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The Steps Of Sportswear Fabric Testing In Yinshan Sportswear

Sportswear is a more intimate thing, and sportswear fabrics are an important part of sportswear. Different sportswear fabrics have different properties, and the different use of different fabrics on sportswear will also make sportswear have a different appearance. So it is very necessary to test the sportswear fabric. So how to test the fabric? What is the fabric testing procedures? If you dare to be interested, just keep reading.

The Following Is The Main Content Of The Article:

1. Items and fabric testing standards for general sportswear fabric testing, and which fabric testing machine are used for sportswear fabric testing.

2. Some special sportswear fabric test items and corresponding fabric testing machine.

3. Introduction of some internationally used testing mechanism and their advantages.

4. Yinshan fabric testing procedures and fabric testing standards.

5. The fabric test report of Yinshan and the corresponding customers.

Textile Testing 

Part 1: Items and fabric testing standards for general sportswear fabric testing, and which fabric testing machine are used for sportswear fabric testing.

1. Sportswear fabric testing projects are the following:

Appearance, physical structure index, fabric shrinkage rate, fabric color fastness, fabric composition etc.


2. Fabric testing methods and fabric testing standards:

2a. Appearance:

The first is to check the appearance of the sportswear to ensure that the appearance of the sportswear is not flawed. During the test, the color, composition and feel of the sportswear fabric appearance were recorded. If there are the following points, it is a defect.


a. For this kind of fabric, the yarn is hooked out.

b. The knitted fabric has yarn breakage and holes below 0.5CM.

c. There are dyes of other colors on the fabric.

d. The color of the fabric is uneven.

e. screen printing portion where clogging.

f. The edge of the plain weave cloth is tight, and the edge color is darker because of the dye solution.


2b. Physical structure index:

a. Sportswear fabric length

Fabric testing methods: use a fabric inspection machine to check the actual length of the sportswear fabric.


b. The weight of the sportswear fabric

Fabric testing methods: use an electronic scale to weigh, deduct some leather weight, and allow a 5% fluctuation of the weight.


c. Width

Fabric testing methods: take the head, middle, and tail three points on the fabric as the measuring points of the width, measure with a tape measure and record the result. When the width is less than half inch, you need to re-process the fabric.


d. Weft skew

There is a fixed formula for the measurement of weft skew: latitude slope size / latitude horizontal width size ×100% = slope.


Within 3.5, it is cloth oblique left weft oblique.

Less than 3.0 is striped oblique or weft oblique.

6.0-9.0 was no pattern fabric.

If it exceeds the number specified above, it is unqualified.


2c. Fabric shrinkage test:

Fabric shrinkage test: Take a length of 1M×1M sportswear fabric, wash it for 2 hours at 80 degrees, and then wash it twice. Use the washed sportswear fabric and the sportswear fabric before washing to test shrinkage rate. If it is a ready-made garment, first measure the size of each part of the garment, then machine-wash and dry it, and finally re-measure the size of the garment to calculate the fabric shrinkage of the garment in proportion.


The formula is: (size of sportswear fabric after washing-size of sportswear fabric before washing)/size of sportswear fabric before washing×100.

As long as the shrinkage rate of general fabrics exceeds 1%, it is unqualified.


2d. Fabric color fastness test:

Cut a small piece of the fabric and put it together with the white fabric, soak in 30 degrees water for 1 hour to see if the white fabric is stained with other colors.

fabric testing standards: GB/T 12490-1990

                                        GB/T 3920-1997

                                        GB/T 3922-1995

                                        GB/T 5713-1997

2e. Fabric composition test:

There are many ways to test the composition of fabrics, the easiest one can be felt by hand touch, each fabric feels different to the touch. Wool has good elasticity, and the fabric of hemp fiber is rougher than other fabrics. You can also see the cross-sectional shape of the fabric through a microscope. Different fabrics have different characteristics.

3. Sportswear fabric testing machine:

3a. Appearance quality testing instrument: used to detect whether the appearance of the fabric is lossy.

3b. Fabric style tester: used to test the feel of fabric.

