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Waterproof, Oil-Proof and Stain-Proof Fabric Clothing From Yinshan Garments

The three-proof fabric is also the waterproof, oil-proof and stain-proof fabric we often say. At present, this kind of fabric can be said to be applied in every field. Generally, in the production workshop or the clothes we wear and the furniture we use, it is likely that the material of the three-proof fabric is selected. Now that we can use these fabrics for the most common Tee, Polo and Hoodie, let's take a closer look.

What Are Three-Proof Fabrics?

The three-proof fabrics we often talk about usually refer to: waterproof fabrics, oil-proof fabrics, and anti-fouling fabrics. They are also called "Water Repellent Fabric", "Oil Repellent Fabric" and "Stain Repellent Fabric".

Waterproof 1

We usually refer to nylon waterproof and breathable fabrics, polyester waterproof and breathable fabrics, nylon waterproof and breathable fabrics, polyester waterproof and breathable fabrics, waterproof breathable fabrics, etc.

Oil Proof

Three-proof fabrics refer to a fabric that is treated with nano-interface super-amphiphobic technology to form a stable air interface protective film on the surface of the fabric, which can play the role of waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fouling, so it is called a three-proof finishing agent. , The fabrics that have been arranged in this way are called three-proof fabrics.

Why Three-Proof Fabrics Have Special Features?

The three-proof arrangement can make the fabric have oil-repellent and anti-dirt effects. The fabric with the three-proof arrangement changes the surface characteristics of the textile, making the water absorption become hydrophobic, and the oil and water sprinkled on the surface of the fabric will It gathers into beaded points and slides off the fabric without easily penetrating chemical fibers into the interior.


The moisture permeability refers specifically to sweat and moisture being released from the inside of the textile through the textile in the form of water vapor, which is sweaty, breathable, and comfortable to wear, rather than the accumulation of the inner surface layer in the middle of the textile. Comfortable and warm to wear.

Nanotechnology treats objects so tiny that they stick only to the chemical fibers of the textile, making the textile "breathable" and easier to maintain. The fabric treated by the nanotechnology three-proof process is soft to the touch, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and healthy, not easy to fade, and has poor air permeability, moisture and water permeability. In addition, its strong adhesion and color characteristics are basically the same as the original fabric. Same, comfortable to wear. The three-proof fabric has the advantages of air permeability, not easy to fade, increased service life, quick-drying, etc., and achieves the hydrophobic effect of "lotus leaf" level, so consumers do not need to habitually clean clothes due to living dirt such as wine and Coca-Cola.

What Are The Benefits For Three-Proof Fabrics

Let's watch out what are the benefits for three-proof fabrics:

Water Proof 1

1. Nano three-proof technology refers to the water-repellent principle of lotus leaf, and integrates nano-materials into fabric fibers to form a three-dimensional net protective layer, so as to achieve waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, breathable, not easy to change color, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, economical and durable, greatly improving The added value of products increases more buying points and improves the competitiveness of enterprise products.

2. In addition to the three-proof effect, the fabric treated with the nano-three-proof technology can maintain the original performance of the fabric and feel more smooth and delicate, making it more comfortable to wear.

Satin Proof

3. It can also prolong the service life of the fabric and is not easy to change color. This is the revolutionary growth of a new type of technical fabric. There are trends that lead fashion and trends.

Introduction of DuPont Teflon Three-Proof Technology

When making three-proof fabric products, we usually use DuPont Teflon three-proof additives. Below we will introduce the Teflon products in detail.

Nylon waterproof breathable fabric, polyester waterproof breathable fabric, Teflon product details:

Teflon 5

Teflon high-performance special coatings are fluorine coatings with polytetrafluoroethylene as the matrix resin. Teflon coating is a unique high-performance coating that combines heat resistance, chemical inertness, excellent insulation stability and low friction, and has comprehensive advantages that other coatings cannot compete with. Its flexibility of application makes it possible to use on nearly all shapes and sizes.

