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Packaging And Shipping Of Sportswear In China

For clothing manufacturers, packaging and transportation of clothing is an indispensable step in the trade process, which is very important for both merchants and customers. This article mainly introduces the packaging and transportation of sportswear by Chinese apparel manufacturers. If you are interested in this aspect, then this article is very suitable for you. 

This article will introduce from the following points:

1. Introduction of packaging method

2. Selection of packaging materials

3. Packaging process and inspection

4. The advantages and disadvantages of packaging and selection suggestions

5. Measurement of packaging weight and volume

6. Measurement of product weight and volume

7. Precautions for packing and transport

International trade transportation

1. Introduction of packaging methods

As a large category of clothing, there are many packaging methods to pack sportswear. Sportswear is soft and easy to carry. Compared with other products, the packaging requirements are not too strict. Appropriate packaging methods can reduce a lot of trouble for the subsequent transportation of goods. There are two main packaging methods of packaging for sportswear: plastic bag packaging and corrugated box packaging.

1a. Plastic bag packaging

Plastic bag packaging is a common packaging method. Most of these plastic bags are transparent, clean and hygienic. After contact with sportswear, no harmful substances will be left on the sportswear, so it will not affect the sportswear. This is also the reason why many clothing manufacturers choose plastic bag packaging as their clothing packaging method.

1b. Corrugated Box packaging

Similar to plastic bag packaging, corrugated box packaging is also the most common sportswear packaging method. The boxes for packing sportswear are mainly nailless corrugated boxs. Nailless boxes can be divided into three corrugated boxes without nails, two corrugated boxes without nails and single corrugated boxes without nails. The packaging of sportswear mostly uses three-corrugated non-nail boxes, and in a few cases two-corrugated non-nail boxes and single-corrugated non-nail boxes are used. Box packaging is also one of the most common product packaging methods in international trade and transportation.

2. Selection of packaging materials

The packaging materials of sportswear are mainly determined according to the packaging method used. The packaging materials selected for plastic bag packaging and corrugated box packaging are completely different, and they must comply with the regulations for cargo transportation.

2a. The material of the plastic bag

Plastic bags used to pack sportswear can be divided into two different materials: PE material and OPP material.

PE material

The PE material is a polyethylene synthetic material. The color of the PE plastic bag made of this synthetic material is transparent, the appearance is very smooth to the touch, the soft sound is not loud, and it has good toughness. PE plastic bags have good materials, but they are expensive. Despite this, PE plastic bags are still the most common choice for the entire sportswear packaging.

PE plastic bag

OPP material

The main chemical composition of OPP material is polypropylene. Plastic bags made of this chemical composition have a similar appearance to PE plastic bags, and the color is also transparent. OPP plastic bags are more sturdy, with high quality, good toughness, not easy to be scratched, and the price is cheaper.

OPP plastic bag

2b. The material of the corrugated box

The material of corrugated boxes used for sportswear packaging is mostly paper, which has many advantages when packaging sportswear. The paper box is light in weight and can be folded flat, which is convenient for stock stacking, and is also conducive to loading and unloading during transportation. In addition, the paper box is clean and firm, can be tightly sealed, has good dust-proof and moisture-proof performance, and can have a better protection for sportswear. In addition, the price of paper boxes is cheaper than wooden boxes. These advantages have made paper boxes a popular packaging material.

3. Packaging process and inspection

The packaging process and packaging inspection of sportswear are very important and must be carried out before transportation. This can save a lot of trouble for subsequent transportation.

3a. Package

The packaging and inspection of sportswear are mainly the responsibility of the factory. Different sportswear has different packaging options. When using plastic bag packaging, one piece of sportswear can be packed in one plastic bag, or ten pieces of sportswear can be packed in one plastic bag. The specific packaging should meet the needs of customers. When choosing paper box packaging, it is also packaged according to the customer's needs, such as one box for 20 pieces of sports clothing, or one box for 30 pieces of sports clothing. Before putting the sportswear into the packaging, fold the sportswear, put a layer of paper cushion in the plastic bag or paper box, and then put the clothes in an orderly manner. Seal the plastic bag or carton after completion. Regardless of whether it is packed in plastic bags or in non-booked boxes, a uniform box will be packed before transportation.

Three corrugated box without nails

3b. Inspection

Packaging inspection is an essential step. Packaging inspection first checks the relevant product marks on the outer packaging, such as checking whether some marks and numbers are in compliance with international trade contracts and regulations. For the packaging inspection of export commodities, it is necessary to check whether the packaging methods and packaging materials comply with the trade contract. At the same time, check whether the inner and outer packaging of the goods is firm and complete, whether it is dry and clean, whether it is suitable for long-distance transportation and the customary requirements of protecting the quality and quantity of the goods. These packaging inspections are prepared for transportation. Careful inspection can reduce leaks and errors, and reduce possible problems for future commodity transportation.

4. The advantages and disadvantages of packaging and selection suggestions

Both plastic bag packaging and carton packaging have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a suitable packaging method is not only conducive to product protection, but also conducive to product transportation.

