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As we all know, the Olympics are celebrated as a festival all over the world. Countless competitors with inspiring mottos pave their way to Olympics by sheer and dedicated practice. This is why the view count of the Olympics is massive and it is viewed all over the world.

Yinshan Sportswear Olympics Sportswear

Olympics are celebrated every 4 years and the preparations for holding Olympics take almost half of the time before it is held. During the preparation phase there are quite a lot of elements which are processed for the working of Olympics. One of such elements is custom sportswear which is related to every athlete of different nations. Sportswear is a very important factor in an athlete’s life as it represents their persona and passion towards their particular sport. There are many markets linked with Olympics, not only the sports market but the fashion industry as well has a very big influence over Olympics.

China's Influence in Sportswear

Recently China has emerged as one of the largest sportswear manufacturers around the world. It has a retail market of  CNY316.6 billion in sportswear. It has been dominating the sportswear market over a long period of time since Nike and Adidas have dominated the Chinese market with over 40% market share and there are many Chinese brands as well like Anta and Li Ning who have recently witnessed a dynamic growth in 2019. It is speculated that sooner with the current growth rate, the Chinese market will grow at an 11 percent current value to reach CNY542.5 billion by 2024.

Anta Sports Yinshan Sportswear

The custom sportswear market of China is the only leading market in the world which is manufacturing custom sportswear over a very large scale and the products include various clothes like custom sports hoodies, custom team sweatshirts, custom sublimated hoodies and not to forget, they are also manufacturing many custom leather sportswear as well which include custom leather biker jackets and much more. The market is growing rapidly due to the fabric quality and affordable price margins which China is providing, for which they have been getting orders and appreciation from all over the world. They provide you with almost every type of custom clothing like breathable shirts and cotton/polyester sportswear as well.

Li Ning Sportswear Yinshan

Above all kinds of custom sportswear which China is producing, the leading product is the performance footwear which is taken to another level by China. Most of the brands in sportswear are known for their footwear as leading players around the world invest in custom footwear because they want to bring technological innovation in the sportswear industry. This is why China recently introduced adaptive shoe lacing under the brand name of Nike. Many athletes invested in this innovative concept since the shoe itself laces up and electronically adjusts the dimensions of your footwear by providing a customized fit.

Above was just an intro to the Olympics and China’s custom sportswear market. You all might be scratching your head about how both of them are related.

Well let's dig into it! We will explain the relation between both of them.

This article lets you know about how China is directly linked to custom sportswear in Olympics. Below are the key points which will get addressed.

Why do the athletes from the Olympics choose China as their main sportswear market?

What liberties does custom sportswear offer to athletes?

Best custom sportswear used in Olympics

Why do the athletes from the Olympics choose China as their main sportswear market?

Yes! The biggest question which arises in everyone's mind is why do athletes prefer custom sportswear as their key apparel in Olympics? Well, it has many answers linked to it but the most relevant one is that when you are competing on such a high level then your apparel in fitness matters a lot in paving the way to success. For example, the regular kits of football and cricket players do match their national sides somehow but when it comes to charity matches regarding different issues, they wear custom sportswear which properly describes the cause of their playing and puts weight on the heritage of the cause. This is why the team management of players from all over the Olympics prefer China as the main hub for generating custom sportswear for the national players.

Now let's come to the reasons for which China is preferred over other nations in terms of custom sportswear manufacturing:

Biggest Market

Let’s keep it quite simple, when you go out shopping for your favorite product, which shop will you target? The one with little to no recognition and small outlet? Or the one with a huge reputation and massive outlet? Obviously, you will go for the massive one. Bigger outlet definitely means that there is going to be more variety and you can easily look for whatever you want. And it takes time to build out a reputation in any market or business in the world so definitely there is going to be no compromise on the fabric and durability. This is why China is preferred over other nations due to the respect which it has earned over the period of time. It has huge variations in the apparel and sportswear market due to the massive local need as well. The Chinese local environment is quite fitness oriented and people thoroughly focus on sports due to which there is always a big demand in generating custom sportswear.