Teflon waterproof and breathable fabrics are divided into several basic types: PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE:

Teflon 3

Teflon waterproof and breathable fabric: PTFE (polytetra fluoroe thylene) non-stick coating can be used continuously at 260 °C, with a maximum use temperature of 290-300 °C, extremely low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and excellent chemical stability sex.

Teflon waterproof and breathable fabric: FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer) non-stick coating melts and flows during baking to form a non-porous film, with excellent chemical stability, excellent non-stick properties, and a maximum use temperature of 200 ° C .

Teflon Waterproof and Breathable Fabric: PFA (Perfluoroalkyl) non-stick coating melts and flows like FEP to form a non-porous film when baked. The advantage of PFA is that it has a higher continuous use temperature of 260 ° C, stronger rigidity and toughness, and is especially suitable for use in the field of anti-sticking and chemical resistance under high temperature conditions.

Teflon Waterproof and Breathable Fabric: ETFE is a copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene, the toughest fluoropolymer that can form a highly durable coating with excellent chemical resistance and Work continuously at 150°C.

Teflon 2

Features of Teflon nylon waterproof breathable fabric and polyester waterproof breathable fabric:


1) Non-stick: nylon waterproof breathable fabric and polyester waterproof breathable fabric are bonded with Teflon coating. Very thin membranes also show good waterproof, oil- and stain-resistant functional fabrics.

2) Heat resistance: nylon waterproof breathable fabric and polyester waterproof breathable fabric have excellent heat resistance and low temperature resistance after Teflon coating. It can withstand high temperature up to 300 °C in a short time, and can be used continuously between 240 °C and 260 °C. It has significant thermal stability. It can work at freezing temperature without embrittlement and will not melt under high temperature.

3) Sliding: Nylon waterproof breathable fabric and polyester waterproof breathable fabric are coated with Teflon and have a lower coefficient of friction. The coefficient of friction changes when the load slides, but the value is only between 0.05-0.15.

4) Moisture resistance: Teflon nylon waterproof and breathable fabric and polyester waterproof breathable fabric coating film surface is free from water and oil, and it is not easy to be stained with solution during production operation. If there is a small amount of dirt, it can be removed by simply wiping. Short downtime saves man-hours and increases productivity.

5) Wear resistance: Nylon waterproof breathable fabric and polyester waterproof breathable fabric have excellent wear resistance under high load. Under a certain load, it has the dual advantages of wear resistance and non-adhesion.

6) Corrosion resistance: Teflon nylon waterproof and breathable fabric and polyester waterproof breathable fabric are almost not corroded by chemicals, which can protect parts from any kind of chemical corrosion.

Teflon products include nylon waterproof and breathable fabrics and polyester waterproof and breathable fabrics, which are widely used in industries that are resistant to high temperature and require stickiness, such as special work clothes and clothing for work in special environments.

Teflon fabric, American DuPont Teflon three-proof fabric, the protection technology uses fluorine-containing compound technology to form a molecular barrier around each fiber. It reduces the critical surface tension of the fiber, making it effective against water and oily liquid stains . Powerful decontamination products require that the fabric can still be effectively stained after 30 washings, and the functional performance can last up to 50 washings. Using the most advanced nanotechnology, Teflon products make nylon waterproof and breathable fabrics and polyester waterproof and breathable fabrics not only strong Anti-fouling, and feel softer and more comfortable.

Teflon three-proof fabric refers to the fabric with excellent waterproof function, oil-proof function, and anti-fouling function after ordinary fabric is treated with DuPont Teflon three-proof additive, commonly known as "three-proof fabric". The fabric is clean and tidy. According to the washing resistance, it can be divided into Teflon and Hi-Teflon. Compared with ordinary fabrics, the fabric has a more beautiful appearance and has excellent anti-oil, water-repellent and anti-stain effects like lotus leaves, which can effectively prevent oil, water and stains from penetrating into the inner layer of the fiber, thereby Keeps fabrics dry and clean for a long time. The super strong Teflon can withstand washing 20 times, still can reach 90 points, can reach 100 points before washing. This fabric can be widely used in ordinary garment fabrics, jacket fabrics, casual wear fabrics, down jacket fabrics, sleeping bag fabrics, etc.