4a. Advantages and disadvantages of plastic bag packaging

As the most common packaging method for sportswear, plastic bag packaging has many advantages. The plastic bag is relatively strong, high quality, good toughness, smooth appearance, is a good insulator, and low cost. However, plastic bags also have some disadvantages. The material of plastic bags is not easy to decompose, and there are some difficulties in recycling and sorting. At the same time, plastic bags are easy to burn, have poor heat resistance, and burn toxic gases. Therefore, plastic bag packaging has advantages and disadvantages.

4b. Advantages and disadvantages of corrugated box packaging

There are many advantages of corrugated box packaging, such as light weight, foldable, which is conducive to stacking and transportation, and it can also adapt to the combination of transportation packaging and commodity packaging. The disadvantage of corruaged box packaging is that many cartons are not waterproof and are easily pierced by sharp objects. Corrugated box packaging also has advantages and disadvantages, but it is still the most popular packaging method in packaging and transportation.

4c. Packaging options

Sportswear packaging is mainly based on the needs of customers. Generally, the quantity of goods is small, we recommend using plastic bags, and the quantity of goods is large in cartons. In addition to the number of products, customers should also choose according to the cost when choosing packaging.

5. Measurement of packaging weight and volume

No matter what type of product is packaged, the volume and weight will be measured before shipment, and sportswear is naturally no exception. The weight and volume of each package must be measured, which is also to facilitate the payment of related costs in the subsequent transportation process.

5a. Volume measurement

First, the staff will measure the length, width, and height of the box containing the sportswear. Then multiply the measured length, width, and height data according to the volume calculation formula we know, and the value obtained is the volume of the package.

5b. Weight measurement

The weight measurement of the package is related to the volume. The general calculation method is to divide the calculated volume value by 5000, so that the calculated weight is the weight of the package in kilograms. However, there is a certain deviation in this calculation method, and the package can also be weighed directly, so that the value obtained is more accurate.

6. Measurement of product weight and volume

In addition to the weight and volume of the packaging, the weight and volume of the product are also very important.

6a. Sportswear volume measurement

When measuring the volume of sportswear, you can choose a few more pieces of clothing and hold them down with something. The average height of the four corners divided by the number of clothes is the height of each piece of clothing. Then according to the volume calculation formula, the volume of each piece of sports clothing can be calculated.

6b. Sportswear weight measurement

The weight of sportswear is generally directly weighed. You can choose 5 to 6 pieces of clothing, weigh out their total weight, and then divide by the number of clothes weighed to get the weight of each piece of sportswear. The value obtained by this weighing method is often more accurate.

7. Precautions for packing and transport

Transportation is the most important step in international trade, and it is directly related to whether commercial trade can be finally completed. There are many precautions for the transportation of sportswear.

7a. Ensure the quality of sportswear

During the transportation of sportswear, it is very important to ensure the quality of the clothes. If the quality of the clothes received by the customer is damaged, it will be very troublesome for both sides of the trade. For sportswear, first of all, it is necessary to prevent the carton box that is packed with clothes from being crushed and deformed. If the box is damaged or the shape is deformed, the clothes inside may be damaged, which may cause problems with the goods. Therefore, the three-corrugated box with high quality is usually selected for sportswear transportation, and at the same time, it is handled with care during the loading and unloading process, so as to reduce the damage of sportswear. In addition to paying attention to the loaded boxes during transportation, the quality of sportswear should also be paid attention to. For example, to prevent sports clothing from getting damp, you can put absorbent paper and desiccant into the clothing, so as to better maintain the quality of the clothing during transportation.

Clothing desiccant

7b. Choice of shipping method

In addition to paying attention to the quality of products during transportation, the mode of transportation is also very importantis also very important. In China, there are three main modes of transportation commonly used by clothing manufacturers: sea, air, and express. These three modes of transportation are different. Shipping time is longer, but the price is cheap. The air transportation time is short, but the price is expensive. Express transportation is similar to air transportation. The transportation time is short and the price is expensive. At the same time, express transportation can only send small batches of goods. These three modes of transportation are suitable for the transportation of sports clothing, and the specific selection method can be determined according to the quantity of clothing and the needs of customers.

Ocean shipping

air transport

Famous international express company

7c. Precautions for sea and air packaging

The packaging matters of sea and air transportation are basically similar. Whether it is packaging in plastic bags or in corrugated boxs, pay attention to the sealing of the packaging box, and do not let the clothes fall out during transportation. Secondly, we must do a good job of moisture-proof clothes to ensure the quality of the clothes. Specific precautions should be handled according to customer needs.

Packing and transport must be paid attention to and mastered by any international trading company. Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory is a leader in China's garment industry and has been engaged in garment production for more than 30 years. The above introduction and explanation of sportswear packaging and transportation are the valuable experience we have gained from the sportswear trade for many years, which is conducive to other counterparts in the apparel industry to better understand packaging and transportation. We also hope that this article can help you understand Chinese garment manufacturers. If you have clothing customization or packaging and transportation needs, welcome to contact us and look forward to providing you with satisfactory services. 

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