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Introduction Of Embroidery In Sportswear Manufacture Process

As a traditional Chinese folk craft---embroidery, embroidery is the crystallization of people's wisdom. One stitch and one thread represent the history from ancient times to modern times. In today's era, embroidery is combined with modern clothing and integrated into the design of sportswear to form embroidered sportswear. The addition of embroidery adds new ideas to the appearance of sportswear. Next, let's take a look at which embroidery craft and machines are needed in the production process of embroidery sportswear.

 mechanical embroidery

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1. The development of embroidery craft and its influence on sportswear.

2. What are the specific introduction of embroidery craft, the advantages and disadvantages of embroidery craft?

3. Introduction of embroidery machines and corresponding advantages, recommended brands.

4. Different styles and different fabrics have requirements for embroidery craft.

5. The embroidery craft used in Yinshan sportswear and the corresponding product introduction.


PART 1: The Development Of Embroidery Craft And Its Influence On Sportswear.


1a. Development of embroidery craft:

Embroidery craft were formed in the East a long time ago and transferred to the West in the course of trade. The ancient Egyptians felt that one stitch and one thread condensed people's wisdom, and each stitch and thread was also emotion. They used silk threads and gems as gifts and needles as a medium to express stories on sportswear.


1b. The influence of embroidery technology on sportswear:

With the development of the times, clothing has also undergone great changes. As people pay more attention to health and exercise time increases, people's requirements for sportswear also increase. At the same time, people have a pursuit of beauty. Embroidery is used on sportswear, so that sportswear is not so monotonous, so there is embroidered sportswear. Embroidery patterns are diversified. In order to meet people's individual needs, customized embroidered sportswear is becoming more and more popular. Embroidery can also be applied to custom logo embroidery. If you don't know how to choose sportswear, you can refer to this link: How to select sportswear?


PART2: What Are The Specific Introduction Of Embroidery Craft, The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Embroidery Craft?

 sports embroidery

In the early days of embroidery craft, needles were used to pierce the fabrics to form patterns that people wanted. With the development of the artificial intelligence era, embroidery is not only by hand, but can be embroidered by machines, with fast production speed and high efficiency. The following are some common embroidery craft:


2a. Computer embroidery:

Computer embroidery is to use a computer embroidery machine to embroider on sportswear, and finally form a pattern. When using a computerized embroidery machine, first input data to the computerized embroidery machine, and press OK after checking. When the computerized embroidery machine is working, please pay attention to whether the thread on the embroidery machine is almost used up. If it is used up, please replace it in time, otherwise it will cause the thread to break.


Advantages: Computerized embroidery is produced by machines, so the production volume is large, the production speed is fast, and the mass production makes the production cost low.

Because it is embroidered by computer, as long as you let the machine perform what you want, the machine will do it, the operation is simple, and the embroidered product is neat.


Disadvantages: The development of the computer embroidery industry is chaotic. Under the competition with each other, the profits obtained by the manufacturers are declining. Without more profit, manufacturers will use inferior machines and embroider products with poor quality.


2b. Appliqué embroidery:

Appliqué embroidery is to cut other fabrics, which can be sewn on sportswear with various stitches, with a three-dimensional effect. Finally, stitch the patch, which is generally used to make sportswear jackets. Embroidering appliques with an embroidery machine only requires three steps: first find the embroidery position, place the fabric in the position to be embroidered, and finally sew. It is very suitable for custom logo embroidery, and put the logo on the garment for logo stitching.


Advantages: The pattern embroidered by the embroidery machine has a three-dimensional effect, and the operation of the embroidery machine is simple and not complicated.


Disadvantages: embroidery machines are expensive, and the cost of embroidering with embroidery machines is relatively high.


2c. Towel embroidery:

Towel embroidery is a type of three-dimensional embroidery. The finished product of towel embroidery is very similar to towel, so it is called towel embroidery. The towel embroidery can be made by hand or by using a computer. Hand-made towel embroidery is suitable for making some simple patterns and does not require delicate embroidery patterns. Computerized towel embroidery is machine-made, and the patterns produced are neat and of the same size.


Advantages: the finished product using towel embroidery has a sense of hierarchy, because it is a kind of three-dimensional embroidery, it also has a three-dimensional sense. Towel embroidery has a wide range of applications and is a very popular embroidery technique used in clothing and home decorations.


Disadvantages: embroidered towels embroidered embroidery out of line easily hook wire.


PART3: Introduction Of Embroidery Machines And Corresponding Advantages, Recommended Brands.

 Computer Embroidery

There are many machines used to make embroidery, and each machine has its own advantages.


