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How to Find Right Custom Sportswear Suppliers in China?

For several decades, custom sportswear has been a superior choice of sports clubs. So why is it so well-liked? Competitive sports frequently involve multiple teams competing against one another.

As a result, custom sportswear assists players and supporters in differentiating between teams, thereby improving performance. Custom sportswear is used by both skilled and amateur teams for a variety of reasons and advantages.

Custom sportswear is more than just playing jerseys and kits. A team sportswear includes training, playing match and post-match wear, and any apparel emblazoned with a club's name and sponsor logos.

Sports Teamwear Yinshan

This article will talk about how you can look for the leading custom sportswear suppliers in China. We will be covering the following important points:

1. Should you find quality custom sportswear companies over the internet or personally visit China?

2. List of top 8 custom sportswear companies in China.

3. Evaluation of different custom sportswear companies.

4. How to choose the best custom sportswear manufacturer and activewear manufacturer among the available options? Why is Yinshan the best custom sportswear company in China?

Section 1: Should You Find Quality Custom Sportswear Suppliers Over the Internet or Personally Visit China?

There are two methodologies that you can use to find the best quality custom sportswear in China.

· For the first method, you can visit various websites online and choose the one that suits you.

· The second option is to personally go and visit China. You can attend various exhibitions or go visit the famous sportswear companies.

Looking for Custom Sportswear Online:

The three most common methods to find custom sportswear online are:

Sportswear Online Yinshan

1. B2B Trade Websites

B2B trade is the type of business model in which one business sells services and products to another business. B2B sales are complicated, huge, and involve numerous individuals to represent in various roles throughout a longer sales cycle. B2B sales are often conducted over the duration of several weeks through multiple conversations instead of in a single transaction.

Here is a list of famous B2B trade websites where you can find custom sportswear companies:


Alibaba is a multi-national trade company functioning in China. It owns and runs a varied portfolio of businesses in a variety of corporate sectors across the globe. Alibaba offers you a wide range of custom sportswear to choose from, and the price range from $10-$30.

At Alibaba, the sportswear may vary from the pictures displayed on the web-pages, and more than thousands of supplies list their information on Alibaba, by paid the annual membership.

Alibaba may be adequate for suppliers, however it does not mean you have got qualified suppliers, especially for custom sportswear industry, it needs services of design, fabrics suggestion and trustworthy production ability.

Ali Express:

AliExpress is a Chinese online shopping provider controlled by the Alibaba Group. AliExpress opened as a business-to-consumer buying and selling platform. In addition, it offers you sportswear starting from $10 and going up to $50.

At AliExpress, it is more focused on B2C business, so most of the listed sellers are traders, and they just buy the ready production sportswear from factories, and sell those to the consumers. If you are looking for custom designs and bulk production, you need to be careful about the service and manufacture capability of the suppliers.

DH Gate:

DHgate is a Chinese B2B and B2C cross-border e-commerce retailer that aids the selling of fabricated products and services to big and small vendors. The price range of custom sportswear products on this platform ranges from $15-$70.

DHGATE is not as famous as Alibaba, but you can find a few of the sportswear supplier here. The biggest problem is, all the suppliers are not verified, and the buyers need to take risks to try with different suppliers, to make sure finding correct supplier. 

Also, Made-in-China.com and Globlesources.com are the other B2B platforms for you to search for suppliers of sportswear, however, Made-in-China is more for machine and hardware industry, while Globalsources are more for Electronics and Gifts products, only very few of apparel suppliers will be found in those two platforms.

2. Google:

Google is the ideal place to look for any item you wish to purchase. You just need to type "Best custom sportswear companies in China" in the search bar, and bam! You will get the desired results.

Google gives you a choice to select from a wide range of custom sportswear manufacturing companies. However, there is only one right supplier that you need, to provide you with design, fabrics suggestion, artwork suggestion, printing and embroidery, manufacturing and delivery, even market trend research of sportswear industry. We suggest to search and survey the suppliers information from Google, but choose the one when you know the whole scale. 

