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Customization Logo Sports Shirts with High Density Embroidery

Meta description: Choose the best custom embroidered sports shirts that can serve the purpose of a sporting outfit and workwear.

Customized Logo Polyester Elastane Sports Shirts with High Density Embroidery aCustomized Logo Polyester Elastane Sports Shirts with High Density Embroidery b

When was the last time you saw a fashionable personalized embroidered polo shirt? There are not many of them out there, but Yinshan Sportswear has opened the door to a high-quality piece of sportswear. Yinshan paid attention to the aesthetics of this apparel by including embroidery in its design. Hence, making this piece of sportswear distinct from every other sports shirt on the market.

The well-designed and stylish product of Yinshan—a personalized embroidered sports shirt—was built with durable materials. Hence, making it serve its purpose for a long period. It has breathable and wicking features, which contribute significantly to its durability. The aesthetic property of this black polo shirt stems from the Sublimation, Glitter, and Heat transfer printing processes used for its customization. Lastly, it features 3D embroidery to enhance its aesthetics.

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Choosing fashionable sporting apparel is important to look attractive, but without quality, you will not enjoy the outfit for long. It is, however, essential to focus on the quality of activewear as well as its aesthetics. The only way to get fashionable and high-quality custom embroidered sports shirts are by working with a reliable manufacturer. Yinshan will provide you with these features. So, instead of wasting your time and money on low-quality products, visit Yinshan.



There are many designs of sportswear and activewear in the market, and they all serve only one purpose. They are mainly for sporting activities; meanwhile, this sport shirt with a logo embroidered design can serve more purposes than just being a sporting outfit. The lightweight, durability, and aesthetic features of these polo shirts make them ideal as workwear or staff uniforms.Customized Logo Polyester Elastane Sports Shirts with High Density Embroidery c

This personalized embroidered shirt, like every other sportswear, is ideal for sporting events like racing. This is primarily because of the breathable features it offers. The breathable features eliminate the discomfort an athlete may experience during intense training. This black custom embroidered shirt can be used for racing events, as team clothing, as sports team and club, and as a workwear or staff uniform.

Breathable Custom Embroidered Shirts

Let's first talk about the primary purpose of every sporting outfit, breathability. For an outfit to be suitable for sporting events, it must be breathable. The absence of breathability could alter the performance of an athlete during a sporting event or training. We design our sportswear to be breathable to avoid the downsides of its absence to athletes.

Customized Logo Polyester Elastane Sports Shirts with High Density Embroidery 1aCustomized Logo Polyester Elastane Sports Shirts with High Density Embroidery 1b

Generally, sporting events usually make athletes sweat. It is normal because they will be in action for more than thirty minutes. It is okay to sweat, but it is a different case if there is no way to eliminate the sweat. It can lead to scratchy skin, which is discomforting enough to alter your performance. Worst of it all, it could lead to a bad odor. To avoid this, Yinshan designed this custom embroidered shirt with breathable features.

The breathability of this sporting outfit will allow the flow of air between the sweaty body and the environment. This way, the sweat will be eliminated via evaporation. Since evaporation leads to cooling, then you will feel comfortable once again. Therefore, with this sports shirt, your comfort and performance will not depend on the intensity of your training or sporting activities.

Personalized Embroidered Sports Shirt Fabric

There are various factors that determine the quality of your sportswear. Of these factors, the type of material used for the manufacturing of sportswear is important. It is also one of the most significant factors to always consider before purchasing any piece of sportswear. Yinshan make use of a number of different materials for building different designs of sportswear. The material used for s particular style of sportswear depends on the purpose it was designed to serve.

Cheap High Quality Artwork Printing Tee Shirt with Polyester Elastane Breathable Fabric 2B

This personalized embroidered polo shirt was designed with one of the commonest sportswear materials, polyester. Polyester is made up of plastic fibers, which is its primary component. The plastic fibers present in polyester make it lightweight, resistant to wrinkle, durable, and breathable. It also features a wicking property, and this allows your sweat dry at the exterior part of the outfit. In simple terms, it is non-absorbent, meaning that your sweat will not be absorbed by the polo shirt but left to dry on the outer part of the fabric on its own.

The reason why Yinshan makes use of polyester for the manufacturing of this custom embroidered polo is because of its durability and high strength. It can withstand the repetitive and strong movements made by athletes during a sporting activity, and it also lasts longer than most fabrics.

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Printing Method

The printing method or process performed on any design of sportswear defines the purpose the sportswear will serve. What does this mean? The printing style on a piece of sportswear defines its primary purpose. Yinshan makes use of a number of the printing process to produce different styles of sportswear for only sporting activities or for sporting activities and workwear.

The printing processes Yinshan offers are screen printing, digital direct-injection printing, dye-sublimation printing, heat transfer printing, and many more. Of the following printing methods, sublimation printing, glittering printing, and heat transfer printing were used for this personalized work polo shirt.

The heat transfer printing is essential due to the sense of hierarchy it gives the fabric, and the printing does not take too much time. The sublimation printing makes the printing on the fabric durable by making them resistant to fading. Finally, Yinshan makes use of glittering granules for glitter printing. This type of transfer printing process makes the print visible on the fabric.

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3D Embroidery

Most of the sporting apparel you will find in the market only focus on color for aesthetics. However, Yinshan make use of more than just a color matching system to make sportswear attractive. We also apply 3D embroideries, as seen on this custom embroidered polo. Yinshan make use of the DST file, a special file format for designing the 3D embroideries on the polo shirts.

Customized Logo Polyester Elastane Sports Shirts with Top Quality Embroidery Artwork 2B


You can get the exact size of the personalized embroidered polo shirt you need. The reason is that Yinshan offers different sizes of sportswear, such as small, larger, and extra-large polo shirts. If you, however, need a perfect size, you can communicate with us, and we will build it from scratch to meet the exact size you want. Lastly, Yinshan will send your orders in polybags to protect them from damages during shipping.

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