The fabric has the properties of oil repellency, water repellency and water pressure resistance. That is, the surface properties of the fabric are changed after the three-proof finishing, so that the hydrophilicity becomes hydrophobic, and the water droplets can roll on the fabric without wetting. 

Waterproof and moisture-permeable fabrics are two important characteristics that are opposite but closely related in the wearing performance of fabrics. Water repellency refers to preventing water droplets from entering the fabric from the outside, while moisture permeability refers to the escape of sweat and moisture from the inside of the fabric through the fabric. Nylon waterproof and moisture-permeable fabrics and polyester waterproof and moisture-permeable fabrics refer to fabrics that are not only rain-proof and wind-proof, but also sweat-wicking, breathable, and comfortable to wear. 

However, it can pass through the fabric or conduct to the outside world in the form of water vapor, instead of condensing and accumulating between the surface of the human body and the fabric, keeping the clothes dry and warm. The fabric is soft to the touch, environmentally friendly and healthy, not easy to change color, breathable, breathable and impermeable to water. In addition, its strength fastness, color style, etc. are almost the same as the original fabric, making it comfortable to wear. The main features are:

1. It can give nylon waterproof and moisture-permeable fabrics and polyester waterproof and moisture-permeable fabrics and other synthetic fibers, cotton, polyester/cotton and other natural fibers and their blended interwoven fabrics with good water-repellent and oil-repellent effects.

2. It can be used together with other textile treatment agents, such as antibacterial fabrics, flame retardant fabrics, and antistatic finishing fabrics.

3. It has little effect on the rubbing fastness and washing fastness of dyed fabrics, and has almost no effect on the shade.

The characteristics of Teflon nylon waterproof and breathable fabrics and polyester waterproof and breathable fabrics: All kinds of protective clothing made of Teflon three-proof fabrics are suitable for workers who frequently contact oil and water media as labor protective clothing. The protective clothing is oily but not soaked, and watery but not permeable, and overcomes the contradiction between moisture permeability and oil and water repellency, has good air permeability and moisture permeability, and is comfortable to wear.

Three-Proof Products From Yinshan Garments

Let's introduce some new designs of Three-Proof Clothing from Yinshan Garments:

 1. Water Repellent, Oil Repellent and Stain Repellent Fabrics Made Shirts

Waterproof Shirt

This high quality shirt is made by three-proof fabric with Dupont Teflon PTFE technology, and the fabric is 100% pure cotton.

The fabric is soft, comfortable, breathable and easy to care. The most important, this shirt is water proof, oil proof and stain proof.

This shirt can be used for uniform, workwear, office clothing and management clothing. We can put your company logos and brands on the sleeves and chests, for custom design and making.

It needs 10 days for sampling and 50 days for bulk production.

2. Three-Proof Fabrics Made Tee Shirts


This custom made Tee shirt is made by Dupont Teflon FEP technology, and it is Water Repellent, Oil Repellent and Stain Repellent.

You can avoid the troubles for getting wet or dirty when you wear the tee shirts, and it is very care to care in daily life.

If you want to make cusotm designs, we can put personalised design logos on chest, back and sleeves, and it could be printing or embroidery for the logos and brands.

The three-proof tee shirt can be used for workwear, teamwear, promo shirt and cusotm sportswear and leisure wear.

3. Three-Proof Fabrics Workwear and Chef Wear


This custom made workwear and chef wear is made by Dupont Teflon PFA technology, which has a higher continuous use temperature, stronger rigidity and toughness. So, the workwear and Chef Wear could bear with higher temp. and tougher working enviroment.

Due to use of three-proof fabrics, this workwear and chef wear is water proof, oil-proof and stain proof, so it can avoid the wet and dirty during working.

This workwear and chef wear can be customised, we will provide design for your companies, restaurant and clubs. You can provide your logos and brands, and we will design your personalised workwear and chef wear. The logos can be put on sleeves, chest and back, and could be printing or embroideries.

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