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Introduction Of Shipping And Delivery For Sportswear

In international trade, there are many very strict requirements and steps, including shipping and delivery. Shipping and delivery are the most important link among the many links in international trade, and it is related to whether the entire trade can proceed and complete smoothly. Different types of products have different requirements for shipping and delivery. This article mainly introduces the transportation and delivery of sportswear. If you want to know about this aspect, then this article is very suitable for you.

This article mainly introduces from the following aspects:

1. Introduction of sea freight

2. Introduction of airfreight

3. Introduction of express delivery

4. Difference between Shipping and Delivery

5. How Yinshan Sportswear ship and delivery sportswear for our client

International trade shipping options

1. Introduction of sea freight

Sea freight has a long history and is a common shipping option in international trade transportation.

1a. Introduction of major sea freight companies

With the continuous improvement and development of international trade, sea freight has also continued to mature. Nowadays, there are already many shipping companies all over the world that specialize in sea freight, such as Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Company, Evergreen Group, China Shipping Corporation, Japan Yusen Co., Ltd. and so on. The cargo ships of these sea fretight companies travel to and from all oceans, providing a lot of help and support for international trade ocean transportation.

China Shipping Corporation Transport Ship

Maersk tankers

1b. Advantages and disadvantages of sea freight

As a commonly used shipping option in international trade, sea freight has a very important position in the history of transportation. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of sea feright?

Advantages of sea freight

The advantages of the sea freight can be divided into three main points. The first advantage is that sea freight has a strong carrying capacity. The carrying capacity of sea freight can reach hundreds of thousands of tons, and the extremely strong loading capacity far exceeds that of air transportation and road transportation, and it is the transportation method with the strongest loading capacity. The second advantage is that the shipping cost is cheaper. Most of the ports and corresponding equipment required for shipping are built by the government, which are durable and require relatively low transportation costs. This is also an important advantage of sea freight. The third advantage is strong adaptability. Sea freight can basically meet the transportation of all kinds of goods and adapt to different goods. Some other goods that are inconvenient for transportation can be satisfied by sea freight. These three advantages make sea freight transportation a common transportation option in international trade. These advantages of sea transportation are also summarized by Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory when shipping goods for customers time and time again.

sea freight

Disadvantages of sea freight

The first disadvantage of sea freight is the slow transportation speed. Cargo ships used for ocean freight are generally relatively large and often carry a large amount of cargo, which consumes more time in the process of cargo loading and unloading. At the same time, the water resistance is relatively strong during transportation, so the speed of ocean transportation is often slower than other transportation methods. The second disadvantage of sea freight is the high risk. Sea freight is slow, and the transportation process is long. It is deeply affected by the natural environment and seasonal winds. Various accidents and even distress may occur during transportation. If the customer requires sea transportation, we will explain the shortcomings of the sea transportation to the customer. After the customer agrees to use sea freight, we will choose to ship the goods to the customer in a suitable and stable time period, and send the goods to the customer safely.

1c. Main international shipping routes

Nowadays, there are many shipping routes for international trade in the world. The main routes are as follows: North Atlantic route, North Pacific route, Suez Canal route, Panama Canal route, South Africa route, South American route, South Pacific route and Caribbean route. These routes have been serving ocean shipping for many years, and cargo ships of sea freight companies shuttle on these routes every day, making a huge contribution to the development of international trade and shipping. Engaged in international trade for more than 30 years, our sportswear has been sold all over the world, leaving our footprints on these famous international shipping routes.

1d. Delivery time and transportation cost of sea freight

There are many types of sportswear, and different types of clothing have different delivery times. The delivery time for jackets is generally 70 to 80 days. For other sportswear such as T-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, etc., the delivery time is usually 50 to 60 days. Shipping costs are generally calculated by freight forwarders and courier companies. The number of sportswear and different ports will affect the shipping cost. When the customer chooses sea freight, we will tell the customer in detail about the delivery time and transportation costs. And follow up the transportation process, and deliver the goods to the customer in accordance with the specified delivery time.

