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Why Cotton Is The Most Popular Fabric In The Sportswear Industry?

There are many kinds of sportswear fabrics suitable for making sportswear, and each sportswear fabric has its own advantages. See this link for information on how to select sportswear fabrics:

A Guide For Selecting Sportswear Fabrics In Sportswear Company Cotton is one of the most popular sportswear fabrics and the best sportswear fabrics, and cotton is the most popular fabric in the sportswear industry, so what are the advantages of cotton?

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Yinshan Sportswear is located in Ningbo, China. It is a leading custom sportswear manufacturer and exporter in China. It has rich experience, each staff member is skilled and treats each customer seriously. After investigation and research, we will answer from the following four aspects why cotton is the most popular fabric for sportswear.

The Following Is The Main Content Of The Article: 

1. Types Of Cotton

2. Advantages Of Cotton

3. Advantages Of Cotton Sportswear

4. Custom Cotton Sportswear


Part1: Types Of Cotton

Cotton grows mainly in the subtropical zone. The flowers of cotton are white, and will wither after blooming, and the color will turn to deep red. There are many types of cotton, according to fiber and cotton color can be divided into the following two parts:


1. Classified By Fiber:


Asian cotton: Asian cotton is mainly produced in India. The production volume of Asian cotton is low and it is not suitable for machine production, so it has now been eliminated.


Sea-island cotton: Sea-island cotton is mainly produced in South America. The fiber of sea-island cotton is slender and can be used for high-count yarn.


Upland cotton: Upland cotton is mainly produced in Central America. The quality of upland cotton is good, the fiber is long, it can grow in many places and the quantity is large.


2. Classified By Cotton Color:


White cotton: It is mature cotton that will spit out cotton. Most cotton mills use white cotton.


Yellow cotton: Yellow cotton is easy to be killed by frost in very cold winter, and the quality of yellow cotton is poor, so it is not widely used.


Gray cotton: The growth conditions of gray cotton need to be in a place where it rains frequently. If there is little rainfall, it will affect the growth of gray cotton.


Part2: Advantages Of Cotton

As one of the best fabric for sportswear and the most popular fabric in the sportswear industry, cotton has the following advantages:

Picking cotton 

1. Pure Natural And No Peculiar Smell

cotton is pure natural and has no chemical composition. Because of this, cotton is not easy to cause allergies, which is the best choice for people with sensitive skin.


2. Cotton Is Easier To Care For And Durable

Compared with other fabrics, cotton can be cleaned simply after it gets soiled. Cotton is relatively strong and can be used for a long time. At the same time, the quality of cotton is good, and it is not easy to fade, so that the fabric made of cotton can maintain the color after multiple washings.


3. Cool And Breathable

Many items in life are made of cotton, because items made of cotton are more breathable and comfortable, allowing users to keep cool. Wearing clothes made of cotton fabric in the summer, when you sweat, it will have the function of ventilation and perspiration. Cotton is skin-friendly and is widely used in products for babies.


Part3: Advantages Of Cotton Sportswear


Cotton is used in a wide range. Cotton is not only used for making sportswear, but also for food and daily necessities. Cotton is mainly used as a fabric. Cotton is a purely natural product, and it has many benefits when used as a sportswear fabric, such as: breathable and perspiration, not easy to cause allergies, and comfort.


1. Breathable Perspiration

A cotton company once proposed that cotton sportswear is like a towel, which can help drain sweat from the body and is also breathable. It can adjust the moisture content of body sweat, maintain comfort, and avoid accumulation of moisture on the body and sportswear. International cotton experts have also proposed that cotton can absorb half of its moisture before it gets wet. Therefore, it can be seen that cotton sportswear has strong water absorption.


2. Not Easy To Cause Allergies

Cotton is a natural product with no added chemical ingredients. Cotton sportswear made of cotton is non-irritating to the skin and is very suitable for people with skin allergies. Because of this, cotton is also used in babies and medical supplies.


3. Comfortable And Practical

This need not be emphasized again. Because of the cotton, cotton sportswear is soft and comfortable, does not generate static electricity and has good malleability, so cotton sportswear is more convenient to clean, and it is still intact even after multiple washings.


Part4: Custom Cotton Sportswear


Now, sportswear styles and types are many, but people are increasingly seeking personalized, wants to build a different kind of sportswear, custom sportswear then became a popular trend. Custom sportswear can be self-selected in all aspects of sportswear. For example, you can choose cotton to make cotton sportswear. In addition to fabrics, custom cotton sportswear has the following advantages:


1. Custom Logo

If a company or group has its own logo and wants to put the logo on sportswear, they can choose to customize cotton sportswear. Customized logos are very suitable for work clothes or collective activity clothing, which can reflect the logos of companies or other groups and are representative.

racing shirt             racing shirt back



2. Custom Printing

Sometimes people walk around the entire mall, but can't find their favorite cotton sportswear. Maybe they are not satisfied with the style or print design on cotton sportswear. Custom cotton sportswear can solve this problem well. Cotton sportswear can be customized according to your own design and printing pattern.

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