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List Of The Most Popular Sportswear Brands And Manufacturers In North America

A vast variety of sports originated in North America, including basketball, volleyball, skating, hockey, snowboarding, surfing and stock car racing. Both men and women excel at team and individual sports.

Sports is a major part of everyone's lives in America. It is the primary purpose of college competitions to produce and promote players for professional leagues.

Sport is a booming business of passion that has contributed to the unity and the overall peace of the people.


The sports fan base of North America is one of the largest in the world. The sports fans are crazy about sports and their teams, always following every match like it’s a world cup final.

Always ready to be identified with their teams, North American sports fans display immense love for quality sportswear. Therefore, they take great care in selecting sportswear.

Athletes' sportswear should have both aesthetic appeal and performance enhancements, providing extra comfort and promoting the wearer's health.

Sportswear manufacturers take into consideration the cause of producing professional or pleasure sportswear, various factors such as age, gender, wearing time, and climatic condition.

Selecting sportswear fabrics from a manufacturing company is of great importance.

There are many made in America sportswear brands popular among sports fans in North America.

This article will discuss the following:

What Are The Most Popular Sportswear Brands In North America? And What Are Features, Pros and Cons for Listed Sportswear Companines?

Reliable Suppliers for Sportswear Brands in North America

Why Yinshan Sportswear is the Best Sportswear Supplier You Should Choose

What Are The Most Popular Sportswear Brands In North America? And What Are Features, Pros and Cons for Listed Sportswear Companines?


Unarguably, the sportswear industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, most especially in North America. Since the niche is lucrative, it is expected that there is incredible competition amongst the sportswear brands and manufacturers in North America.

Several factors result in some sportswear brands becoming increasingly popular in North America.

Throughout this article, we will discuss the most popular brands and manufacturers of sportswear in North America.

Below is a list of the most popular sportswear brands and producers in North America.

Twenty Montreal

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Known for its core values of innovation, Twenty Montreal has made a name for itself among the top sportswear brands in North America. Established in 1965 by David Helwani in Canada.

By redefining the power of knitwear from high-end basic to sophisticated sportswear, the brand has become one of the best sportswear brands in North America.

Twenty Montreal began as a knitting factory called Tricots Liesse in Montreal, Canada. Supplied materials for brands like Alice+Olivia, Helmut Lang and Ellie Tahari to become the go-to source for premium knitters in the industry.

Now, the brand provides fabrics and materials for sportswear, fashion, swimwear, and protective wear throughout the world.

It designs high-end fashion classics while also introducing the latest trends and styles in an effort to stay current with the market.


Below are some pros and cons of the Twenty Montreal brand:



Innovative- Twenty Montreal is best known for introducing innovation in the sportswear industry. The company bridges the gap in the apparel market for accessible knitwear brands.

Poor Product Description- The product description lacks clarity which usually causes purchase issues.

Quality materials- Twenty Montreal excels at producing opulent materials for their products. Bringing out the beauty and styles of the products.

Affordability- The brand offers its luxury products at very affordable prices compared to its contemporaries.

Trusted Brand- Twenty Montreal's services and products are widely praised by customers. That the company produces its fabrics from its own mill makes it reliable to consumers.

Outdoor Voices

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An American clothing company founded in 2013 by Tyler Haney in New York City with headquarters in Austin… Outdoor Voices (O.V) is a leading sportswear manufacturer in North America. O.V is an active lifestyle brand in manufacturing activewear with both physical and online outlets.

The brand prioritizes its customers' online experiences through its app that features nearest trail shops where consumers can find current collections.

To create limited-run products, Outdoor Voices collaborated with companies such as Teva, Man Repeller, ClassPass and French fashion labels. The company provides its users with high-quality products for daily activities such as dog walks, runs and yoga.




Great Communication- Outdoor Voices offers great communications with its consumers through its products and various platforms.

Cost- Although O.V apparel is expensive, its longevity compensates for its cost.

Improved Online platform- O.V offers online platforms that enable convenient shopping and great experiences for its consumers.

Comfy and Cozy products- One of the unique selling points of O.V is the cozy products it offers.

People-Centered Brand - The company puts real people at the center of its inclusive design.

Spirit Jersey



Spirit Jersey is one of the most popular sportswear brands among American sports fans. You can see their products almost anywhere. On the college campus. On a resort or cruise ship.

Spirit Jersey is a brand to reckon with if you're looking for authentic sportswear in Los Angeles. It offers a variety of sportswear for each season.




Coupons and Promo Codes- Spirit Jersey offers coupons and promo codes to make its products more affordable for its consumers.

High price tags- The products are a little expensive, but comfortable.

Comfortable Products- The company provides stylish and comfortable products for every American sports fan.

Unique Brand- Spirit Jersey designs stand out among the crowd. Its consistent designs give it a unique identity in America.

High Customer Satisfaction- The brand receives high rating reviews from customers. Thanks to the satisfactions gotten from the products.

Full Court Sport

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Full Court Sport is an American athletic wear brand based in New York City. Marguerite established the brand in 2014 as a tennis based line and alternative to a lackluster of women’s gear.

The products of this brand are breathable, odor resistant and moisture wicking. Made with technical fabrics in lovely colors for athletes and sports fans.

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High Quality materials- The apparels are made of quality materials that make the product durable and stylish.

Endorsements are few: The company has lesser endorsements from celebrities for its products.

Comfort- Full Court Sport prioritizes the comfort of its consumers. All the products provided by the company are breathable and sweat-absorbing.

Women Products - Women's apparel and accessories are the focus of the company.

Great Customer service- Customers are pleased with the company's customer service.

Zoezi Sport

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Zoezi Sport is a top sportswear brand that reinvents African artistic expression for the American market. The project was inspired by Kenyan-born and American-raised Yvonne Bulimo.

