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The Ultimate Guide to Ethical and Sustainable Sportswear

Do you know that the textile industry is one of the most significant pollutants in the world? If you don't know, the textile industry is the second most significant global pollutant directly after oil. Fashion industries, like sportswear manufacturers, contribute about 20% of the industrial water pollution in the world. This is primarily because many, if not all, sportswear brands indulge or take unethical approaches in customizing their apparel. But they still claim to be a producer of ethical sportswear.


The result of the unethical approach carried by many sportswear manufacturers directly has negative impacts on the environment and planet.  These negative impacts, the carbon imprints, can only be mitigated by the production of sustainable sportswear and eco-friendly sportswear, which involves an ethical approach.

As you continue to read, you will discover the benefits of eco-friendly sportswear. This article will also be a map to finding the best eco-friendly sportswear brands to get premium quality and fashionable products without sacrificing the health of the planet. But before we dive into the main subject, let's start from the preliminary by discussing the benefits of purchasing ethical sportswear, that is, eco-friendly clothing.

Why You Should Consider Buying Eco-Friendly Clothing

An ethically made fashion simply means fashionable clothes that do not have a negative impact on the planet but are eco-friendly. As said earlier, the fashion industry is a great pollutant in the globe, responsible for 20% of water pollution in the globe. With the level of pollution faced by the planet, every person has a role to play in saving the environment by mitigating the high level of pollution.


Although there are various ways to achieve this objective, one of the easiest ways include the wearing of eco-friendly sportswear. You might be wondering, "how does this help," well, we are about to shed light on the benefits of taking this decision. The benefits of purchasing eco-friendly clothing, such as eco-friendly sportswear, include the following:

● Reduction of toxic waste

● Reduction of the amount of pesticides released into the environment (pesticide control)

● Easy-Care & easy to maintain

● Reduces the high level of strain placed on the planet's resources

● Support fair trade

● It won't be harmful to the end-user

● High in quality

Reduction of toxic waste

Generally, no one can underestimate the harmful feature of clothes dyes to the environment. In addition to the clothes dyes, a few pounds of chemicals are often used during the production of a single shirt. The result of these clothes dyes and pounds of chemicals during the manufacturing of clothes threatens the healthy condition of our environment.

Reduction of the amount of pesticides released into the environment (pesticide control)

The source raw material of most clothes is cotton. Meanwhile, cotton crops attract a variety of pests, and they will need pesticides to remain healthy. The ethical mode of eliminating pests from cotton farming for the production of eco-friendly and sustainable sportswear is important. It plays a significant role in regulating the number of pesticides used. How? This is because sustainable and eco-friendly sportswear will reduce the demand for such apparel and reduce the amount of pesticide needed for cotton farming in the process. These pesticides control the benefit of purchasing eco-friendly clothing, often mitigate carbon imprints, and protect the environment from harm.

Easy-Care & easy to maintain

One of the essential benefits of purchasing eco-friendly clothing is its easy-care features. Eco-friendly fabrics don't require a particular type of laundry procedures you must take to make the apparel clean without altering its durability. Lastly, thanks to eco-friendly materials, designs and printing patterns on apparel won't fade, irrespective of the detergent you use.

Reduces the high level of strain placed on the planet's resources

In general, clothing materials, that is, the raw materials often taken in excess from nature to meet consumers' high demand. And one of the raw materials mostly in demand is cotton. When the raw materials for making clothes are fastly running out, unethical approaches are taken to ensure the cotton farm is flourishing. Although the cotton farm flourishes to produce more apparel to meet customers' demand, it is harmful and unhealthy to the planet.

You will, however, be playing a significant role in reducing pollution stemming from the manufacturing of clothes by purchasing eco-friendly sportswear and other apparel, which are ethically manufactured. This is because most ethically produced apparel are made from renewable materials.

Support fair trade

Eco-friendly clothing often have a Fair Trade Act label. What does this mean? It means you're indirectly supporting human rights by buying clothes. This is because apparel under the Fair Trade Act give customers reassurance that the manufacturing process was ethical and the employees worked in a safe condition. Lastly, it does not only make you an advocate of human rights but also protects the environment.

It won't be harmful to the end-user

As said earlier, the raw materials for the manufacturing of apparel often involve the use of various chemicals, such as dyes. These chemicals are responsible for the allergic reactions most people experience from wearing the apparel. Meanwhile, ethically manufactured clothing, that is, eco-friendly items of clothing do not have any impact on your health. Hence, you won't be experiencing any allergic reactions by purchasing eco-friendly items of clothing.

