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How To Wear Women's Sportswear To Look Beautiful?

Compared with men, women pay more attention to the aesthetics of clothing than men. Even for sports, they also have requirements for sportswear. Nowadays, sports are also strongly promoted. People are paying more and more attention to sports. Sportswear manufacturers and sportswear suppliers also produce sportswear in large quantities. Faced with the dazzling array of sportswear, women asked the question "How to wear women's sportswear to look beautiful?".

As one of China's leading sportswear manufacturers and exporters, with rich experience and mature technology -- Yinshan Sportswear, after investigation and research, we will answer this question for you.


The article content mainly has four parts:

1. What basic sportswear do women need?

2. How do women select sportswear?

3. How do women to match sportswear?

4. How to washing sports clothes?


Part 1: What basic sportswear do women need?

They are basic sportswears for women, we divide women's sportswear into upper body and lower body:

  • Tops: sports underwear, women sports vest, Short sleeve top, long sleeve top

  • Pants: women's compression pants, leg compression sleeve


Part 2: How do women select sportswear?


When selecting sportswear, women not only need to pay attention to the appearance of sportswear, but also need to pay attention to the most basic comfort of sportswear, and select sportswear that suits them. As a sportswear manufacturer and sportswear exporter, Yinshan Sportswear has the following suggestions for women to select basic sportswear:


1. Sports underwear:

  • Support: When selecting sports underwear, pay attention to the support of sports underwear to see if the sports underwear can wrap the entire chest, and avoid shaking the female chest during exercise.

  • Good air permeability and proper tightness: Maintain the air permeability of the chest during exercise, which requires women to pay attention to the fabric of the sports underwear when selecting sports underwear. The size of sports underwear should be selected according to the size chart. Too tight sports underwear can easily cause breathing problems.


black vest front      black vest back

This sports underwear has a cross design on the back, which can have good support and this sports underwear has good elasticity and is comfortable to wear.


2. Women sports vest and short/long sleeve top:

  • The selection of women sports vest and short/long sleeve top is relatively simple, as long as it feels more comfortable to wear. However, it is not recommended to select women sports vest and short/long sleeve top with loose hem.


vest       vest back

This sports vest is made of high-quality cool fabrics with fine workmanship. The black vest is decorated with bright colors to make the vest not monotonous.


camouflage vest front        camouflage vest back

Camouflage patterns are also one of the more popular ones. This women sports vest is breathable, absorbent and cool.


3. Women's compression pants:

  • Women's compression pants are available in short, medium and long styles. Women should pay attention to the effect of compression pants when selecting compression pants, that is, select the size according to the size chart. You can select a size smaller than usual or a normal size for women's compression pants. If you have a lot of meat around your waist, you can select high-waisted women's compression pants to cover up the meat around your waist.


4. Leg compression sleeve

  • You will see that in many sports, you can see the figure of leg compression sleeve. Similarly, when choosing leg compression sleeve, measure the leg circumference first.


Part 3: How do women to match sportswear?


There are many types of sports, and different sports have different sportswear. The following will give opinions on the matching of women's sportswear from the three sports with high participation of women. Let's see how do women to match sportswear?


1. Matching tennis sportswear

Tennis sportswear give people a feeling of youth and vitality. Generally, tennis sportswear are sleeveless or short sleeve tops with a sports short skirt. The material of tennis sportswear is similar to that of other sportswear, and it has the function of breathable and sweat-absorbent. Some styles of tennis sportswear can also be worn as casual clothes in daily life. It is recommended that women select white or light-colored tennis sportswear, which are refreshing and not easy to make mistakes.

  • Recommended items: tennis skirt pants with better elasticity

Tennis skirts can be used not only when playing tennis, but also as casual wear in daily life.


2. Matching golf sportswear

Because the sport of golf itself does not require large-scale exercise like running and basketball, golf sportswear gives people a very ladylike feeling.


  • Recommended items: polo shirt


red polo          yellow polo

This solid color polo shirt is simple and clean, and you can choose your favorite color.


3. Matching yoga sportswear

Yoga sportswear are relatively tight and elastic, and they will feel a little sexy when worn. Yoga is more popular with women. There are many styles and types of yoga in clothing stores, and you can choose yoga sportswear according to your own budget.


  • Recommended items: sports underwear

Sports underwear is actually a popular item that women usually match. Sports underwear can highlight the figure of women. If you have a vest line, don't hurry up to arrange one!


black vest front     black vest back

This sports underwear uses spandex fabric, which has good elasticity and can also have a good fit when worn on the body. Black sports underwear can be matched with a wider range. Having a black sports underwear can match most color pants.


Part 4: How to washing sports clothes?


Generally, women's sportswear should be cleaned according to the washing label on the sportswear before washing.Even though they are exercising, many women still put on makeup and want to be beautiful. After putting on makeup, the cosmetics will be rubbed onto the sportswear more or less during exercise. In this case, how to washing sports clothes?


1. When you get rubbed by cosmetics on your face:

Every girl probably has this experience. When changing clothes, she accidentally rubs the cosmetics on her sportswear, which is difficult to wash off.

  • You can apply a boy's shaving cream to the area rubbed by cosmetics, and leave it for a few minutes after applying it and then clean it.


2. When accidentally rubbing on lipstick

Whether it is rubbed on casual clothes or sports clothes, lipstick is particularly difficult to clean off.

  • To clean the lipstick marks on clothes, you can use hairspray. Spray the hairspray on the lipstick marks on the sportswear. Also, after spraying, leave the sportswear for a few minutes before cleaning.



How to wear women's sportswear to look beautiful? The first is to ensure that the sportswear itself is comfortable and suitable, and the second is to match sportswear.


The above is the entire content of the article. If you have any questions, you can contact us or discuss and share with your friends.


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