It is a global brand that combines fitness, fashion, and the fearless spirit of Kenyans into its products.

The word Zoezi means exercise in Swahili, and Zoezi is a fitness brand that embodies the depth and breadth of the African continent through a fresh wave of Afro-centric creativity.

With colors, designs, and colors infused with culture, Zoezi creates a magical look that is truly unique.




Stylish - Zoezi Sport provides stylish products that serve its consumers well. The products are as stylish as possible since its customers are women.

Shipping- Most Africans complain of delayed shipping of the products.

Black Owned– Zoezi is a major black owned brand in America, helping Africans enjoy their workouts in style.

Women products- Zoezi Sport produces women products to make them feel good and inspired while working out.

Low price tag- Zoezi Sport’s products are cheaper than most brands in America.


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Tracksmith is a top performance sportswear brand for the running class - those amateur athletes who juggle families, careers and other real world stresses while constantly striving for success on race day.

Scheybeler and former Puma marketing executive Matt Taylor co-founded the sportswear brand in Boston, Massachusetts in 2014. The company's core values lie in its identity- TRACK signifies a dedication to training and racing, while SMITH symbolizes quality and function in a craft.

Tracksmith is dedicated to the spirit of amateurism and champions the running class - the non-professional yet competitive runner who seeks personal excellence.

The company offers a large variety of well-considered and genuine products for racing, training, and rest. Besides celebrating and supporting the distinct culture of running, Tracksmith also hopes to energize it.




Authentic Products – Tracksmith offers authentic and long-lasting products for its consumers.

High Price Tag- The products are expensive but of high quality.

Customer Service: The company offers exceptional customer service to its consumers..

Comfort- The materials used by Tracksmith enhance comfort and satisfaction for its consumers.

Reliable Suppliers for Sportswear Brands in North America


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Vietnam's TAECO brand is well known for its sportswear apparel manufacturing. As an internationally recognized manufacturer of cotton towels, the company has transitioned into supplying knitwear to Australia, the USA, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

Other sportswear suppliers can have their products made by the company, which provides a wide variety of services including one-stop service, original design manufacturing (ODM), and original equipment manufacturing (OEM).

In addition to premium bamboo/tencel/modal products, TAECO offers 100% cotton T-shirts, Polo shirts, Leggings, & Nylon/Spandex & Polyester/Spandex Sports Bras.

A few of the company's competitive advantages are:

● Fabric development to client’s technical brief

●  Global sourcing to find clients a fabric which is fit for purpose

● Logistics management between mill and factory


Willix Sports

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In the Philippines, they know Willix Sports as one of the leading sportswear manufacturers. Among its product lines are custom sublimated sportswear apparel for soccer, basketball, cycling, and hockey. Willix is an ideal solution for custom sportswear, 3D apparel, and print-on-demand apparel.



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In China, Yinshan Sportswear manufactures and supplies sportswear. Since 1986, Yinshan has supplied quality sportswear to become one of China’s top sportswear producers. In Europe, particularly in France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Italy, Yishan is well known for its quality products.

The company makes customized sportswear and other products with high-technology. It is Yinshan Sportswear’s constant priority to manage customer requests and to make sure that the manufacturing process remains smooth despite being in high demand.

Yinshan’s expert team of skilled workers offers high-quality printing, embroidery, and washing, as well as fabric, materials, and packaging services. You can’t go wrong with sportswear from Yinshan.

Why You Should Choose Yinshan Sportswear


With Yinshan, you get the best racing apparel on the market. The brand has  Ferrari, Jaguar, Red Bull, Mercedes, and others from the Formula E and Formula 1 circuits.

How To Find Right Custom Suppliers

High Productivity in North America

Yinshan sportswear owns 3 factories and works with over 5 subcontractors to efficiently produce custom sportswear and serve its customers across North America. Yinshan is keen to meet market demands and enhance the quality of its products.

The company also offers the best distributorship in the industry. No wonder it is one of the largest suppliers of sportswear in North America.

Design Tailored To Your Specifications

With over 25 years of experience in custom sportswear manufacturing, Yinshan is known as North America’s best custom sportswear manufacturer. In addition to its advanced manufacturing capabilities, Yinshan makes use of groundbreaking materials to meet the needs of customers and sports teams.

See: Steps to Produce Custom Sportswear in a Sportswear Factory

A Diverse Range Of Products

Yinshan offers the following products:

● Teamwear & Sportswear

● Promo and Events Clothing

● Sports fashion apparel and casual wears

● Uniforms and workwear designed to meet your needs

● Activewear and Fitness Clothing


With certificates from D&B, Sedex, Oeko-Tex 100, BSCI, and Azo-Free, customers have complete confidence in the Yinshan brand.

Products Testing

Yinshan places a strong emphasis on testing its products, including fabrics. By doing so, Yinshan is able to maintain the high quality standards for which it is renowned.

Check out The Steps Of Sportswear Fabric Testing In Yinshan Sportswear.



A large part of the clothing industry in America goes to sportswear, which is growing year by year. You will benefit from taking advantage of the current trend by adding the latest fabric styles and designs to your sportswear business.

It is also important to note that your sports team can boost its performance by choosing sports team wear of the highest quality. It helps build team confidence and ensures the best performance when you outfit your team with the best sports apparel.

Yinshan sportswear is your haven for premium quality, whether you need sportswear for work or for fun.

In addition to serving enormous demands at home and abroad, Yinshan sportswear is one of the top sportswear manufacturers in China. Its products are made with high-tech processes and with advanced technology. As demand for sportswear rises, the future looks bright for companies like Yinshan.

Download the new catalog from Yinshan Sports: E-Catalogue-YINSHAN.pdf

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