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List Of Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers In Africa

We love sports because it is one of the most activities that removes barriers worldwide. You get temporary diversion and the exciting feeling of being among a cheering crowd. All leave the sports arena feeling victorious when our team wins or bow our heads with the painful defeat when our team loses. Whichever the case, we might continue to identify ourselves with our clubs.  How do we identify with them? The team sportswear brands directly affect the unifying of a sports team with its fans.


The African sportswear industry is a growing business, with producers and sports brands appearing. For years, sports teams and individuals relied on imported sportswear and accessories from external manufacturers. However, we see an increasing awareness of suppliers and producers building native African brands.



Are you searching for the best software brands and manufacturers in Africa? There is little information online for the best sportswear manufactures in Africa. We tried conducting an online search with the keywords such as 'Sportswear manufacturers Ethiopia' or 'Sportswear manufacturers Kenya’ and scattered information. The resulting information we found focused more on sportswear manufacturers in South Africa. This lack of enough information does not mean that sportswear manufacturers in Africa do not exist.


We can connect this lack of data to the number of users and customers in Africa that buy items online. Statista states that by 2009 only about 4% of internet users worldwide were in Africa. Compared to the number of clients making purchases online, a greater portion continues making purchases traditionally. They prefer to walk into retail stores or wholesale sportswear suppliers.


This article makes it easier for you to get information on some of the best sportswear manufacturers in Africa.


The article discusses the following content :

What Are The Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers In Africa? 

Main Sourcing Channels and Suppliers Of Sportswear Brands In Africa

Why Should You With Yinshan Sportswear For The African Sportswear Business

1. What Are The Best Sportswear Brands and Manufacturers In Africa?


Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/buaodira

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allkasi_nxustru

Twitter: https://twitter.com/allkasi_nxustru


 All Kasi


All Kasi is an indigenous brand and sportswear manufacturers in Botswana. All Kasi’s founder Bance Maplanka started All Kasi when he was still in university and produced casual wear, a denim line, and tee shirts. Maplanka established All Kasi in 2000. With its growth, it began providing team sportswear to the national football and netball teams.

All Kasi 1

Main products

All Kasi produces training kits and bibs, tracksuits, jackets, bomber jackets, tee shirts, sports bras, socks, shorts, sweaters, hooded dresses, trench coats, branded face masks, golf shirts, and pants.

Accessories include beanies, hats, and neck tubes.



· The company does not have an e-commerce website.

· Although a well-known and admired brand in Botswana, it does not have a website.

· Sells its brand products within Botswana



Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/afasportsafrica

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/afasports

Twitter: https://twitter.com/afasports

Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AFA_Sports




Ugo Udezue, a former NBA Agent, founded AFA, which refers to 'Africa for Africa' in 2017. With its headquarters in Nigeria, AFA sports is one of the leading Sportswear manufacturers in Nigeria. AFA Sports creates sportswear for both men and women sports clothing and accessories. One of the main achievements of AFA sports was the production of new jerseys for the Nigerian women's and men's basketball teams and the female volleyball team.


Afa Sports Yinshan

Main products

AFA sportswear includes tracksuits, hoodies, sports bras, pants, tights, leggings, socks, jersey shorts, and shirts, tee shirts, polo shirts, city joggers, biker tank tops, crop tops, women sport hijabs, and windbreakers

Accessories produced include key chains, wristbands, arm pouches, headbands, fanny packs, bags, sports sneakers, basketballs, footballs, sliders, and caps.



· AFA sports has an e-commerce platform to sell its sports products.

· It has five retail stores in Nigeria, one store in Ghana, and one store in Spain.

· the company is the first indigenous African sportswear partner to feature its products at the Olympics

· Its sportswear fabrics resist humidity to fit within Africa's humid weather.


Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/OWU-Sportswear

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/owusportswear.official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/owusportswear

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQy7cJqfXMg


OWU Sportswear Logo


OWU Sportswear is a leading sportswear brand based in Nigeria. Tunji Brown established Owu sportswear in 2007 as the inventor of sportswear in Nigeria.

