in China is the currency rate, it was USD:RMB=6.6 in beginning of 2021, and it is under 6.4, which means it is 4% in net profit lost for sportswear supplier in China, and it is a challenge for all the sportswear factories in China.


So, if you have any plan for order planning, we suggest confirming earlier, to get better prices and benefits for your business. 

Pls be sure to reconfirm the prices with me before placing orders for any further orders. And, all of our quotations will only be valid for 5 days at this special moment. 

Thank you for your understanding, and hope all of us will have a better business this year.

Yinshan Sportswear, has worked in Sportswear industry for more than 20 years, and we have lots of stable suppliers in cotton and blend fibers, as well as those recycled fibers supplier, we will do our best to control the costs for our clients.

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