3a. Single head embroidery machine

The single-head embroidery machine has only one head, and the single-head embroidery machine can only complete one piece at a time. The single-head embroidery machine can choose accessories according to needs, which is more suitable for custom embroidered clothing. Single-head embroidery machines are flexible and are often used for pattern making. The single-head embroidery machine has relatively complete functions, and the embroidered patterns are abundant.


Advantages: The single-head embroidery machine has a small footprint and the single-head embroidery machine is fully automatic, simple to operate, easy to repair after the machine fails, and has a small footprint. The single-head embroidery machine has a preview function and Easy to view.


3b. Embroidery pattern embroidery machine

The embroidery pattern embroidery machine has the function of turning over, which can enlarge, reduce and rotate the pattern to adapt to the embroidery of different patterns. If the thread breaks during the embroidery process, the embroidery pattern embroidery machine can perform mending embroidery.


Advantages: The embroidery pattern machine is suitable for a wide range of fabrics, and it can embroider on many fabrics with small limitations. The patterns embroidered by the embroidery pattern machine are clear and shiny.


3c. Computerized Sequin Embroidery Machine

The computerized sequin embroidery machine can adjust the stitch distance according to the size of the sequins. Embroidering the sequins on the fabric is a fully automatic process. The needles can be arranged at the head or the end for matching.


Advantages: The production cost of products embroidered by the computerized bead embroidery machine is low and the efficiency is high, because the computerized bead embroidery machine is fully automatic and easy to operate.


Recommended brands:

Ricoma is a relatively well-known brand. Ricoma is mature and stable, has a mature R&D team, advanced technology, and has cooperation with many countries.


Tajima is a brand imported with original packaging. It was established in Japan in 1984 and has a long history. It also has a branch in Guangzhou, China. According to the development and needs of the times, Tajima has been developing better embroidery machines, which are deeply loved by people.


PART4: Different Styles And Different Fabrics Have Requirements For Embroidery Craft.

 sports fabric

There are many types of fabrics, and different fabrics have different characteristics. If you want to know how to select fabrics, you can refer to this article: A Guide For Selecting Sportswear Fabrics In Sportswear Company


Whether it is custom embroidered clothing or custom logo embroidery, you must choose the fabric according to the effect you want. Not all fabrics are suitable for embroidery, and different fabrics have different effects. The fabrics suitable for embroidery can be divided into the following three types:


4a. Plant fiber cloth

Plant fiber cloth refers to some relatively soft cloth, such as cotton, hemp or cotton and linen interwoven cloth. Plant fiber cloth is suitable for making handkerchiefs, pillowcases, table cloths, etc. If it is a thicker plant fiber cloth, it can be applied to furniture.


4b. Animal fiber cloth

Listening to the name, you should know that the price of animal fiber cloth will be more expensive. The more comfortable fabrics such as silk, flannel and cashmere are animal fiber cloth. The application of animal fiber cloth is mainly in some high-end and comfortable pajamas. The animal fiber cloth has to be embroidered with pure silk thread.


4c. Chemical fiber cloth

The material of chemical fiber cloth is polymer composite material, which has poor high temperature resistance. There are artificial chemical fiber cloth and synthetic chemical fiber cloth. Chemical fiber cloth is suitable for machine embroidery or bead embroidery. When embroidering chemical fiber cloth, cotton thread or silk thread cannot be used.


PART5: The Embroidery Craft Used In Yinshan Sportswear And The Corresponding Product Introduction.


Yinshan Sportswear is an exporter and supplier of customized sportswear. It is in a leading position in China in terms of production and design. How to choose the right supplier, you can refer to this article: How to Find Right Custom Sportswear Suppliers in China? Every piece of Yinshan sportswear has undergone fabric testing. For specific knowledge about fabric testing, please refer to the following link: A Guide For Selecting Sportswear Fabrics In Sportswear Company


Yinshan sportswear also has custom embroidered clothing, custom embroidered, custom embroidered polo shirts, custom embroidered shirts and so on.


5a. Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts

 racing polo shirt                


This is a white racing polo shirt, made of polyester fabric, breathable and sweat-absorbent. The custom embroidered shirts are embroidered with towel embroidery, and the logo embroidery on the shirts are all formed by embroidery. The logo of the racing suit can be customized, which can be applied to racing team members and fans.


5b. Custom Embroidered Shirts

 blue shirt



This is a short-sleeved shirt that can be worn in daily life or work clothes. Custom embroidered shirts uses the embroidering technique of bag stem embroidery on the upper right corner to customize the logo, which is stylish and simple, without excessive patterns.



Embroidery craft has a long history in China and is one of the traditional handicrafts. It represents the crystallization of people's wisdom and the improvement of materials and living standards. Embroidery is added to clothing, custom embroidered meets people's individual pursuit and makes clothing unique. Since its development, it still retains the embroidery craftsmanship, and adds modern intelligence to make embroidery more smooth and effective.

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