Owu Sports Yinshan 

Main products

OWU Sportswear produces training and competition men's sportswear that include jerseys, shorts, and tracksuits.


· The company has an e-commerce sportswear platform

· Produces all its products with high-performance fabrics

· Produce children's sportswear



Facebook: www.facebook.com/lornahsports

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lornahsports/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lornahsports

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbwNDk5fGjs



Lorna is a startup sportswear brand launched in London in 2015. Its CEO and founder by the long-distant runner Lornah Kiplagat joined the Kenyan First Lady who wore Lornah's sportswear brand during the Beyond Zero campaign.

Lornah Sports Yinshan


Main products

Lornah products mainly target women's sportswear. These sportswear apparels include jackets, tights, shorts, sports bras, tops, shirts, and running dresses.



· Lornah sportswear has an e-commerce platform

· Provides color, comfort sportswear for runners

· Sportswear produced for women

· Has one retail store in Nairobi, Kenya



Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/capestorm.za

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/capestormza

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xqDH20eR_s 


Capestorm is a South African sportswear brand that began in 1996. They started in a humble garage and grew into a brand followed by runners, hikers, and runners.

Capestorm Yinshan 

Main products

Capestorm offers both men, women sportswear and sports gear. These include cycling jerseys, shorts, running tights, jackets, long- and short-sleeved shirts, reflector vests, and tee shirts.

Sports gear includes riding gloves, reflector bands, double stash belts, armbands, sports bottles, headbands, hats, visors, caps, Beanies, shoelaces, arm protectors, running belts, and reflector harnesses.



· Capestorm has an e-commerce platform. 

· Provide outdoor products for cycling, hiking, camping, running, and water activities

· Use different sportswear fabrics such as Down to trap body heat for warmth, Wick Dry to keep the skin dry, Duratech for durability, and other waterproof and breathable fabrics.

2. Main Sourcing Channels and Suppliers Of Sportswear Brands In Africa

Below is the sportswear manufacturer's selection list.

Africa Sportswear 

Anatomic Sportswear–South Africa

Under the group Silhouette Sportswear manufacturers, since 1981, Anatomic custom-makes its sportswear specific to South Africa's unique weather. Anatomic specializes in producing cycling jerseys, shorts, tops, vests, tee shirts, UV sleeves, and arm warmers. Recently Anatomic grew its cycling sportswear range to include running, dance, rugby sportswear, and corporate team wear.


Benchmark Sportswear–South Africa

Benchmark Sportswear has 16 years of experience in the manufacturing and fashion industries. The company's headquarter is in Johannesburg. Benchmark offers sublimated and paneled soccer, tracksuits, boxing, rugby, netball, cricket, gym, and school sportswear. These sports attire for men, women, and children include vests, training shorts, matric jackets, sports tights, tee shirts, jerseys, and branded face masks.


Venom sportswear -South Africa

Venom Sportswear, founded in 1999, has its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Venom is one of the custom activewear manufacturers in South Africa. The company focuses on producing sportswear for athletics, cycling, rowing, swimming, football, basketball, rugby, and other sporting events. Venom makes and supplies tracksuits, sports jackets, gowns, hoodies, golf shirts, motor racing pit shirts, tee shirts, fleece tops, bags, beanies, caps, bandanas, and other articles.


Yali Yali Sportswear - Nigeria

Yali Yali Sportswear started in 2010 as a custom sportswear manufacturer in Nigeria. The company produces tracksuits, running bras and tights, swimming costumes, soccer jerseys, basketball uniforms, tee shirts, polo shirts, and sports shoes.

They supply these sports gear to national teams, education institutions, and private clubs.

Yali Yali markets its products to North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Yinshan Sportswear - China 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YINSHANRACING

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yinshanteamwear

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/53504591

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjz5Vu8RYSDkLEANs9GGqUw


Yinshan Sportswear, founded in 1986, is an experienced and leading sportswear manufacturer in Africa with its headquarters in Ningbo, China. The company's sportswear is well-recognized for its manufacturing and supplies of team wear for the Beijing and Sydney Olympics, Formula One, MotoCross, and various racing events. They produce sportswear such as hoodies, sports jackets, jerseys, shorts, polo shirts, and other customizable fitness and active sportswear articles.