Affordable Prices

See the main reason nowadays, especially after the pandemic, is that there has been a massive decline in various economies around the world. So, in the current situation the biggest target for the buying of custom sportswear is China due to its extremely affordable rates in sportswear. There are thousands of sports factories in China and they have a massive employee count which is one of the major reasons why the prices are quite affordable.

What liberties does custom sportswear offer to athletes?

To start with, the biggest liberty which you get as a sportsperson is that you can wear whatever comforts you. From soccer to badminton, you would surely notice the fact that all of the teams sometimes wear particular kits. These are called custom sportswear. For example, if we just compare the kits of Barcelona and PSG, although both of the teams have the same main purple color but you surely can differentiate between them. This is where custom sportswear kicks in. Below are mentioned some points which help you out in custom sportswear.

Personal Identity

Custom sportswear allows your team and any individual to have a particular identity. For example, different players around the world have their signature moves in sports. Many of them may represent the same sport wearing the same apparel but where does custom sportswear kick in? Well, the answer is that there are custom sportswear accessories that signifies the athlete. For example, some players have their personal slogans printed on their shirts which represent them and some players on the other hand have custom kits designed for them. This is why custom sportswear is very important for the identification of every athlete.

Team Designs

Custom sportswear is not just about the kits and their designs but it includes training, pre and post-match wear and all the necessary equipment and stuff that a team or club is related to. The club showcases and represents its heritage with the help of custom sportswear and then turns it into a professional image of the club regarding how they were established and what has been their history. Sometimes the greatest players inside a club are honored to wear particular customized kits which represent their status in the team and sets them apart from the rest.

Teamwear Olympics China Team Yinshan Sportswear

Brand Endorsements

Well, it might be triggering to some people but sports is not just about competition anymore. It is now more affiliated to money making, as there are many brands which are now attached with sports for their endorsements. This is why custom sportswear is pretty important to the players as this allows them to make tons of money on and off the field by wearing customized sports goods with the brands they endorse. For example, Lionel Messi has a lifetime deal with Adidas and he has to keep on wearing their customized kits and regular sportswear as a part of the contract. Whereas Cristiano Ronaldo has to do the same with Nike. Both of these players wear customized sports kits in Olympics for the sake of brand endorsements.

Best Custom Sportswear used in Olympics

Many manufacturers grab the opportunity to promote their sportswear on the Olympics catwalk. This helps them in leading their brands for a better future. In the 2016 Rio Olympics we witnessed a major mixture of different bespoke sportswear. They had customized the sportswear for multiple teams and had appraisal from all over the world.

The best of the sportswear included:

Teflon breathable and waterproof sportswear

The Teflon breathable and waterproof jackets had a revolutionary entry in Olympics since these clothes can easily repel dust, water and are breathable. The players not only wore them on the Olympics catwalk but also wore them in their off the field routines since they were quite lightweight and comfortable for doing daily chores. The players wore Teflon vests and tracksuits for their performance as well as the technical run vests had high quality fabric with Teflon coating which resisted them from getting wet from sweat.


Vegan-Cruelty free sportswear

In the recent Tokyo Olympics, the Liberian team took up the charge for the ecosystem and introduced their all-new vegan kits which was a great message for humanity. This is how Olympics and custom sportswear can be beneficial for society. Unlike others, they preached more than just a game. Custom sportswear allows you to express your ideas and identity in a more influential manner and Liberia just proved it.

Breathable Vests

Olympics includes various sports who have their individual identities and genres. But one thing is a must for every sport and that is breathable vests. Either you are in a running marathon or cycling marathon, you deserve a breathable vest. This is what was done in recent Olympics with all of the players getting custom breathable shirts which resisted sweat and had a cooler impact on the athlete’s body for better concentration on the field. The endurance events which include the longer distance ones do require breathable vests to wick the moisture and enable the athlete to breath as often as he can. This helps in the performance of the athlete throughout the game.