High in quality

In general, eco-friendly items of clothing is high in quality with durability and sustainability features. The durability and sustainability features of eco-friendly clothing stem from the premium quality fabrics used in manufacturing them. Hence, buying eco-friendly apparels guarantee you won't need to continue buying new clothes because they are manufactured with long-lasting features.

What are the pros and cons of sustainable sportswear?

Sustainable sportswear, as the name implies, is sportswear designed or manufactured from sustainable fabrics. These sustainable fabrics, such as Pima cotton, organic cotton and hemp, are used because of the less negative impacts on the planet. Although sustainable sportswear comes with various pros, they also have a few limitations (cons). Let's start with their pros, also known as their benefits.

Le Coq Sportswear Manufacturer Yinshan

Pros Of Sustainable Sportswear

● Opting for sustainable sportswear means you're supporting or advocating for the greater good of the planet.

● Sustainable sportswear are manufactured via ethical processes; hence, sustainable sportswear is also eco-friendly sportswear. Therefore, sustainable sportswear helps in the reduction of water pollution and carbon emissions globally.

● Sustainable sportswear is premium quality product, and they have long-lasting features due to their softer, stronger and durable eco-friendly fabrics.

● Opting for sustainable sportswear also means you're in support of the practices of fair trade. This is an essential factor that helps sportswear manufacturers provide their employees with adequate wages and fair labor practices

● Sustainable sportswear are customized with eco-friendly fabrics that are easy to maintain

Cons Of Sustainable Sportswear

● Sustainable sportswear is only present in a few stores because only a few sportswear manufacturing industries follow ethical procedures in customizing their products

● Sustainable sportswear is quite expensive

● Sustainable apparels come in various environmental seals, such as Fair Trade and Eco Fashion. But they are not only confusing but keeping track of them is a challenging task

How can I buy eco-friendly clothes?

The best answer to this question, "how to buy eco-friendly clothes?" is to work with ethical fashion brands. Meanwhile, many fashion brands claim to follow an ethical approach in their manufacturing processes. Still, recent research has shown that over a million tons of the non-biodegradable microfibres in the ocean are clothes. What does this mean? It means only a few fashion brands manufacturers don't put the health of the planet at risk by producing eco-friendly and sustainable apparel.

Although fashion brands with unethical manufacturing processes significantly threaten the planet, the end-users have a role to play in altering this threat. And this brings us back to the question, "how can you buy eco-friendly clothes?"

You can buy eco-friendly clothes by prioritizing the purchasing of sustainable fibers. You can do this by avoiding non-biodegradable clothing fabrics, such as fabrics treated with toxic chemicals. However, you should invest in biodegradable fabrics like organic cotton and linen. You can only find such a product in a few brands, such as the Yinshan sportswear manufacturing industry, popular for customizing eco-friendly and sustainable sportswear with a wide range of fibers lime polyester, wool, silk and cotton.

What is the most eco-friendly clothing?

Generally, polyester and nylon fabrics are sustainable and eco-friendly, but there is limitation to the level of their sustainability. This is because they are synthetic products, and it would take a hundred years for biodegradation to occur. Fabrics like organic cotton and linen are natural fabrics made from plants, and Tencel fabric which originates from wood pulp, is another essential natural fabric. Therefore, clothing made from these natural fabrics—Tencel, cotton and linen—are the most eco-friendly and sustainable clothing you should look out for.

What to Look For When Buying Eco-Friendly Garments?

Every purchase you make on apparel matters a lot, especially when it comes to purchasing eco-friendly garments. The more you support eco-friendly and sustainable apparel, like sustainable sportswear, the more benefits it will have on the fashion industry and the health of the planet.

Although there are other factors to look at when buying eco-friendly garments, like budget and best brand, the fabric they are made of is the most significant factor to consider. Choosing synthetic fabrics is not an option because they are not biodegradable. Hence, you should look for only natural fabrics like organic hemp, linen, Tencel and organic cotton.

These fabrics do not feature any petrochemical components, and they also require very little water to grow. Lastly, although bamboo-based fabrics like bamboo linen contain chemicals, they are among the most eco-friendly fabrics.

Some Ethical and Sustainable Sportswear Brands Introduction

There are a variety of sportswear brands in our current world of fashion, but only a few make use of ethical procedures in their manufacturing processes. Therefore, only a few sportswear manufacturing industries customize eco-friendly and sustainable sportswear without sacrificing the safety of the planet. These sportswear brands include the following:

● Yinshan Sportswear

● Kaira Active

● Etiko

Yinshan Sportswear


Yinshan Sportswear is arguably one of the most experienced (30 years experience) manufacturers of sustainable sportswear and team wears. They make use of a variety of eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics to meet the diverse needs of clients. Yinshan is popular for the customization options they offer. With customization options, you can design eco-friendly sportswear from scratch with the fabric, printing style, and embroidery you need for your sport clubs teams or workwear to be fashionably distinct.

