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Why Wear Racing Clothing In Racing Competitions

Racing is a very exciting sport, a struggle for speed, skill and endurance. When we watch a racing contest, we will find that the car racing drivers are all wearing racing clothing. So what are the advantages of racing clothing in racing contest?

This article will introduce from the following points:

1. Selection of racing fabrics

2. Advantages of racing clothing in racing contest

3. Custom racing suits and fashion

Racers in racing suits

Racing clothing can be divided into two types according to the type of car used. One is car racing suits, which are used in car racing contest, such as F1 racing competitions. The other is motorcycle racing suits, which are special clothing for motorcycle races. The racing clothing we are talking about mainly refers to the car racing suit, and the motorcycle racing suit is more called the "rider suit." According to different usage scenarios, racing clothing can be divided into race-specific racing suits and casual racing suits.

Racing competition

1. Selection of racing fabric

The fabrics used in the racing clothing for the two different uses are also different. Race racing clothing are mainly made of Nomex, and the fabrics of leisure racing clothing are generally the same as other sportswear, mainly cotton fabrics and polyester fabrics.

1a. Features of synthetic fiber Nomex

Nomex is a synthetic fiber with good heat resistance and high strength. It can remain stable for a long time under a high temperature of 250 degrees Celsius, and can be used for high-temperature filter materials and insulating materials. Nomex is non-toxic, harmless, high temperature resistant and flame retardant, making it an important material for racing clothing. Before becoming a racing fabric, it needs to pass many heat resistance tests. For example, it must be able to withstand the ignition test of an open flame at a distance of 3 cm from 300 degrees Celsius to 400 degrees Celsius. If it is not ignited within 10 seconds, it can be used as a material for racing suits. In addition, the racers' underwear, hoods, gloves, etc. are also made of Nomex. The racing equipment made of Nomex has greatly improved the safety of car racing driver. Therefore synthetic fiber Nomex is the most important racing fabric.

1b. Features of cotton fabric

Unlike race-specific racing clothing that emphasize safety, casual racing clothing focus on wearing experience and comfort. The cotton fabric has a soft texture, good air permeability, and is comfortable to wear. It will not have adverse reactions with leather clothing, and meets the requirements for comfortable wearing of casual racing clothing. Not only casual racing clothing, these advantages of cotton fabrics have also become the preferred fabrics for all kinds of clothing.

1c. Features of polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is currently the largest variety of synthetic fibers, and it is also a common fabric in sportswear. Polyester fabric has excellent wrinkle resistance and shape retention, has good strength and elasticity, and can avoid wrinkles in clothes. Polyester fabric can maintain the shape of casual racing clothing, avoid folds in the clothes, and better maintain the clothes.

2. Advantages of racing clothing in racing contest

As a special clothing for racing contests, the biggest advantage of racing clothing compared to other sportswear is that it has better protection for car racing drivers. This protection ability is mainly embodied in two aspects. One is to prevent burns to the car racing drivers when the racing car accidentally catches fire, and the other is to rescue the car racing drivers faster in the event of a racing car accident.

2a. Prevent damage to car racing drivers when the racing car accidentally burns

When the racing contest just started, there was no special racing clothing. Many car racing drivers wore their favorite clothes to fight on the field. Racers are often burned by fires caused by racing car accidents, and even lose their lives. In order to better protect the car racing drivers, clothing specially designed for racing contests was born. The fabrics and materials of nomex race suits are fire-resistant, and have high temperature resistance and flame retardant functions that other sports suits do not have. In today's racing contests, car racing drivers will wear special nomex race suits. In the event of a racing car accident and a fire, even if the racer is trapped in a burning racing car, he can still be unscathed.

The racer escaped from the burning car and put out the fire

2b. Convenient to rescue car racing drivers

In addition to the necessary excellent performance of high temperature resistance and flame retardant, modern nomex race suits also have an important advantage: It is convenient to rescue car racing drivers in the event of an accident. Therefore, the shoulder position of the nomex race suits will be specially equipped with two huge "handles" that can be connected to the seat of the racing car. This design is mainly to pull out the car racing drivers together with the seat in the event of a major accident to achieve rapid rescue. This is why the racing seat is only fixed with two screws. This design is also an important reason for the nomex race suit as a special clothing for racing contests.

All kinds of racing cars have always been loved by racing fans. The speed and passion in racing contests have brought fans a good feeling and experience, and let racing fans feel the charm of racing sports. In addition to race-specific racing clothing, custom sportswear and sports team uniforms can also add a different experience to the race and bring different feelings to fans, including custom casual racing suits, which makes the racing culture spread from the race to the In our daily lives.

3. Custom racing suits and fashion

Nowadays, there are more and more custom racing suits, which can often be seen in casual racing suits. Racing fans will add their favorite custom elements to the racing suit, such as favorite team logos, pictures of racing stars, and other favorite racing elements. The appearance of this kind of custom racing suits in daily life makes racing culture integrated into life and makes racing suits a fashion. We often see racing jackets, racing T-shirts, and many clothing with racing elements in our daily lives. These are the fashion effects brought by custom racing suits.

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