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Custom Design Zipper Softshell Vest with High Quality Embroidery

Meta description: You can personalize softshell sports vests for your racing and motorcycling team by working with Yinshan Sportswear.

Custom Logo Design Zipper Softshell Sports Vest with High Quality Embroidery 1Custom Logo Design Zipper Softshell Sports Vest with High Quality Embroidery 1B

There are various low-quality sportswear in the market today. Many of which tear easily and do not last, but they are fashionable. Meanwhile, you deserve better, and Yinshan will provide you with the premium quality you seek. Yinshan makes use of the best quality materials for the production of high-quality sportswear, such as this softshell sports vest.

This softshell sports vest is built with cotton fabric and polyester fabrics. These fabrics are among the few common fabrics used for customizing premium quality sportswear. The collective characteristics of these fabrics are responsible for the unmatched features you will find in this embroidered sports softshell.

It is breathable and comfortable and will provide you with the warmth you need. It features Wind-stop tech and a 3D logo design. Lastly, this softshell running vest has fade-resistance printing and durable features that significantly make the sporting apparel durable.

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Getting the best sporting outfit for a variety of sporting activities, such as cycling, motorcycling, and racing, is a challenging task. You will lose a chunk of money because you will come across a variety of low-quality products. There are only a few sportswear manufacturers in the market with reliability status. You should, however, work with Yinshan to save yourself the stress and frustration of purchasing low-quality sportswear.



The last thing you want to do is use regular home wear for a sporting activity. Instead, you should purchase a piece of sportswear because its primary purpose is to serve as an outfit for training and sporting activities. There are various factors or features that make up sportswear, and the breathability features tops the list. The breathable features of this embroidered sports softshell vest make it a perfect outfit for various sporting events, such as cycling, motorcycling, and racing.

Custom Logo Design Zipper Softshell Sports Vest with High Quality Embroidery 2Custom Logo Design Zipper Softshell Sports Vest with High Quality Embroidery 2B

The embroidery design on this sporting apparel may be a feature that can make it a great choice for promotional activities. You will, however, be required to attach your company or brand's logo and brand message to make this sporting apparel a branding tool.

Softshell Sports Vest Fabric

The main raw material that determines the features and qualities a piece of sportswear will possess is the 'type of fabric' used to build the sportswear. Let's take this sports softshell vest, for instance; it is made up of two fabrics, polyester fabric, and cotton fabric. These fabrics offer different features to the sportswear and are responsible for their respective purposes the sportswear may serve.

Custom Logo Design Zipper Softshell Sports Vest with High Quality Embroidery 3B

Polyester fabric is among the most popular and commonly used materials for manufacturing sportswear. The primary reason is that polyester fabric makes sporting outfits comfortable to wear in any weather conditions, and it contributes to the durability of the sportswear. Polyester fabric has an excellent insulation property. The insulation properties of the polyester fabric make the sportswear made out of it to be comfortable to wear during the summer and winter seasons.

The other essential property of a polyester fabric is the component it features. Polyester fabric is made up of plastic fiber, which will make the sportswear resistant to wrinkles; hence, it will make the sporting apparel last for an extended period. Cotton fabric, on the other hand, is the commonest type of fabric used in various apparel aside from sporting apparel due to the comfort it offers.

Meanwhile, in sportswear, cotton fabric is the source of their breathability features. The breathable features also contribute significantly to how comfortable the apparel will be to wearers. The breathable features of any sportswear will allow the flow of air through the apparel. This air permeability will dry up a sweat; the evaporation of sweat will make the skin cool.

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You can get this sporting outfit irrespective of your size for racing or motorcycling. Yinshan offers various sizes of this embroidered softshell vest, and they are small size, medium size, large size, and extra-large size. Hence, you no longer need to settle for another design you do not like because the desired sporting apparel is not your size.

The various sizes will make you think the sizes Yinshan offers are limited to only youths and adults. Meanwhile, you can also get the kid-size of this sports softshell vest without any complaint.


There are many sporting outfits in the market, but only a few are durable. Many are fashionable but do not last. Although getting fashionable and durable sportswear is almost impossible, working with Yinshan will make it possible. Yinshan usually passes fabrics through various durability or fabric tests to ensure they are suitable for customizing durable sportswear.

The fabric tests Yinshan usually uses during their manufacturing process are fabric color fastness test, fabric composition test, and fabric shrinkage test. The fabrics will be disposed of if they do not pass these tests. Hence, every product from Yinshan is always durable and fashionable.

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Easy-Care And Lightweight

This softshell racing vest has easy-care features. It is easy to maintain. Most of the sportswear in the market are low-quality products, and they are not easy to maintain. They are often washed with a particular kind of detergent, and they will lose their quality if you use a different detergent. It is not the same with Yinshan products because you can use any detergent to wash this sports softshell vest without ruining its quality or causing its colorful printing to fade away.

Yinshan also produces lightweight sportswear. The lightweight features make sportswear comfortable to wear during any sporting event. Heavy sportswear will be a load on an athlete, and it will impact the athlete's or wearer's performance negatively. Therefore, it is always essential to purchase lightweight sportswear, and you can get these by working with Yinshan.

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