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Why Sports Leggings Have Become Fitness Items?

Sports leggings are becoming a must-have for more and more people during exercise. Why wear sports leggings during exercise? What are the benefits of leggings?

Wear leggings while exercising 

As one of the leading sportswear manufacturers and exporters in China, Yinshan Sportswear with rich experience and mature technology will systematically answer you why wear sports leggings when exercising after research.


The Main Content OThe Article IDivided Into The Following Four Parts:

1. Leggings definition

2. Leggings fabric

3. Benefits of leggings

4. Fashion leggings

Part 1: Leggings Definition

sports leggings 

Sports leggings are a type of sportswear. Since 2005, sports leggings have become a fitness items. Sports leggings are divided into three categories: five-quarter pants, three-quarter pants and nine-quarter pants. You can choose the right one according to the usage scenarios and preferences.

Part 2: Leggings Fabric

Sports leggings have become popular fashion items and fitness items. The sports leggings themselves are also very important. There are many leggings fabrics types, and each type of fabric has different characteristics, but leggings fabrics are mainly comfortable and breathable. The following are several kinds of best leggings fabrics.

1. Cotton Fabric

Cotton is a soft and comfortable fabric, and leggings made of cotton are relatively soft. However, the elasticity of cotton is not good, it is easy to deform, easy to wrinkle, and easy to deform.

2. Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric, like most sportswear fabrics, has the function of absorbing sweat and preventing moisture from entering. It is a hydrophobic fabric. Leggings made of polyester fabric can reduce the inconvenience caused by sweat during exercise. This is also an important reason why polyester fabric has become a popular leggings fabric.


3. Wool Fabric

Wool fabric is warm, if you are in a place where the temperature is very low in winter, wool fabric leggings are a must. Due to the expensive wool material, the price of wool leggings will also be more expensive.

4. Spandex Fabric

Take a close look at the leggings around you, you will find that there are spandex components in the leggings. Spandex is a kind of fabric with good elasticity, which can have a good fit when used on leggings. But the spandex fabric is not good at absorbing sweat.


5. Nylon Fabric

Nylon fabric is also a very popular fabric. Nylon leggings are durable and lighter, but when cleaning nylon leggings, check the washing label on the leggings.

Part 3: Benefits of leggings


Sports leggings are necessary for many people to exercise. What is the reason for the popularity of sports leggings? Let's take a look at the benefits of leggings.


1. Lightweight and comfortable

General leggings use spandex fabric, just like the spandex fabric mentioned in the above fabrics, spandex has better elasticity. Leggings can give athletes a sense of freedom. When athletes are doing up and down exercises like squats, sit-ups, etc., athletes wearing leggings can not worry about the leggings falling off, which can also make the athletes more focused on exercise.

2. It has the role of support and protection

During exercise, such as running, leggings can support the athlete's legs while reducing the shake of the leg muscles.

Running in leggings 

When designing leggings, leggings manufacturers will consider adding some protective pads to the leggings. Before exercise, athletes will warm up. Warming up can activate the athlete's body muscles, so that the athlete can quickly adapt to the next exercise.

3. Maintain temperature

Before exercising, athletes need to warm up to rejuvenate their body muscles before exercising in order for them to enter the state of exercise immediately. They will not begin immediately after the warm-up exercise. Wearing leggings will compress the muscles of the sportswear to promote blood circulation. The flow of blood can maintain body temperature.

4. Avoid friction on the inner thigh

During the movement, the inner thighs inevitably rub against each other. This is for obese people is normal. If the inner thighs long been friction can cause skin problems. Obese people can try five-point leggings.


5. Conducive to recovery

Do you feel body aches after exercise? Muscles produce lactic acid during exercise. Wearing leggings can promote the blood circulation of the human body and provide oxygen to the muscles of the body, which can reduce muscle soreness after exercise.

6.Beautiful and good-looking

The design of sports leggings can better reflect the curve of a person's legs, improve buttocks support and shape the body. Today, the variety and style of sports leggings is also very rich. Leggings manufacturers in China can make leggings according to the patterns and fabrics provided by customers, providing people with more choices. 


Part 4: Fashion Leggings

I don't know if you have any troubles in this regard. Do you have trouble not knowing how to match sports leggings? In fact, there are many types of leggings. Want to know how to wear sports leggings with a sense of fashion? The following is about the matching of fashionable leggings.


1. All-match black and gray leggings

black legging            grey legging

Black and gray are the basic and popular colors in all types of clothes. Black-gray leggings are a more versatile color, suitable for most people. However, this color is not active, there is a possibility that gives the feeling dull. To add a color, it is recommended that you wear bright shoes.


2. Pink leggings that girls ill like

Pink is the color that most girls like, and it can also be called the "girl killer". Pink has limitations, suitable for people with fair skin.

pink leggings     bra

Pink leggings are recommended to match some light-colored tops, such as light purple.


3. Fresh blue leggings

Blue is not a good matching color. In winter, you can choose haze blue leggings, which can give people a sense of vitality in the cold winter.


Haze blue leggings          blue legging


4. Floral leggings

This must be a color that makes many people a headache. If the floral leggings are matched well, they will give people an amazing effect. If the match is not good, it will look very ugly. It is best to choose simple, solid-color tops for wearing floral leggings.

Floral tights



As a fitness items and a popular item for sports, leggings are more suitable for long-distance running and other aerobic exercises. If you can't find the sports leggings you are satisfied with in the store, you can look for sportswear manufacturers to custom sportswear, or you can choose sportswear manufacturers in China, which is economical.


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