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How To Take Good Care Of Sportswear?

In life, people pay more attention to their health and appearance, so many people love to exercise.


"I'm going to work out, I'm going to buy some sportswear"


So do you know how to take good care of sportswear after fitness?


Should I wash it immediately or leave it for a few days until the next time I wash it?


After washing, should it be stuffed into the closet or folded and put in a clean closet?


In fact, nursing sportswear is also a science, and incorrect nursing methods will shorten the lifespan of sportswear!


This article talks about how to take good care of sportswear from four points

1. For the sportswear wash, we usually make nursing errors

2. Sportswear washing advice,such as washing method, sportswear detergent, Categorize the color of sportswear and drying method.

3. Different nursing methods for different sportswear fabric

4. The condition of sportswear collection

1. For the sportswear wash, we usually make nursing errors, let's see if we have done the same!


Error 1

Not cleaned according to the washing label on the sportswear.

washing labe 

Each piece of sportswear has a label, and most people cut off the label directly after buying a new sportswear. Different sportswear material have different washing methods, otherwise it will cause damage to the sportswear.


Error 2

Not timely cleaning sweaty sportswear.

 A pile of unwashed clothes

After exercising, some people will immediately take off their sweaty sportswear, wanting to save them and throw them in the washing machine with other clothes next time. NO! NO! NO! Everyone can't do this. Sweaty sportswear will have bacteria after a long period of time, which can easily cause skin problems! You can soak the sportswear in distilled white vinegar and cold water for 15-30 minutes before washing, which can more effectively remove dirt.


Error 3

Wrong use of the dryer


Not all sportswear can use the dryer. The high temperature of the dryer will destroy the sportswear material. If you want to use the dryer, first check whether the label on the sportswear allows this sportswear to use the dryer. Washed clothes are best placed in a ventilated place to dry.

2.Sportswear washing advice


1. Washing method

Try not to excessive friction when washing by hand, which can easily cause deformation of sportswear; when washing by machine, you can use a laundry bag to prevent sharp objects like zippers from scratching other clothes, and it can also effectively prevent sportswear from deforming.


2. Selection of sportswear detergent

It is not recommended to use softeners. The chemical residues of the softeners on the sportswear will block the gaps in the sportswear fibers and reduce the perspiration and breathability of the sportswear; mild sportswear detergents can be used; if the smell of clothes is too strong, you can use a special sportswear cleaner.


3. Categorize the color of sportswear

Do not wash clothes of all colors together for convenience. Brightly colored and darker colored sportswear should be washed separately to avoid staining.


4. Drying method

Do not dry the sportswear for too long in the sun. You can turn the sportswear inside and out to prevent the outside of the sportswear from being tanned and fading, and effectively clean the inside of the sportswear. It is also very important that the deformation of sportswear is not only due to the way of cleaning, the drying rack is also one of the reasons for the deformation of sportswear. Try to choose a slip shoulder design, sturdy skeleton of hangers.

coat hanger 


3. Different sportswear fabric, different nursing methods

1. Pure cotton

Cotton has strong water absorption and is easy to dry; easy to shrink and wrinkle

  •  Do not use alkaline laundry detergent


2. Polyester fabric

Good air permeability, not easy to deform

  •  Do not be exposed to the sun for a long time


3. Wool fabric

Soft, good warmth retention; not alkali resistant

  •  It is recommended to use special detergent for wool


4. Jackets

Can absorb and release body heat; relatively heavy

  •  Do not wring too dry and spin dry with a washing machine


5. Sports underwear

  •  Try to wash by hand alone

  •  Use warm water to wash

  •  Easy to mold, put in a cool and ventilated place to dry

  •  Don't use the dryer


6. Down clothing

Down has warmth and light weight

  •  Squeeze moisture with a towel before drying

  •  Spread and shake the clothes first when drying

  •  Do not rub hard to avoid deformation


4. The condition of Sportswear Collection

If sportswear is not properly stored after washing, it will also cause clothes to deteriorate, become moldy, and breed bacteria. The storage environment for them should meet the following four points:


1. Clean storage environment to ensure that the wardrobe and closet for storing sportswear are clean and tidy.


2. Ensure that the storage environment is dry, and desiccant can be used to prevent moldy sportswear.

3. Use anti-fog and anti-moth agents to prevent mildew and insects.

Clean wardrobe   


The above are the nursing advice and nursing methods on how to nurse sportswear. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.


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