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What Does the Racing Flags Mean in Racing Sports Games?

In motorsports, people on the sidelines are often seen waving flags of different colors, as if they are communicating with the drivers. At present, in the highest-level four-round F1 competition, the flag information is even integrated on the steering wheel in the cockpit, so that the driver can know what is going on on the track ahead for the first time. Let us first use words to illustrate the meaning of the flags of various colors:

Chequered flag:

This flag will only appear on the finish line. When it is waved, it means that the race (practice, qualifying, race) has ended. After seeing the chequered flag, the driver must make the next lap. Back in the PIT before. If the driver passes the checkered flag twice, the result of the race may be cancelled.

Racing Flag Black and White

Yellow flag: 

When a single-sided yellow flag is waved, it usually means that there is a situation in the road section ahead, and the driver must slow down appropriately to avoid danger. When the two yellow flags are waved at the same time, it means that an accident has occurred ahead and the driver must slow down. No matter whether it is a single-sided yellow flag or a double-sided yellow flag is waving, drivers are not allowed to overtake on the yellow flag section. They must pass the green flag before they can overtake.

Racing Flag Yellow

Green flag: 

A green flag usually appears after the yellow flag, indicating that there is no condition in the road ahead, or the condition on the field has been eliminated, and the driver can drive to restore the normal rhythm of the race.

Racing Flag Green

Red and yellow striped flag: 

The red and yellow striped flag is a vertical alternate with yellow and red lines, which means there is a foreign object in the road section ahead, telling drivers to be careful. Common conditions are oil, water or scattered parts on the track.

Racing Flag Red Yellow Flag

Black flag with orange circle: 

This flag has a black flag with an orange circle in the middle. This flag will be matched with the car number on the field to inform the driver that there is a mechanical problem with the car. Commonly, the bumper or parts are loose or fall off. The flag will be shown at the finish line. After the flag is shown, the driver must return to the PIT to check the vehicle within three laps.

Racing Flag Cycle Flag

Black flag

The black flag will also be matched with the car number to inform the driver that the driver has been disqualified. This flag is also shown at the finish line. After the flag is shown, the driver must return to the PIT within three laps.

Racing Flag Black

Per-bend black/white flag: 

The per-bend black/white flag is also shown with the car number to warn the rider of actions that are not in line with the sportsman’s spirit. When this flag appears, it is the final warning to the driver. Once the offense is repeated, the referee will issue a black flag and disqualify the driver. A common situation is that the vehicle in front changes lanes more than once on a straight line, maliciously blocking the following vehicle from overtaking.

Racing Flag Black

White flag (white flag): 

There is a slow car driving on the road ahead, and the driver must slow down appropriately. A common situation is that the damaged car is driving slowly back to the PIT zone, or the rescue car is moving.

Racing Flag White

Blue flag: 

This flag is to inform the backmarker that the backmarker is approaching, and the local car must take the necessary line to allow the express car to pass.

Racing Flag Blue

These are common flags in TV broadcasts. You can pay more attention to the flags when you watch the game next time!

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