Customized Slim Fit Sportswear

Manufacturers from all over the world are now producing customized fits for different players which not only include the size fit but also include the design fits. Different players had their personal designs printed on their sportswear in Olympics and stood out from the rest due to the extravagant designs which they preferred.

Local Endorsements

With the help of custom sportswear, you can endorse your local talent to an international level in the Olympics. This is what the South African athletes did in the recent Olympics. All of their kits were designed by a local team of manufacturers and were applauded all over the world. This endorses a ray of unity among the people and finished off the discrimination which is normally created between local and internally claimed brands.

Sportswear Brands in Tokyo Olympics 2020

Since we all know that the recent Olympics had many restrictions due to covid and couldn’t be celebrated with as zeal as the recent ones were celebrated with. But the brands did not disappoint us and provided us with some of the best sportswear. Here are listed some brands of the Tokyo Olympics, who took custom sportswear to another level.



Nike never fails to impress its audience with innovative and attractive designs. It has a history of providing uniforms to different athletes in the Olympics. Some of the very well appreciated uniforms in the Olympics are designed by it.

Nike Olympics USA Team wear

But this time they took the game to another level by teaming with Dutch artist Piet Parra and designing the graphic printed jerseys for the newly added skateboarding competition which was inspired by many countries like USA, Japan, France and Brazil, the teams who sent their athletes in skateboarding competitions.

Ben Sherman's Clothing

Ben Sherman is a very popular brand in the UK and has been one of the most prominent brands in the Tokyo Olympics since it recently signed a deal with Great Britain for sportswear in the Olympics. It designed a very patriotic themed uniform for the Britain team which consisted of bomber jackets and polo shirts.

Olympics Teamwear UK Yinshan Sportswear

Ralph Lauren

Finally, Ralph Lauren returned to make the official kits and uniforms of the USA in the Tokyo Olympics. The Designs were patriotic and had a blue theme which consisted of blazers and branded face masks.

Olympics Teamwear Best Show

It also introduced the RL cooling technology which is one of a kind. With this technology the clothes which the athletes wear can self-adjust the temperature and cool down as the temperature in Japan’s cities have reached a record high this year.

How Will Custom Sportswear Influence in Future?

We all are living in a revolutionary time period as since the new decade has started, it has given possibilities to many new advancements. Fashion is not just limited to glamour anymore but now it is an important part of every individual's personality. Sportswear is moving towards a very creative shift where the need for custom sportswear is important. Unlike in the past when people had to wear the same sportswear, now they want to portray their thoughts and beliefs through sports. This is where custom sportswear will hit in future and will be the voice of sportsmen and women.

Olympics Teamwear Australia Yinshan Sportswear

In the coming days, sportswear around the world will get recognition through the athlete whereas in the past it was given recognition through the sports domain. For example, soccer is one of the most widely celebrated sports around the world. But there are a ton of great players around the world and despite them being great, people only like to follow those who have good sportswear sense. Let it be Cristiano Ronaldo or Pique, people go for their style more than game. It is because the way a player carries themselves is way more important than how he or she plays the game. Due to the popularity of these players, the custom sportswear market gets a huge gain every year. Nike has a lifetime contract with Ronaldo because of his popularity, the more he gets watched and appreciated by the audience, the more Nike will earn due to the market boost which they gain in return. Same is the case with Adidas, as they have a lifetime contract with Lionel Messi, and he is enjoyed all over the world as well. So, his audience will obviously go for choosing adidas as their main sportswear brand and it will for sure increase the recognition and sales of adidas. This is how sportswear is influencing people to opt for fitness as their goals and buy the sports products in return.


The main conclusion of this article is that there is a major influence of custom sportswear in Olympics and all over the world. There is still a need for more manufacturers with new influential ideas, since there are many creative minds out there in this world who are waiting to get recognized. Custom sportswear will allow them to showcase their creativity and the message which they are trying to convey to the world. The market scale is increasing rapidly due to more awareness about fitness and sooner it will be the biggest apparel industry in the world.

So, grab your custom sportswear as soon as possible and be a part of the community.

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