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Sportswear Market Trend Research Report For Season 2021-2022 (Color Trend), Custom Sportswear Design Reference

Yinshan sportswear has a leading position in China's customized sportswear industry. It has cooperated with many foreign companies and has extensive experience. This report is a collaboration with the famous studio IBUMAR, inspired by ISPO Munich. The main content of the report is about the sportswear color trend of the sportswear market in 2021-2022.



Red has been a trend color for many years, this powerful and warm color conveys a strong image of confidence and is worn by most self-confident people. Characterized by a warm look, it has appeared in many winter jacket styles, and in the summer it has a fascinating side. This color worn by both men and women all year round makes it a staple color that does not age. Among the different shades of red, we avoid pastel or dull, but rather bold colors, Coral red is the shade in vogue.

red t shirt                     red t shirt back                




When we think of yellow as an aesthetic, we usually think of classic silhouettes and clothes that have longevity because they are practical. This is why yellow has always been present in sport. In addition, yellow is dynamic.


Yellow goes very well with many colors: black, gray, blue.

This is one of the 2 colors selected by Pantone for 2021: the marriage of Ultimate gray (neutral gray) with Illuminating (bright yellow) carries a message of strength and hope for the year to come.



Primary green is a difficult color to use for products or clothing, that's why you should look for shades of green like apple green. Mixture of green for nature, kept alive for activity. Apple green represents the essential needs: to learn, to discover and to explore, but also the needs for flexibility, openness and tolerance.


In general, green is very easy to associate, it goes well with all colors. In tone on tone, it is possible to appear two or even three different greens together. In winter, green goes well with black and gray, but also with more neutral tones like white, ecru, beige, and for summer, green combines perfectly with coral, orange, red, gold or silver.

green jacket                     green jacket back                      




For a few years. It's the return of turquoise blue.


Turquoise is energy: fluid but also connected to nature. It’s a color that is particularly appropriate for a pandemic, which tries to establish boundaries around bodies.


Turquoise is a shade of blue that tends slightly towards green, a shade that goes perfectly with the colors of the warm season: it evokes the blue of the sea and the green of lush nature: bright and intense, it is reveals as the perfect shade for clothes with a relaxed soul, post-sport or street style clothing.



There is a need for lavender and yellow because they are calming and there is a lot of chaos in the world and it reminds us of a simpler time.


Lavender tends to have a dreamy, almost sci-fi energy that may suggest a more futuristic and edgy dressing.


Ideal for garments that seek to convey an image of innovative, soothing, comforting textiles with a certain classiness.


Associated with rejuvenation,lavender and well-being go hand in hand, making this trend an asset for sportswear, yoga, and any other soft sport practice.



In the world of sportswear, it is established to see primitive or bright colors. It may therefore be surprising to know that one of the essential shades of fashion for 2 years has been decidedly sober: beige.


The muted hue is no longer synonymous with bland but it is the ideal choice to divert a sportswear towards the world of the street or the workplace. Beige is elegant, refreshingly modern, deliciously seductive and easy to wear, versatile. And there is no sign that the color trend is slowing down.



If you are looking to add some color to your wardrobe, adding pastel shades is very trendy. Go for lilac, peach, pale mint green and aqua to refresh your look. In the spring, we can expect sportswear color trends to include pastel hues (lilac, peach, pale mint green and aqua). These colors go well with black leggings or gray running shorts that people already have in their wardrobes.


Powder pink, baby blue, chick yellow, mint green or lilac, thee are many pastel shades. Also, tie-dyed color gradients are back. Shades that can be adapted to many types of activity, but certainly yoga.



All-white sportswear is all the rage.


It is reminiscent of the Wimbledon tennis court. A lot of celebrities, YouTubers and other hip fitness trainers have made white their new black. Wearing head-to-toe white not only looks clean and polished, but it also gives a clean shape. They are easy and flattering pieces to wear to the gym or on the street. In addition, it allows to highlight the logo or a simple graphic and also the equipment that we use (sports equipment, accessories, headphones, smart watch, etc.) White is the color of future and technology.

white t shirt                          white t shirt back




Black is a staple in fashion and sport is no exception. Ideal for those with simple tastes who appreciate the continuing trend of clean lines and solid colors in workout clothes. There is certainly a more minimalist aesthetic when it comes to sportswear with less prints and patterns for 2022.


You have to learn to play subtly with matte or shiny materials, textures and meshes. It is elegant, innovative, sophisticated and simple at the same time. Like white or gray, black is a safe bet. The accent color isn't even necessary. In addition, black benefits from this reputation (crazy or not) of smoothing the shapes of the body.

black t shirt                   black t shirt back



The above is the report on the color trend of sportswear in 2021-2022. If it is helpful to you, please tell your friends; if you have any questions, you can also contact us.

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