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Custom Logo Design Softshell Sports Vest with Front Printing

Elastic sporting outfits are popular for their durability in sporting events that require flexibility. It is advisable to purchase elastic pieces of sportswear for training or sports that demand flexibility. This is because an inelastic piece of sportswear will tear in such a sporting activity. You will, however, have to work with Yinshan to find elastic pieces of sportswear.

Custom Logo Design Polyester Spandex Softshell Sports Shirt with Front Printing 1Custom Logo Design Polyester Spandex Softshell Sports Shirt with Front Printing 1B

Yinshan Sportswear does not make use of any fabric but the best fabric that promotes elasticity in a piece of sportswear. This grey sleeveless softshell is one of the elastic pieces of sportswear produced by Yinshan. The sleeveless softshell was built with an elastic and wicking fabric called spandex and polyester.

The sports softshell vest is permeable to the air because it is breathable. It also features some essential features every piece of sportswear must have, and they include easy-care, comfortable, fashionable, quick-drying, and wicking features.

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Only a few sportswear manufacturers can provide you with a high-quality piece of sportswear with an elastic feature. One of the most reliable manufacturers to work with is Yinshan. We offer various kinds of sportswear to serve the purposes you seek. If you need a sleeveless piece of sportswear for your racing team, this grey softshell sports shirt will provide you with the quality you need.



The grey softshell sports shirt was designed to serve as a great sporting outfit for athletes performing sports, such as racing, cycling, running, and motorcycling. The sportswear purpose of this sleeveless softshell stems from its building materials. The polyester and spandex fabrics play a significant role in the primary purpose of this piece of sportswear. You can also use this sporting outfit for sports clubs and events, as team wear or fanswear.

Softshell Sports Shirt Primary Fabric

The 'type of fabric' a sportswear manufacturer uses in designing or building a piece of sportswear is an essential factor. Many manufacturers, reliable manufacturers, usually consider the kind of fabric they need to make a piece of sportswear to serve the purposes they seek. There are many kinds of fabrics, and they all differ as to their names. They give different results of sportswear because they differ in features, properties, and characteristics.

Custom Logo Design Polyester Spandex Softshell Sports Shirt with Front Printing 3B

The 'type of fabric' a manufacturer uses during the manufacturing of sporting apparel depends on the needs of the client. The fabric a sportswear manufacturer uses for customizing custom corporate apparel is different from those for sporting activities. Hence, the client's primary purpose for a piece of sportswear determines the kind of fabric a manufacturer will incorporate in its production.

The grey racing softshell was designed with two fabrics to have different features and serve other purposes. The two fabrics involved in the production of this grey sleeveless softshell are polyester and spandex fabrics.

Polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is one of the commonest types of fabric often found in every sportswear manufacturing industry. It is popular for its resistance to wrinkling; hence, it often makes sporting outfits durable. The anti-wrinkle features of polyester fabric stem from its primary component called plastic fiber.

Spandex fabric

One of the commonest fabrics used for making sporting apparel is spandex fabric. This is because spandex fabric possesses a great elasticity feature. A piece of sportswear made with spandex fabric is important to athletes because it will provide athletes with free movement. The elasticity feature in spandex fabric will prevent a sporting outfit from tearing easily; hence, it plays a significant role in the durability of a piece of sportswear

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Printing Methods

The uniqueness of a piece of sportswear lies in its printing patterns. If your primary objective is to purchase a particular kind of sportswear for your team, the printings on each piece of sportswear are an essential factor to always consider. There are various processes of printing on a piece of sportswear, and they all give different results.

You may, however, not find all the printing methods in most sportswear manufacturing industries. Meanwhile, Yinshan makes use of all the printing methods to help clients achieve the fashionable appearance they seek. The uniqueness in sporting apparel due to the various printing methods a reliable manufacturer uses is essential for team wear.

The various printing methods or options Yinshan provides are dye-sublimation printing, heat transfer printing, screen printing, digital direct injection, and glue printing. They all give different pieces of sportswear unique looks.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing is one of the commonest processes of printing patterns and different colors on a piece of sportswear. It involves the use of transfer papers for printing the desired pattern before transferring it to the sports softshell. This printing process does not take too much time, and it gives the sporting outfit a hierarchical sense of design suitable for promotional events. The main disadvantage of this printing process is that it requires more transfer papers to achieve the best result.

Screen Printing Method

The screen printing method is mostly used for printing various kinds of sportswear because it is compatible with most fabrics. Screen printing inks are involved in this process. The inks are thick and are used to make colorful and long-lasting patterns on a piece of sportswear. Meanwhile, Yinshan often makes use of a photosensitive plate to make the process of printing on many pieces of sportswear fast and effective.

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Easy-Care and Comfortable Features

A piece of sportswear must be comfortable to wear during a sporting activity before it can be called a piece of sportswear. Uncomfortable sporting outfits are not good for athletes because they will reduce the athlete's level of performance during a sporting event. Hence, it is essential that you purchase only comfortable pieces of sportswear.

Custom Logo Design Polyester Spandex Softshell Sports Shirt with Front Printing 3

Another factor you should consider is the easy-care features of the sporting outfit. Many sporting apparels out there are not easy to maintain. There are a variety of rules you must follow to maintain their quality. Any violation of these rules will cost you the premium quality of your product. Yinshan, however, makes sporting outfits that are easy to maintain. You will not have to follow any laundry rules to prevent the colorful design of your product from fading.

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