3. SNS:

Facebook and LinkedIn are yet other famous platforms for you to surf for custom sportswear manufacturers in China. Nevertheless, many manufacturers don't use these platforms for selling their sportswear. On these portals, the searching strategy is similar to that on Google.

Again, both Facebook and LinkedIn are good tools for you to search and survey suppliers, when you are looking for some new suppliers for the project, but it is better to have full picture before you make the final decision.

Facebook Yinshan Sportswear LinkedIn Yinshan Sportswear

How to Find Custom Sportswear Suppliers Offline

Some individuals may be reluctant to spend a large sum of energy and time on sportswear from companies they found online. Therefore, another option for you to buy sports apparel is by personally visiting China and adopt one or both of the below-mentioned methods.

Exhibitions and Trade Fairs:

Every year several sports exhibitions and trade fairs are held in China. Many famous brands and manufacturers present their products to people from all over the world. You can easily visit and choose your favorite custom sportswear company after a visual analysis of their products.

Below is a list of a few of the most famous sportswear exhibitions that are held in China:

1. China Sport Show Shanghai https://www.tradefairdates.com/China-Sport-Show-M4085/Shanghai.html

2. Shenzhen International Sports Expo  https://www.10times.com/spoe

3. Canton Fair https://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en/

4. Sports Tech Asia https://www.sportstechasia.com/pre_launch/index_en.aspx

5. ISPO Shanghai https://www.ispo.com/en/shanghai

By Visiting Industries: 

Another method of buying sportswear offline is to visit various sportswear manufacturing industries. After visiting the exhibitions, you will get an idea about different industries working for this purpose. Get the information of the industry and give a visit to it and look for your desired sportswear. 

Section 2: List of Top Custom Sportswear Companies in China

Below mentioned companies are top-rated and well-known custom sportswear manufacturers in China:

1. Yinshan 

2. Berunwear

3. Yogamfg

4. Aika Sportswear

5. Vimost Sports

6. Karool Sports

7. Goal Uniform

8. Hi-style

1. Yinshan Sportswear:

Ningbo Yinshan Garments Factory was founded in 1986 and specializes in custom sportswear, sports team wear, customizable workwear, and uniforms. Formula E, Formula One, Nascar, Boston Marathon, and the MotoGP all use Yinshan Sportswear.

Yinshan Sportswear operates 4 factories and 2 design studios that involve 23 production lines. They also provide manufacturing and designing of polo shirts, T-shirts, vests, pants, etc. Yinshan has 10 design teams and 500+ skilled workers at their factory.

Yinshan Garments is in Ningbo, one of China's largest major textile areas, which provides the company with an excellent business climate. We can do custom screen printing, rubber printing, sublimation, heat-transferring. Over 500 different styles are available in our top-touch showroom. Furthermore, Yinshan has a sampling room, design room and test room where experts produce the best custom sportswear.

Yinshan Sportswear is the leading sportswear company in China, especially for Sports Teamwear, Custom Uniform and Workwear and Promo Events Clothing. With the rich experience on customised sportswear, Yinshan can provide the service of design, fabric suggestion and even market trend research.

Yinshan Sportswear can provide custom sportswear for more logo printing and embroidery, including all tee shirts, polo shirts, vests and jackets with team logos, sublimation, screen printing, rubber printing, stitching embroidery and 3D embroidery.

Steps to Produce Custom Sportswear In Yinshan Sportswear

A Guide For Selecting Sportswear Fabrics In Yinshan Sportswear

The Steps Of Sportswear Fabric Testing In Yinshan Sportswear

Packaging And Shipping Of Sportswear In Yinshan Sportswear

2. Berunwear:

Berunwear is the place to go if you're aiming for a reliable customization sportswear producer or provider. It offers specialized design, free samples, high-quality sportswear, instant turnarounds, and 100% customer satisfaction.

Berunwear is a good choice for you to source low-price and big quantity of sportswear and activewear.

