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Custom Logo Design Knit Fabric Sports Polo Shirts with Printing and Embroidery

Meta description: Custom printed polo shirts customized with features to serve as both sportswear and branding tools.

Custom Logo Design Knit Fabric Sports Polo Shirts with Printing and Embroidery 1Custom Logo Design Knit Fabric Sports Polo Shirts with Printing and Embroidery B

Only a few sportswear can serve as both apparels for sporting events and branding tools at the same time. Yinshan Sportswear made this happen by using fashionable fabrics to customize a custom printed polo. They do this without sacrificing the quality of the sportswear. Custom printed polo shirts are customized with black color and various features to serve their unique purposes.

These black custom-printed golf shirts are customized with cotton fabrics. Cotton fabrics are mostly used for sportswear that can be used for promotional activities because they make designs appealing. They are also porous to allow exchange of air to encourage evaporation and perspiration to promote comfort. Hence, these custom printed polo shirts are breathable, a requisite quality of durable sportswear.

This sportswear features an easy-care or easy-to-maintain property. They can be made clean without any "must use" detergents for doing laundry. The apparel also dries quickly after the washing, and washing does not alter its durable quality.

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If your primary purpose of purchasing custom printed polo shirts is for promotional activities or sportswear for your racing team, these custom company polo shirts are a great option. You can get these features and premium quality in your polo t-shirt logo printing by working with Yinshan Sportswear.



Generally, most sportswear in the market are primarily customized for only sporting activities, but Yinshan Sportswear has changed the narrative. You can now purchase sportswear that can be used for promotional activities. The reason is the cotton fabric used for the customization of this apparel.

The cotton fabric makes the design of this apparel fashionably appealing. Hence, you can use this apparel as a branding tool with your company's name or logo on it. Therefore, you can use this personalized polo for sporting events like motorcycling fans and supporters, racing teams. You can also place your brand above several competitors by using these personalized polos for promotional activities or branding tools.

Printing Methods

The main purpose of printing is to make you stand out in public. There are various methods of printing to create your custom company polo shirts unique in a surrounding of different apparel. Yinshan offers various printing methods to meet clients' aesthetic needs. The fabric used for the apparel will also be considered to make the result fashionably attractive without compromising on the fabrics quality.

The different methods of printing offered by Yinshan are direct heat injection, screen printing, glue printing, dye-sublimation, and heat transfer printing. You can use any of these printing methods to make your personalized polo uniquely attractive, but the compatibility of the fabric must be considered for the best result.

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Durability Of The Polo Shirt

These custom-printed polos are designed with premium quality raw materials; hence, they can be used for a long period. Yinshan made use of various testing procedures to make sure these custom-printed polo shirts were durable and able to withstand various conditions.

The fabric testing procedures are used to ensure the sportswear comes with the best appearance, fabric shrinkage rate, fabric composition, and fabric colorfastness. Water permeability, tear fastness, and anti-splash tests are also carried out on these apparel to ensure they are durable for use on several occasions.

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The breathable features in these custom printed polo shirts primarily stem from the fabric used for their creation. When you wear sportswear for sporting activities, you will sweat. It is normal but causes discomfort. You can escape this discomfort by using breathable sportswear to allow the circulation of air to enhance evaporation, which will give you the comfort you need.

Therefore, it is advisable to purchase these black custom printed polo shirts because of their breathable requisite for sporting events.  Lastly, the breathability features seen in this apparel is from the cotton fabric, which is among the raw materials used to manufacture this apparel


The easy-care features, which are also called easy-to-maintain features, are an underrated property in sportswear. But, it is essential because nobody would love to spend more than the price tag of their apparel to maintain it. And if you use the wrong detergent, you will ruin the quality of the custom printed polo. No one wants that. No one does.

Yinshan designed these custom printed polo shirts in a way that will be easy to maintain. Hence, you will be able to use moderate water temperature and any detergent to make your apparel neat again after using it without ruining its quality.

Slim Fits

The worst nightmare of anyone ordering sportswear is getting a product that does not fit them perfectly. When they order a particular size of sportswear, they get a different size that may be larger or smaller. Yinshan Sportswear offers various sizes of custom printed polo shirts, and they range from small to extra-extra-large.

Furthermore, you can also design or customize a particular size to fit your kid. Hence, you can provide the size dimension of the sportswear you need to get a size that fits perfectly.

Packaging And Shipping Method

Yinshan offers various methods of packaging your sportswear to protect them from any damage it may incur during shipping. These packaging methods are plastic bags, polybags, and corrugated box packaging. You also have the chance to choose the way you want your product to be shipped to you.

The three shipping methods Yinshan offers are sea, air, and express shipping methods. The sea shipping method is inexpensive but takes a longer period to get to you. On the contrary, air and express shipping methods are fast and expensive. You can get your sportswear in bulk in separate polybag packaging by choosing any of the following shipping methods.

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