3c. Physical property testing equipment: used to test the physical properties of fabrics.

3d. Printing and dyeing fastness textile equipment: used to test the color fastness and rubbing fastness of fabrics.

fabric test 


Part2: Some special sportswear fabric test items and corresponding fabric testing machine.

Some sportswear fabrics have special functions, so there are special test items when sportswear fabrics testing. Here are some common special test items:

1. Tear fastness:

The warp and weft fastness of the tested fabric is related to the stretching force of the machine. The conventional power unit is N 600-1000 torque. Machine used: tear fastness tester.


2. Anti splash

The water repellent test is to use distilled water, and the distilled water is sprayed onto the sample through the funnel. There are three water repellent test: ordinary waterproof, water repellent, Teflon waterproof. Machine used: Water repellent testing machine.


3. Water permeability:

The moisture permeability test needs to be in a standard environment, so that the humidity on both sides of the sportswear fabric is different, and the water vapor enters the dry side of the sportswear fabric. Over time, the water vapor transmission rate can be calculated by looking at the change of the moisture permeability cup. Machine used: fabric moisture permeability tester.


Part3:  Introduction of some internationally used testing mechanism and their advantages.


There are many fabric testing mechanism used internationally, all of which strictly control fabric quality. Take the following three examples:


1. NKKK testing:

The full name of NKKK is the Japan Maritime Appraisal Association. The Japan Maritime Appraisal Association was founded as early as 1913. In addition to Japan, it has also established institutions in other countries. NKKK's main business is stowage, water gauge and liquid measurement.

Advantages: Serving the society and public.


2. SGS testing:

SGS is the largest product testing and certification group in the world and has an international influence. SGS has a wide range of testing and is a comprehensive testing group. SGS was founded earlier than NKKK. It was founded in 1878 and headquartered in Geneva.

Advantages: Wide coverage of service capabilities.

                     Widely distributed throughout the country.

                     Influential in the world.


3. UL testing: UL was established in 1894. UL is the most authoritative testing organization for electrical products in the United States. UL is a private testing organization. Americans tend to buy products with UL Appraisal mark of electrical appliances.

Advantages: Authoritative in the U.S.

                     Non-profit private testing organization.


Part4: Yinshan Fabric Testing Procedures And Fabric Testing Standards.


Yinshan sportswear has a leading position in China's customized sportswear manufacturers and exporters. After years of development, Yinshan sportswear has cooperated with many schools. More than 90% of the workers in Yinshan Sportswear Factory have proficient skills in making sportswear, and have mature experience in customizing sportswear, especially in each sportswear fabric quality control.


Fabric testing procedures and fabric testing standards:

The general sportswear fabric test items mentioned in the first part above, all Yinshan sportswear clothes have passed these items. On this basis, let's take a look at the other tests of Yinshan sportswear.

1. Abrasion resistance test: The abrasion resistance test is to test the friction between sportswear fabrics or between sportswear fabrics and other fabrics to avoid damage, pilling and other phenomena. Use Martindale Abrasion Tester machine to test.

fabric testing standards: GB/T21196.2-2007



Martindale wear tester machine 


2. Air permeability comparison test: Air permeability is very important for sportswear. The air permeability comparison test needs to let the air flow straight into the area to be tested under a specific environment and time to test the air permeability.

fabric testing standards: GB/T5453-1997


3. Odor detection: The composition of sportswear fabrics or the production process will cause odors, which is a very bad experience for sportswear wearers. The odor detection method is mainly manual. The sportswear fabric samples are placed in an environment without any smell, and several testers feel the smell through the nose and record it.

fabric testing standards:  FZ/T 20027-2014

                                        GB/T 14272-2011


Part5: The Fabric Test Report Of Yinshan And The Corresponding Customers.

CREW fabric test 1

CREW fabric test 




 test report





The article takes you to understand the specific items of fabric testing and some special items, what testing mechanism are there in the world, and take Yinshan sportswear as an example to illustrate the procedures and standards of fabric testing. Strictly treat fabric quality control is what every manufacturer should do, being responsible for himself and others.

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