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What Are The New Market Trends of Sportswear in Year 2023 And 2024

Yinshan sportswear, one of the leading custom sportswear manufacturers and exporters in China, has issued the new market trend research for sportswear and teamwear in year 2023 and 2024, it can be very important reference for designer of Sportswear and prediction of Sportswear market in 2024.


The Report was worked with one of the most famous design studio IBUMAR, inspired from ISPO MUNICH, showed the new trend in colour analysis, materials analysis, style analysis, design analysis, function analysis, performance analysis and usage scenario.

Sportswear Market Trend Research

Here are the new research reports for sportswear:


The distinction between traditional sportswear and casual clothing is less and less notice- able. The sportswear industry offers more options that wil make it easy for wearers to switch from leisure to exercise."Athleisure" now includes yoga pants,jogging pants, tank tops, sports bras, hoodies. Customers want to cut their wardrobes and buy key clothes that can be worn in different settings. We call it Sports Fashion or Athleisure.

Sports Fashion


Customers are increasingly environmentally conscious, demanding more transparency about how their clothes were produced and trends in sustainable clothing. Some clothing websites allow users to sort products based on their preferred sustainability credentials. In addition, large companies such as Reebok are promoting some of their sustainable products made from organic cotton.

Recyled Fabric Sportswear


One-piece workout clothes such as jumpsuits, leotards and coveralls have seen an 83% increase this year. More and more women are replacing leggings with head-to-toe spandex outfits. Independent brands have noticed this trend and offer more aesthetic bodysuits. For many women, this trend is polarizing: you either love it or hate it.

One Piece Sportswear Yinshan


With the advancement of clothing production technology. brands can offer more personalization and smart clothing to their customers. Websites provide ways for customers to personalize their products. Nike is a leader in this field, allowing customers to select a pair of custom shoes from a wide range of combinations. In addition, smart clothing developments are going mainstream, allowing users to monitor the health and physical conditions.



Fashion searches for yoga wear increased in 2021.Athletic wear customers are also opting for more color in their yoga products. People are starting to ditch traditional gray yoga clothes for pastel colors such as baby pink, light blue, and beige.

Sportswear Custom Yinshan


The 90s are making a comeback in the online sportswear industry with the emergence of the athleisure trend. In addition, sportswear experts have speculated that 90s sportswear has a nostalgic appeal to the millennial market. For women, lightweight, breathable crop tops and leggings with twists on classic designs are all the rage. The contrasting color windbreaker jacket is another product from the 90s that is making a comeback.

Vintage Sportswear 90s


More and more brands are making unisex clothing both in color and in style,especially for street fleeces and jogging pants. Men increasingly wear leggings and cycling shorts, and women wear jogging pants instead of leggings. Woman's sweatshirts and fleeces are often paired with joggers while the sleeves are still loose. Brands such as Supreme are known to produce short-lived sportswear, create exclusivity and increase demand.



Big brands in the sportswear industry are evolving and creating new products to accommodate consumers of all sizes of clothing. Consumers demand that businesses demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. More and more clothing brands are ditching labels such as large and small. In addition, the appearance of more diverse clothing models is part of this trend.

Plus Size Sports Fashion

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