Why Should You Work with Yishan as Your Sportswear Manufacturer?

Yinshan Sportswear

Trustworthy Year of Experience

Yishan sportswear manufacturers have over 30 years of experience in producing quality sports clothing and gear. We produce and supply our sportswear to famous top sports events such as the Olympics, Formula One, Australian Open, and others. Yishan produces credible and durable high-performance sports attire, which we tailor and brand as per our clients’ requests.


Brand Recognition

Yishan sportswear is famous for its production of business and famous sports attire. We collaborate with renowned sports teams and brands such as YAMAHA, Red Bull, Mercedes-AMG, HONDA of Motor GP, and others. Besides, Ferrari, McDonald's, Virgin Trains, Securitas, POLO Ralph Lauren, Crew Clothing, Zara Inditex, Hugo Boss, and others.


Provide a Range of Fashionable Designs

With our 30 years of garment customization and production experience, we have the knowledge and skill to advise our customers on the best sportswear designs that best meet their personal and team needs. With the rise in demand for customized and unique team wear, we offer advice to our clients on such matters as the best fabrics, colors, and implantation of their brand that best meets their requirements.


High-Performance Fabrics

Yishan produces fashionable and comfortable sportswear. We also make sure that the quality of the sports apparel products meets the sportswear manufacturers' standard for high-quality fabrics for sportswear. Yishan sportswear experts spend time to find out the fabrics and materials used to produce our sports attire line and range of products that meet our performance, comfort, and durability standards.


Customizable Sportswear Designing and Branding

In one house, we produce and brand our sportswear to meet our clients’ designs and demands. We have an embroidery department that daily makes over 2400 pieces of articles. We test and match the color, design, and quality of the embroidery of a new brand against the customer brand before the production of mass quantity embroidery begins. The speed of this embroidery sector allows us to produce sportswear with a fast turnaround to meet our customers' deadlines.


Supporting Small Businesses

Any small business has the challenge of getting low wholesale prices to re-sell at profitable amounts. We understand you because we also began as a small business. Yishan Sportswear makes it simpler for wholesale activewear suppliers, sportswear vendors, and others to grow their sportswear business successfully. We provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to start a sportswear business.


Quick Turn Around and Delivery Time

With our 4 factories and 2 design studios that operate 24 hours 7 days a week, we guarantee to meet our clients’ set timelines. We have over 700 workers that deliver nearly 600 quality shits and 1800 tee shirts every day. With the speed of the output of quality sportswear production, we pledge to meet our customers' agreed timelines.


Working with our shipping department and port professions, we daily meet the delivery time of agreed-upon timelines. Using the shipping ports in Ningbo and Shanghai, our goods can reach Europe and West USA, East USA within 20 days, and within 30 days, Australia within 16 days.


Certified Company

Yishan is a certified company. We are Sedex, BSCI, D&B, Azo-Free, and Oeko-tex 100 certified. We provide a limited guarantee for our product quality of 6 months from the time our customer receives their goods. All our clients can claim for quality issues within these six months.



Today, you can purchase personal sportswear for your morning or evening run, swimming, cycling, or working out at the gym. You no doubt appreciate the comfort of the sports attire, which allows you movement.  Did you know manufacturers invest and spend millions to research which materials best suit sportswear? Because of this research, you now get the choice of buying high-performance activewear. The manufacturers produce activewear that reduces sweating, is durable, feels comfortable for movement, and yet fashionable.


Whether your search is for personal, team, cooperate sports, and team attire, we make it easy for you to select from our products or customize your sportswear. Yishan Sportswear produces and supplies our products to a progressively growing market that spreads across regions such as Germany, the UK, France, Australia, Italy, Canada, Russia, Africa, and the USA.


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