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Best Custom Design Polyester Wicking Sports Zipper Placket Polo

Meta description: If you're looking for sportswear with multipurpose features, sports zipper placket polo is a great option.

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Working with a reliable manufacturer of the product you seek will save you the stress you will face when searching for the best quality you seek. This is the same with sportswear. There are various manufacturers that specialize in manufacturing sportswear in the market today. Of all these manufacturers, only a few, like Yinshan, offer customization options.

This blue sports zipper placket polo is one of the sportswear customized by Yinshan Sportswear. Yinshan is popular for making use of the best raw materials for building high-quality sportswear. The manufacturing of this custom printed polo involved the use of polyester fabrics.

The features of this custom printed gold shirt come with stem from its polyester fabric. It features a breathability property that defines great sportswear for sporting events. It is also comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. Lastly, the wicking features the apparel comes with make it durable in various conditions.

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Finding a sports zipper placket polo for your team is not easy. You might as well purchase low-quality products if you even see them. But you can avoid the stress and wasting of money, settling for less quality by purchasing your team's sportswear from reliable manufacturers, like Yinshan Sportswear.



Generally, sportswear, also known as a sporting outfit, is designed for sporting activities. This custom polo shirt with a logo was built by Yinshan with features that make them an excellent option for racing events. The features this apparel carries stem from its primary raw material, polyester fabrics.

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This sportswear comes with features, like breathable, winking, and comfortable features, that make it suitable for sporting events. But you can also use it as a branding tool by attaching your logo and brand messages. Although the fashionable appearance of this apparel is essential, its durability will advertise the brand's reliability to target audiences.

Wicking Features

This custom printed polo possesses wicking features that help wearers feel comfortable when they sweat. Generally, sweating is normal when you're involved in a sporting activity. Although it is normal to sweat, it is also uncomfortable and irritating. Meanwhile, you will not have to bother about these uncomfortable and irritating experiences if your sportswear is made with wicking fabrics.

The two main purposes of a wicking fabric are to make the sportswear dry quickly and to draw moisture, your sweat, out of your body, and this often makes the skin feel cool. Lastly, the sweat diffusing properties of wicking fabric make this sports zipper placket polo a great sportswear option.


There are various features to look out for in the sportswear you purchase, and breathability is among the first three. The most suitable sportswear to purchase are those that allow air to pass through. Normally, athletes sweat during a sporting activity, and this can make the sporting clothing uncomfortable to wear due to the sweat. Hence, you have to look out for breathability features in sportswear before purchasing them. Sportswear with breathable features usually allows air to reach the sweaty body enhancing the evaporation of moisture. The removal of moisture, sweat, will make the body of the sportswear wear feel cool.

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Durability is a rare property you will find in most of the sports outfits you will find in the market. The selling point of most apparel is aesthetics. Attractive sportswear is good for branding because we live in a fashion world, but without durability, your promotion is nothing. No one wants to work with a firm that is not reliable and does not offer high-quality services, and these qualities are portrayed by your branding tool.

Yinshan made use of the best techniques and materials to ensure this polo shirt is not only attractive but also durable. Yinshan performs several tests on their sportswear fabrics to ensure they are durable. Tear fastness, water permeability, and anti-splash tests are carried out on sportswear fabrics to ensure they are durable in adverse conditions.

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Easy-Care & Comfortable

The blue custom printed polo is built to be lightweight; hence, it will not be a load to wearers. Although the breathable features and wicking fabric of this apparel make it comfortable to wear, its lightweight also contributes to the comfort you will get from wearing the sportswear.

Another important feature of this polo is its easy-care features. You can wash it without having to use a specific detergent to maintain its high quality. You can do your laundry with regular water, and it also dries fast.

Slim Fits

There is no better joy than getting an outfit that perfectly fits the structure of your body. However, there are some frustrating days when you will not find your exact size of sportswear. But you don't have to worry about that anymore because Yinshan got you. You can now get any size of sportswear, irrespective of your size and height. The sizes of sportswear Yinshan offers are small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Furthermore, Yinshan also offers customization options. Hence, you will be able to customize any size of sportswear specially designed for your body structure. Therefore, working with Yinshan will make you any style and size of apparel, and you don't have to settle for a different design because the outfit you desire is not your size.

Packaging and Shipping Method

Getting your products in good health after leaving the manufacturing company depends on its packaging method. There are various methods of packing apparel before shipping, and they are plastic bag packaging, polybag packaging, and corrugated box packaging. These packaging methods are important if you want to get your apparel without fault in its quality. Yinshan makes use of polybag packaging for each sportswear to protect it from damages it may incur during shipping.

There are also various methods that you can use to ship your products to your destination. You can use sea freight, express, or air freight, but they differ in price and speed. Sea freight is the most affordable shipping method, but it is slow. On the contrary, express and air freight are the fastest shipping methods but relatively expensive.

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