3. Yogamfg:

Dongguan Uga Fashion Co., Ltd. is a reputable sportswear provider, yoga pants and Capri, sports bra, overcoat, sweater, and sports set. The company has experience of over 8 years in this field. Their knowledgeable salespeople can quickly grasp your needs and handle projects in a timely and professional manner.

Obviously, Uga Fashion is more focus on Yoga Fitness clothing, and customer can choose Uga Fashion as one of the good selection for Yoga and Gym apparel sourcing.

4. Aika sportswear:

DongGuan Aika Apparel Co., Ltd. is the pioneer in the sportswear sector. The company specializes in gym wear, yoga wear, training, casual clothes, and jogging wear. Aika is another supplier from South China, and it provides products more about Yoga and Gym wear.

5. Vimost Sports:

Vimost Sports is regarded as the most dependable esports jersey vendor in China. All of the Vimost Sports brands are well-liked by the player community.

Vimost Sports make production of E-sports jersey, and they are more experienced on sublimation polo and jersey for E-sports games. Vimost is the supplier in Chengdu, Western China, 800KMs to Hong Kong, and 1000KMs to Shanghai.

6. Karool Sports:

Karool sportswear Co. Ltd was established in 2007. The company has experience of over 13 years in sportswear trading. The main products of Karool is sublimation tee and polo shirts and singlets. You can work with Karool for more printing and sublimation designs.

7. Goal Sportswear:

Goal Sportswear has over 10+ years of experience in manufacturing sports, sublimation sportswear, and business apparel. The company produces high-quality sportswear and is famous for its on-time delivery. Their adaptable production line allows them to achieve both large and small-scale orders.

Goal Sportswear is more about sublimation clothing, including sublimation jersey for basketball, football, baseball and boxing teams. It is a nice choice, if you are looking for some good supplier about the sublimation sportswear in South China.

8. Hi-style:

Hi-Style Manufacturing Company specializes in sportswear sourcing. Their factories adhere to the necessary ethical norms requested by all high-end retailers. Hi-style intends to offer you high-quality merchandise at affordable rates that you won't find anywhere else.

Hi-Style is a sourcing company based in Hong Kong, and they are sourcing products of sleepwear, casual wear, sportswear for clients. And, if clients are looking for some sourcing agent in South China, Hi-Style could be one of the choice, to work for factories evaluation and products inspection.

Section 3: Evaluation of Different Custom Sportswear Companies

While there is numerous sportswear leading manufacturer and distributor in China, choosing the perfect one is critical for a profitable business. Below are a few factors to think about when looking for a long-term vendor:

Business History

Before entering into any dealings, it is critical to evaluate the organization's business background. Although it is convenient to access a company in China, the company is required 5+ years of experience creating and distributing the very same product line. Apart from the manufacturing experience, the companies have got the service of cusotm design, fabric suggetion and market research are also very important for brands. 

Export Experience

The second most important thing to consider when you plan to import sportswear from China is to evaluate the exporting experience of supplier. It is really considerable if a supplier can provide the suggestion on delivery, duty, vessel arrangement and even good rate on Express Account, it will help on savings of distribution from factory to your warehouse.

Delivery Time

On-time delivery is very important when you want to make your business prosper. You must make sure that your supplier stays committed to delivering the product on time and in the best quality. If the products are not being delivered on time, it will greatly affect your business and loyalty of reliable customers.

Quality Control

A quality product would always keep you ahead of the competition, and vice versa. As a result, it is recommended that a company's sportswear provide less amplification and failures. Some businesses have comprehensive quality control measures to ensure that users only receive the highest quality products.

Check the Quality control, Lab Test and Inspection process in Yinshan Sportswear

Quality Yinshan Sportswear

Section 4: How to Choose the Best Custom Sportswear Manufacturer Among the Available Options

Don't Fall for Low Price

Even though the cost is an essential factor to consider when developing a business decision, that should not be the sole element. For example, a manufacturer may produce cheap sportswear, and on the other hand, there may be a manufacturer that produces a good quality product at a slightly higher cost.