1e. The difference between FCL and LCL

FCL and LCL refer to the quantity and method of packing two kinds of container cargo in sea transportation. FCL refers to the whole container. After the cargo party fills the whole container by itself, the container is consigned by the box as the unit. The entire container or the product of the container is shipped by one shipper or received by one consignee. LCL refers to Piece the box. After the goods are classified, the goods shipped to the same place are concentrated into a certain number of LCL. Each box contains goods from different customers, so it is called LCL. LCL products of the entire container or container are shipped by multiple shippers or received by multiple consignees. If the cargo owner has enough sources to load one or more containers, FCL is often used. If the cargo owner consigns is not enough to fill the entire container, LCL is used. In terms of packaging, FCL and LCL are both containers in packaging. Sportswear can be packaged in plastic bags and corrugated boxes, and then the plastic bags or corrugated boxes packed with sportswear can be packed into a unified box. Finally, the packaged box is packed and transported in FCL or LCL according to the situation. Click to learn more: https://www.customisedsportswear.com/packaging-and-shipping-of-sportswear-in-china.html


2. Introduction of airfreight

Like sea freight, air freight is also a common transportation option in international trade and the most commonly used mode of transportation in modern transportation.

2a. Introduction of major air freight companies

As air freight continues to mature, many excellent air freight companies have been born. For example: Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Korean Air Co., Ltd., Air France, China National Aviation Group Co., Ltd., etc. The planes of these transportation companies travel to and from major air transportation lines every day, which promotes the development of the transportation industry.

Air China


2b. Advantages and disadvantages of air freight

As a common transportation option in international trade today, the advantages and disadvantages of air freight are also very obvious.

Advantages of air freight

The first advantage of air transportation is the speed of transportation. In today's world, the international trade market is changing rapidly, so time cost has become an important issue that many companies consider. The fast speed of air freight has become the biggest advantage of air freight. The second advantage of air freight is low cargo damage rate and high safety. Air cargo is often more expensive, the ground operation process is stricter, and there is a better management system, so the safety of the cargo is greatly improved. Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory has also shipped sportswear by air for customers many times. Both us and our customers are full of praise for the advantages of air transportation.

Air freight

Disadvantages of air freight

The first disadvantage of air freight is that the carrying capacity is small, and the cabin volume of the aircraft is often small, and a large amount of cargo cannot be placed. The second disadvantage of air freight is the high cost, and the cost of air freight is higher than that of sea and ground transportation. The third disadvantage of air freight is the high risk. The flight will be affected by meteorological factors, which will affect the normal operation and punctuality of air transportation, making it difficult to effectively utilize the advantages of rapid transportation by aircraft. When customers choose air transportation, Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory will explain these shortcomings of air freight to customers. And after the customer decides to use air freight, choose a suitable and stable time period to send the goods to the customer, so that the goods can be delivered to the customer safely and smoothly.

2c. Main air routes

With the continuous development of aviation industry, more and more transportation companies are used for air freight. At present, the main air freight routes in the world include the North Atlantic Air Route from Western Europe to North America, the Far East Air Route from Western Europe to the Middle East, and the North Pacific Air Route from the Far East to North America. These air lines have become the main routes of air freight in international trade today, and have promoted the development of air transportation. Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory has been engaged in international trade for more than 30 years, and we also travel through these air transportation lines to transport our sportswear to customers all over the world.

2d. Delivery time and transportation cost of clothing in air freight

If the sportswear is transported by air, the delivery time and cost are similar to those by sea. The delivery time for jackets is generally 70 to 80 days, and the delivery time for other types of sportswear is generally 50 to 60 days. Like sea freight, the transportation cost of air freight is also calculated by freight forwarding companies and express companies. Different airports and the number of sportswear have an impact on transportation costs. As with sea freight, we will also explain the delivery time and the associated transportation cost to the customer, and deliver the goods safely within the delivery time.

Cargo plane

2e. Air freight direct and transit

Direct flight refers to the direct arrival at the destination during air transport, without a transit in the middle. Transit refers to a stop during the air transport, rather than a direct flight to the destination. The relevant time for direct flight and transit is different during air transportation. Generally, the direct flight time is 3 to 5 days, and the transit time is 5 to 10 days. In terms of freight, the freight for direct flights is cheaper, and the freight for connecting flights is more expensive. The specific air freight cost is uncertain, and the freight forwarding company will quote and calculate the price for each shipment, and the price is often changed and not fixed. The air transportation of sportswear is mainly packaged in plastic bags and cartons. When packing sportswear, Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory will do a good job of sealing the packaging to prevent the clothes from being missed during transportation. The specific packaging needs are also based on customers.