Kaira Active


Kaira Active is one of the few sportswear or activewear brands popular for their eco-friendly and sustainable sportswear. Their sportswear is not only comfortable but also versatile and durable, and the sportswear they customize can be worn for a wide range of events in and out of the water, such as yoga, surfing, traveling and hiking. The sizes of their products range from XL to L; hence, you can find your size irrespective of your size and height.

Kaira Active makes use of fabrics made from regenerated plastics and fishnets for their eco-friendly and sustainable sportswear. Lastly, they help keep the environment safe from pollution by donating 1% of every purchase to the environmental non-profits to keep the ocean healthy.



Etiko is an Australian designer of eco-friendly and sustainable clothing. They make use of biodegradable fabrics for their apparel to keep the planet safe from pollution. Unlike other brands that focus on only the production of female sportswear and activewear, Etiko customizes both men's and women's clothing.

The men's and women's clothing they customize is not only eco-friendly but also comfortable and sustainable. Hence, they place their customers' health and the planet at the top of their priority. Furthermore, aside from clothing, you will also find various shoes compatible with the sportswear you decide to buy on Etiko. They also offer discounts on every purchase.

Sustainable Sportswear Recommendations of Yinshan Sportswear


Promotional T-shirt Quick-drying Sportswear

As the name implies, these are promotional T-shirts designed by Yinshan with durable, breathable, eco-friendly and sustainable sportswear features. However, these features stem from the fabrics—60% cotton and 40% polyester—used in the customization of these sporting events apparel. If you are looking for the right promotional sportswear for racing games, racing teams, branding events, team clothing and promotional activities, this sportswear is a great option.


Sports Teamwear T-Shirt For Customization

Sports Teamwear T-Shirt is designed to make teams and fans appear fashionably distinct during a sporting event. These newest trends in sports are designed with polyester fabrics. These sports team wear T-shirts have breathable, anti-allergic, heat resistance, anti-wrinkle and eco-friendly features. These features make them suitable for clubs, leagues and schools because you can attach your logo to personalize these apparel.


Custom Stitched Shirts for Workwear And Uniform

These are personalized embroidered shirts designed with premium quality graphics and never-fading printings to serve their purposes fashionably. These embroidered shirts with custom designs are eco-friendly and sustainable sportswear for schools, clubs, groups, businesses and corporate organizations.


Custom Polyester Long Sleeve Cycling Polo Shirt

Custom Polyester Long Sleeve Cycling Polo Shirts, as the name implies, are sportswear designed from polyester fabrics and are mainly designed for cycling. Hence, cyclists are the most suitable people to wear these apparel. These custom long sleeve cycling polo shirts are durable, easy to maintain, eco-friendly, breathable and sustainable sportswear worn by cyclists during cycling training or competitions.


Club Teamwear Staff Polo Shirts with Printed Custom Logo

These are club team wears designed with distinctive features to make your club staff, fans and teammates stand out fashionably. These apparel have breathable, anti-allergic, anti-wrinkle, heat resistance, soft texture, eco-friendly and sustainable features. However, these features not only make this sustainable sportswear beneficial to your health but also the safety of the environment.


Promo Hoodie with Customised Logo Printing

The promo Hoodie is one of the most popular sportswear designed by Yinshan Sportswear with 60% cotton and 40% polyester fleece jersey. It is designed with a durable feature to last longer; it also has breathable, anti-allergic and anti-wrinkle features. It also comes with water and moisture resistant features (moisture absorbing qualities), and they are eco-friendly sportswear for various purposes.


Promo Jackets for Private Logo Design

These jackets are statement jackets that are designed to serve as an excellent branding tool to promote your business. These promotional jackets are made of 95% Polyamide and 5%Elastane Softshell fabrics, which come with 100% Polyester Mesh Under Arm to provide warmth on cold days. These apparel are durable, easy to maintain, eco-friendly, sustainable and comfortable.

The features of these jackets are responsible for their multi-purpose properties. You can use them for custom events, ceremonies, sports teams, when launching new products and as daily wear.


Eco-friendly fabrics are softer, stronger and will last you for years. In fact, sustainable clothing guarantees you won't have to continue buying new clothes all the time. Buying from the most popular clothing brands that manufacture overseas gives you no guarantee that the clothes you buy are quality. Choose Yinshan Sportswear for a better and Sustainable life.

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