Hence, Yinshan Sportswear offers you the best quality products at a better price. We won't fool you by providing products at a very high price with poor quality. Our products have to match the level of the price offered.

Evaluate the Quality and Service

Irrespective of the provider's business background, the deal they provide, or the quality they guarantee, it is recommended to verify the item's reliability through an overall checking. When buying sportswear, some of the aspects to consider regarding the product's quality are:

· Style of the sportswear is the most important factor; know the demand of your clients, and find out the most suitable suppliers.

· Finding the perfect fabric is critical because your sportswear must look nice while being able to endure a rigorous workout routine.

· Choosing the perfect fit for sportswear, like any other item of clothing, is critical.

Therefore, you will face no issue regarding the quality of sportswear when buying from Yinshan Garments. Our manufactured goods are of top quality and service and have to be the best sportswear you will find in China. 

Quality control, Lab Test and Inspection process in Yinshan Sportswear

Compare Delivery Time of Each Company

You must take into regard each company's delivery time. It is advised to go for the company that delivers the sportswear in a short time. You may lose some old customers if the company you choose fails to deliver the products on time.

Since delivery time is of great importance, Yinshan Garments Factory makes sure that our consumers receive their products on time and in proper shape. We are in no mood of losing customers by delivering products late, so we try our best and deliver the products right on time at your doorsteps.

Delivery Yinshan Sportswear

Evaluate Transportation Costs

Carefully do your research and evaluate the transportation cost for each company. Look for transport services that will deliver your products on time and at minimum costs. Furthermore, be very sure that the custom sportswear company you choose delivers your products carefully without damaging them.

Yinshan Garments Factory offers a very reasonable price for transporting your product to you. They won't charge any unnecessary fee, and your product gets delivered perfectly on time in excellent condition.

Packaging And Shipping Of Sportswear In Yinshan Sportswear

Good Communication

Another significant aspect to consider when evaluating various companies is their communication skill. A knowledgeable, expert, and dependable producer is always aware of your needs, will discuss their previous clients' experiences, and give recommendations.

We value every comment a consumer must make about our product. Therefore, we try our best to reach every customer of ours and resolve their problem until they are 100% satisfied. We are always available for our customers.

Communication Yinshan Sportswear

Unique Advantages of Yinshan Garments Factory:

One Stop Sourcing Platform for Custom Sportswear

Yinshan Sportswear has managed 4 factories, make design and production for Shirts, Tee Shirts, Polo Shirts, Jackets and Vests, Shorts and Pants, so you can make all kinds of custom sportswear with us, for all kinds of knit clothing, woven clothing and even heavy woven clothing. So, you can work with us to source all sportswear for your business.

Flexible Production

Yinshan Sportswear has got 2 sampling rooms and 4 factories, and we are able to make production for different quantity of businesses. Because we can put make-to-order quantity and teamwear order in sampling rooms, but we can put bulk production and merchadising orders in our factories.

Custom Design Service

Yinshan Sportswear has got own designer team, with 10 designers working in the office. Also, we have worked with independent designer studios and universities from U.K., Italy, France, Japan, Turkey and China. We are able to provide the designs of artworks and whole sportswear series. Besides, we have got our own sampling room, and make samples in 5~10 days.

Audited and Licensed Factories

Yinshan Sportswear is the official teamwear supplier for Formula One, MotoGP, Australia Open, Boston Marathon, Virgin Railway, Sydney Airport, Queensland Bastketball Associations etc.. We also have certificate of Sedex and BSCI, as well as D&B and ISO 9002. In the meantime, we are Eco-friendly company, and we have got Azo-Free certificate, Oeko-tex 100 certificate, Canopy certificate, etc.

Here is the list of Top Sports Gooding Brands in the world: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sporting_goods_manufacturers 

And, Yinshan is working with more than 10 brands in this list.

Sportswear Yinshan     5445186801876731296


This article has presented you with all the necessary aspects to consider when buying custom sportswear from China. Multiple best custom sportswear companies and suppliers have also been discussed in detail for your convenience. Please share and discuss this article with your friends if you found it helpful in any way.

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