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Customized Logo Design Cotton Sports Polo Shirt with Front Printing for Men

Meta description: Yinshan Sportswear offers the best quality polo shirt for racing events and promotional purposes.

Customized Logo Design Cotton Sports Polo Shirt with Front Printing for Women 1Customized Logo Design Cotton Sports Polo Shirt with Front Printing for Men 1

Sporting apparel can be designed for different genders. You can purchase men's or women's pieces of sportswear, depending on the gender of your racing team. Men's sporting outfits are designed to be flexible and durable because they are always involved in intense sporting activities. Meanwhile, you will need to work with a reliable manufacturer like Yinshan Sportswear to have the best features in your men's sporting apparel.

Yinshan built the best polo shirt for men. Although the most common fabric was involved in the customization of this polo shirt, they still have a unique and fashionable appearance. The cotton material Yinshan used to customize this racing team polo is responsible for the purposes it serves. It has breathable, easy-care, and wicking features.

The black custom printed polo shirt is also comfortable to wear. It is lightweight, odor-free, and attractive. The attractiveness of this piece of sportswear will make you stand out in public; hence, it will make a great choice for a promotional tool.

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Polo shirts for men can serve more than the purpose of a piece of sportswear for sport. It can also be used as a branding tool by firms to promote their brands. If you are looking for a breathable, comfortable, and durable polo shirt for men, working with Yinshan will provide you with nothing but premium quality products.



The black polo shirt was designed for sporting events, such as racing events. Hence, if your team takes part in sports like formula-1, this custom printed polo shirt is an excellent piece of sportswear to purchase. The reason for the polo shirt's purpose stems from its fabric. It is breathable and comfortable for athletes participating in racing events.

Customized Logo Design Cotton Sports Polo Shirt with Front Zipper Printing for Men 1BCustomized Logo Design Cotton Sports Polo Shirt with Front Printing for Men 1B

There is no doubt that this polo shirt is suitable for sporting activities, but it can also be a great branding tool—the aesthetic features of this sporting apparel are top-notch. Yinshan, however, did not focus only on the fashionable appearance of the polo shirt but also its durability. The stylish and durable features of this racing team polo make it suitable for promotional activities.

Racing Team Polo Fabric

No one desires to purchase a low-quality piece of sportswear. It is, however, not easy to spot a low-quality product in the market because they all appear to be great in quality. The main factor that plays a significant role in the quality of a piece of sportswear is the 'type of fabric' used to create it. Hence, manufacturers mainly focus on the fabric they use during their manufacturing process of sportswear.

One of the common fabrics manufacturers used to design a piece of sportswear is cotton fabric. Cotton fabric may be common, but this does not limit its quality, features, and properties it possesses. Almost ninety percent of the pieces of sportswear you will find in the market are made of cotton fabric. The Cotton fabric is often used for the manufacturing of sporting apparel is the breathable features it provides.

The breathable property of a cotton fabric is important for a piece of sportswear. It is needed by athletes who take part in intense training, exercises, and sporting events that will make them break a sweat. Generally, it is normal for athletes to sweat during a sporting activity, but it is not normal to experience discomfort caused by sweating profusely. If this sweat does not dry up quickly, the sporting outfit will be uncomfortable for athletes.

The breathable features in this racing team polo protect athletes from the irritation caused by sweating. The polo shirt is permeable to air, so air will readily pass through the piece of sportswear and cause the athlete's sweat to dry up. The drying of sweat on the skin often leads to coolness (evaporation leads to coolness). Once this occurs, the athlete will never complain about how uncomfortable the sporting outfit is, even in intense training.

Furthermore, the cotton fabric adds other beneficial features to the polo shirt aside from breathable and comfortable features. It makes the polo shirt odor-free, sustainable, hypoallergenic, and easy to maintain. These benefits make the polo shirt suitable for more than a sporting outfit for athletes. It will also be great for fans' wear, team wear, and promotional events.

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Wicking Polo Shirt

The black polo shirt is also beneficial for racing events due to its wicking features. The wicking features make the sporting outfit worthy of being called a piece of sportswear. What do wicking features entail? The wicking features in polo shirts are often mistaken for breathable features, but they are different.

Wicking features make the sporting outfit draw away moisture (sweat) from the athlete's body. It also makes the piece of sportswear dry quickly, especially when you are sweating during an intense game. Therefore, the wicking features of polo shirts primarily keep the athlete dry and allow the regulation of their body temperature. It prevents the odor and irritation an athlete will experience due to perspiration.

Furthermore, the sweat diffusing features (Wicking features) make the black racing team polo a perfect fabric for different kinds of activewear, sportswear, and outdoor outfits.

Easy-Care Features

Custom polo shirts with logos are designed with easy-care features. What does the easy-care feature mean? It means the polo shirt is easy to maintain without following any specific rules to maintain its quality. You can wash it in water at normal temperature, with any detergent, and store it by folding it without experiencing any wrinkles on your polo shirt.


The custom printed polo shirt comes in different sizes to fit anyone perfectly, irrespective of their size. Yinshan offers four different sizes of polo shirts; small sizes, medium sizes, large sizes, and extra-large sizes. If you need a different size, you will have to send the size of the polo shirt you seek to Yinshan. Yinshan will customize the exact design of the polo shirt you desire to purchase to meet the size you require.


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