3. Introduction of Express Delivery

In addition to sea and air transportation, express transportation is also a commonly used transportation option in international trade and has unique advantages.

3a. Introduction of courier company

Courier companies are service companies derived from door-to-door logistics activities with postal functions. Courier companies often use rail, road, and air transportation to deliver customers’ goods quickly. International express company refers to a company engaged in international logistics business and related services.

3b. Advantages and disadvantages of express transportation

The four major couriers commonly used in international express transportation are EMS, DHL, UPS, and TNT. These four commonly used couriers have their own advantages and disadvantages. These five express transportation methods are also the five express transportation methods that Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory often uses when express transportation is used.

International express

Advantages and disadvantages of EMS express

EMS express delivery time is generally 3 to 10 days. The advantages of EMS express are high quality and low price, low discounts. Any volume of goods is calculated by weight. Many companies' restricted products can be transported, which is very suitable for the transportation of clothing. The disadvantage of EMS express is that the speed is slow, and when there is a problem, it can only be inquired in writing, and the inquiry time is longer. When Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory chooses express delivery, because EMS express delivery is too slow, it often seldom chooses.

Advantages and disadvantages of DHL express

DHL express delivery time is generally 3 to 10 days. The advantages of DHL Express are its fast speed, a global delivery network, timely cargo update status on the query website, fast problem solving, and a separate bulk price for goods weighing 21 kilograms, and bulk prices in some areas are lower than international prices. The disadvantage of DHL Express is that small cargo discounts are high, and cargoes whose volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight are calculated according to volumetric weight. There are more restrictions on the consignment of goods, and many special products are rejected. Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory often chooses DHL express when choosing express delivery. DHL express delivery is fast and updated quickly, which can transport the goods to the destination in a short time.

Advantages and disadvantages of UPS express

UPS express delivery time is generally 3 to 10 days. UPS Express has the advantage of fast transportation, especially in the United States, which can arrive within 48 hours. There are corresponding delivery networks in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. The query website information is updated quickly, and corresponding problems are solved in a timely manner. The disadvantage of UPS Express is that the freight is expensive, and the volume and weight of the product after packaging must be calculated. At the same time, there are strict restrictions on the consignment items. When we use express delivery to transport customers' sportswear, we often choose UPS express.

Advantages and disadvantages of TNT express

TNT express delivery time is generally 3 to 10 days. The advantage of TNT's express delivery is fast, especially in Western Europe. The network is relatively safe, and the website information is updated quickly, which is convenient for inquiries, and responds promptly when problems are encountered. The disadvantage of TNT Express is that it has more restrictions on the goods shipped, and it is relatively weak compared with several other international express companies. When we deliver sportswear to our customers, TNT express is also one of our most commonly used express.

Advantages and disadvantages of FedEx express

FedEx express delivery time is generally 4 to 11 days. The advantages of FedEx Express are complete network coverage, fast update of network information, convenient information inquiry, and relatively competitive prices to Central and South America and Europe. The disadvantage of FedEx express is that the freight is expensive, the volume and weight of the product need to be considered, and there are strict restrictions on the consignment items. FedEx express is our common express for sending sportswear to European and American customers.

4. Difference between Shipping and Delivery

There are many transportation options for sportswear, the most common are sea, air and express transportation. So how to choose these three modes of transportation for sportswear transportation?

International trade transportation

4a. Comparison of sportswear shipping, air transportation and express transportation

Compared with other goods, sportswear is generally lighter in weight and does not occupy much space when stacked. When choosing a transportation method, if you choose sea transportation, the transportation speed is the slowest compared to the other two transportation methods, but the number of sportswear that can be transported is the largest, and the transportation cost is cheaper than the other two transportation methods. If you choose air transportation, the transportation speed is relatively fast, and the goods can be delivered to the destination in a relatively fast time. However, the cargo carrying capacity of air transportation is far less than that of sea transportation, and it is impossible to transport large quantities of sports clothing. At the same time, the cost of air transportation is the most expensive compared to the other two modes of transportation. If you choose express delivery, express delivery is faster, but express delivery has the smallest volume compared with the other two modes of transportation. In addition to transportation costs, express delivery is also very expensive. When Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory delivers sportswear to customers, it will inform customers of these transportation methods in more detail for customers to choose, and after customers choose transportation methods, they will deliver goods to customers according to their specific requirements.

