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Artwork Printing Tee Shirt with Polyester Elastane Breathable Fabric

Meta description: Custom sports tees with high-quality art printing are suitable for branding tools for promotional activities.


Sportswear comes in different forms and styles, but the commonest of them all is the round-neck sporting outfits. They offer many benefits in sporting events and outside sporting events. Meanwhile, you can only be a beneficiary of these advantages by purchasing them from a reliable manufacturer, such as Yinshan Sportswear.

The round-neck sporting outfits customized by Yinshan are made of high-quality materials. Take these custom tees, for instance; it is made with two essential fabrics in sportswear; cotton and polyester fabrics. The high-quality fabrics used in the production of this black custom sports tee-shirt are responsible for its multi-purpose property.

The round-neck sportswear features a visible logo with high-quality printing. It is comfortable in both summer and winter (hot and cold weather), and it is permeable to the air to keep your skin cool during intense training. Lastly, the sporting apparel features an anti-pilling property and is also easy to maintain for a long period.

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Round-neck custom sports tee shirts are easy to find. But when it is not easy to find tees made of high-quality artwork printing and breathable features. Instead of settling for less and wasting money and time, work is with Yinshan Sportswear to get the premium quality you seek. Yinshan is arguably the most reliable sportswear manufacturer that offers customization options. Hence, personalizing this sporting apparel with your brand logo and brand messages will be easy if you work with Yinshan.



When you hear the word 'sportswear', the first thing that comes to mind is apparel for sporting events. Meanwhile, pieces of sportswear are not limited to only sporting events. Take this black round-neck tee for an example, and it can also serve various other purposes. The imprinted t-shirt owes its multi-purpose property to the materials — polyesterand elastane materials - used for its creation.

Cheap High Quality Artwork Printing Tee Shirt with Polyester Elastane Breathable Fabric 2

The polyester/Elastane material in this sporting apparel makes it comfortable to wear. It also gives the apparel the most significant features that must be present in every piece of sportswear; breathable features. These features make the apparel suitable for racing events and racing teams. Lastly, this tee shirt can also serve the purpose of a branding tool in promotional events due to its polyester fabric, cotton fabric, and unique design and printing.

Customization Options

There are many sportswear manufacturers in today's market, but only a few are really manufacturers. Many sportswear manufacturers specialize in selling or supplying ready-made sporting apparel. It will, however, be a difficult task to find a reliable manufacturer to help you customize your sports team sportswear.

Cheap High Quality Artwork Printing Tee Shirt with Polyester Elastane Breathable Fabric 3B

It is not guaranteed that the few manufacturers of sportswear you will find will be reliable to produce premium quality. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer to build your sporting outfits from scratch to meet your required design, Yinshan is the answer. Yinshan makes use of high-quality materials and various printing methods to help your brand build personalized sporting apparel.

If you want to build or customize a specific design of sporting apparel for your racing team, all you have to do is communicate your desired sportswear design with Yinshan. Although the fabric and printing method depends on your need, Yinshan will also provide you with ideas that best fit the design you seek.

Furthermore, you will be required to send in your logo to make the piece of sportswear your personalized product. You will, however, need to send your brand message, If your primary purpose is to create a branding tool for promotional events. The brand messages will be printed on the most visible part of your sporting apparel.

High Quality Printing

The type of fabric you use for the customization of your sporting apparel is essential so is the printing method. There are various methods or processes involved in the printing of artwork on apparel. The most suitable of them all depends on the result you seek.

The different printing methods are glue printing, digital direct-injection, screen printing, dye-sublimation printing, and heat transfer printing. The processes involved in these printing methods are as unique as their names, and they differ in the benefits and limitations they offer. Unlike most sportswear manufacturers, Yinshan offers all the printing methods to make sure the desire of various clients with unique tastes are achieved.

The screen printing method produces vivid and long-lasting results, and it is compatible with almost all fabrics. Meanwhile, the printing inks used in this process easily overflow (limitation). The benefits and limitations of other printing methods are different. It is, however, essential to make use of the printing process with manageable and controllable limitations.

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Easy-Care And Warmth

One of the most significant features to consider when buying sporting apparel is easy-care features. It is important that you purchase a piece of sportswear that can easily be maintained without ruining its quality. Easy to maintain apparel can be washed without the need of a specific detergent, and it can be dried and ironed like normal pieces of cloth.

Cheap High Quality Artwork Printing Tee Shirt with Polyester Elastane Breathable Fabric 3

Furthermore, this sporting apparel, a custom sports tee-shirt, is not only easy to maintain it will also provide you with the warmth you need. Hence, it is comfortable to wear during racing events.

Event Promotion

Businesses need the utmost attention to meet their specific target audience, but to do this, they need a great branding tool. Sporting apparel is among the most suitable branding tools because they have a purpose. The best branding tools are items that are often used rather than kept indoors.

Yinshan Sportswear makes use of the best design and pattern style to make this sporting apparel attractive. Yinshan will also attach your brand logo and brand messages in the best position for optimum visibility. Lastly, we will make use of the best materials to make your branding tool a high-quality item to portray the quality of your brand.

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