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How Do Bicyclers Choose Cycling Clothes In China

Cycling sports is a very interesting sport. In China, it is deeply loved by sports enthusiasts, and more and more people like cycling. If you are interested in cycling sports, then this article is for you. This article will mainly describe the criteria for bicyclers in China to choose cycling clothes, which are mainly divided into the following points:

1. Common fabrics for cycling clothes.


2. The function of cycling clothes.

3. Personalised content of cycling clothes.

Chinese cyclists who love cycling

What we usually call cycling clothing mainly refers to bicycle cycling clothing. Cycling clothes can be divided into cycling tops and cycling pants. Cycling tops can be divided into long-sleeved cycling tops and short-sleeved cycling tops.

In China, there are two main criteria for bicyclers to choose cycling clothes, one is the fabric of the cycling clothes, their fabric features are very in line with cycling clothes.

1. Common fabrics for cycling clothes

In China, when bicyclers choose cycling clothes, the first thing they value is the fabric. The right fabric is very important for a cycling clothes. The main fabrics for cycling clothes are polyester fabrics and Lycra fabrics. These two fabric features are also often used in other sportswear.

1a. Features of polyester 

Polyester fabric is a variety of synthetic fibers. Fabric features are wrinkle resistance and shape retention, as well as high elasticity and strength. In addition to these advantages, polyester fabrics also have certain sweat-absorbing and waterproof functions. Cycling sports is a high-intensity vigorous exercise, which requires high levels of sportswear. Polyester fabric features can maintain the shape and strength of the cycling clothes during cycling, avoiding the appearance of wrinkles. At the same time, the sweat absorption function also makes the cycling clothes more breathable, which is beneficial to the balance of the body temperature of the bicyclers.

1b. Lycra fabric properties

Lycra fabric is a kind of fabric made of spandex fiber. In China, Lycra fabric is more called "spandex fabric". Lycra fabric can greatly improve the elasticity and extensibility of the fabric, has a high degree of stretch, and can easily return to the original shape after being stretched. After recovery, it can tightly adhere to the human skin and at the same time have less restraint on the human body. Lycra fabric properties are very suitable for cycling clothes. Cycling clothes using Lycra fabric have better stretchability and less restraint on the bicyclers' body.

2. The function of cycling clothes

Compared with the fabric features of the cycling clothes, bicyclers are more concerned about the function of the cycling clothes. In China, bicyclers often choose their own cycling clothes according to their functions. So what are the functions of cycling clothes?

2a. Reduce wind resistance and reduce burden

Cycling is a sport that pursues speed. Wind resistance has a great influence on cycling sports. Therefore, reducing wind resistance is the most important function of cycling clothes. Cycling jerseys are mostly tight-fitting, and the degree of fit with the human body is much higher than that of other sportswear. Tight-fitting cycling clothes can greatly reduce the impact of wind resistance on the bicycler, reduce the burden on the bicycler, and let the bicycler have a better sports experience.


2b. Reduce wear and tear with the body

Compared with cycling clothes, most ordinary sportswear are looser. This kind of sportswear tends to rub the skin of the bicycler under the action of wind when riding a bicycle. Long-term friction between clothing and human skin will not only cause skin discomfort, but also greatly affect bicyclers' riding experience. Cycling jersey fits the human body and can eliminate the unnecessary friction of the clothing on the human body, making the bicycler more comfortable when riding, and bringing a better experience and feeling.

2c. Better identification, more security

Cycling clothes are different from other sportswear. Cycling clothes often have many elements. For example, there will be many signs and patterns, these signs and patterns on the cycling clothes are very eye-catching, which helps the bicyclers to be noticed by others when they are riding, and makes the cyclists' movement safer. In addition, bicyclers also like to choose a jersey with reflective strips. These reflective strips can also make bicyclers be noticed by others, especially when riding at night, the role of the reflective strips will be more obvious. These advantages and functions of cycling clothes make the riding of bicyclers safer.

3. Personalised content of cycling clothes

In China, more and more cycling enthusiasts like custom cycling clothes. The personalised content of custom cycling clothes is often based on the needs of cycling sports. Some bicyclers will customize the logo on the cycling clothes, such as the logo of their favorite cycling team or the logo of the cycling club. Some bicyclers will customize their favorite patterns with cycling elements on the cycling clothes. Some bicyclers will customize their favorite quotes or motivational quotes on the cycling clothes. In addition to the aesthetic customization requirements of cycling clothes, Chinese bicyclers will also customize cycling clothes according to function and use requirements. For example, some bicyclers will customize multiple pockets on the cycling clothes, which can be used to place more items when cycling. These Personalised contents make the cycling clothes more beautiful and practical, and at the same time make the cycling clothes more fashionable.

Graphic Custom Cycling Design T-shirt


Pattern Design Cycling Short-sleeved Shirt


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