4b. Reasons for sportswear buyers to choose sea, air and express transportation

Buyers of sportswear can choose according to different situations when choosing a mode of transportation. If the customer's demand for sportswear is more urgent, for example, the customer is eager to put the product on the shelf, then they will choose air transportation, because the air transportation is fast, and the goods can be quickly delivered to the customer. If the customer has ample time and is not in a hurry to get the goods, he will choose sea transportation, and sea transportation can choose fast and slow ships according to the relevant circumstances. If the customer has a small number of sportswear, he will choose express delivery, because express delivery is more convenient and direct delivery to the door. These are the conclusions that Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory has drawn in more than 30 years of international trade cargo transportation, and are also suggestions for customers and readers who want to understand international trade and transportation.

4c. Suggestion from Yinshan Sportswear

Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory is a custom clothing manufacturer with rich experience, and has some relevant suggestions on the transportation of sportswear. When choosing the transportation of sportswear, customers should proceed from their own actual conditions and comprehensively consider various factors to make the best choice. For example, when the customer's cargo volume is relatively large, they can choose sea transportation, when the customer's cargo is more urgent, they can choose air transportation, and when the customer's sportswear quantity is not large, they can choose express delivery. In addition, customers must also consider related transportation costs, and only after comprehensive consideration can they make a good choice in transportation.

5. How Yinshan Sportswear ship and delivery sportswear for our client

Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory has valuable experience in the transportation and delivery of sportswear, and has been well received by many customers. Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory always attaches great importance to customer requirements and strives to do the best in customer service.

5a. Yinshan Sportswear Delivery Service

Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory will provide customers with corresponding services in transportation and delivery. For the customer's products, we will guarantee the quantity and quality of the clothing, complete the customer's customized needs, and complete the delivery within the specified time. Before shipping, we will pack the customer's clothing reasonably to protect the clothing from damage during transportation. During the delivery process, we will provide customers with corresponding transportation suggestions for customers' reference, and we will also provide customers with related transportation costs. In the process of garment transportation, we will always pay attention to the progress of the transportation and keep in touch with the customer, and contact the customer in time after the goods are transported to the destination. These delivery services allow us to transport and deliver sportswear to our customers on time and accurately.

5b. Advantages of Yinshan sportswear

Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory has many advantages in the transportation and delivery of sportswear. The first advantage is geographic advantage. Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, in the coastal area. It was an important place on the Maritime Silk Road in ancient times. It has a long history of import and export trade and has an international port. These geographical and historical advantages provide Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory with excellent advantages. The second advantage is the advantage in experience. Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory can provide customers with satisfactory cooperation experience. Whether it is the needs of sportswear customization or the needs of transportation and delivery, we will do it in accordance with the requirements of our customers and strive to do our best. The third advantage is the agency advantage. In terms of shipping, if the customer does not have an agent, we will contact the relevant agent for the customer, and select a good recommendation to the customer through the comparison of prices and services. In terms of orders, we sometimes also act as a certificate agent for customers to provide customers with satisfactory services.

Ningbo Beilun Port

5c. Choose Yinshan sportswear

Ningbo Yinshan Garment Factory is the leader among Chinese custom clothing garment manufacturers. We have a lot of valuable experience in sportswear customization, and can provide customers with satisfactory customization. We also have very valuable experience in product transportation and delivery. We have always paid attention to the safety of cargo transportation and delivery. We can provide customers with professional advice on transportation and provide customers with the best solutions. In the process of transporting and delivering goods for customers time and time again, our professionalism has been affirmed by customers. Safety and professionalism are our strengths. If you choose us, you will choose safety and professionalism. If you have a need for customized clothing, please contact us and look forward to providing you with satisfactory service. Click to learn more: https://www.customisedsportswear.com/Steps-to-Produce-Custom-Sportswear-In-China-id3813229.html

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